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Back on Track

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[One-shot] Eric Delko's stubborn determination was not the only thing that kept him away from more screw-ups. 360 words. Minor spoilers for Season 5, episodes 14 to 16 and 18. Slash hints. Eric/Rya...

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Disclaimer: CBS, and the show's various producers owns CSI:Miami and the boys. Sigh If only I do.

Last warning: Slash hints and minor spoilers for Season 5, episodes 14 to 16 and 18. Don't like, don't read. You are warned.

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"C'mon man, give it over."

Eric Delko stared suspiciously at the outstretched hand.

"We're not on the same case today," Ryan Wolfe reminded him exasperatedly, "I have to do this now so I won't bite everyone's head off later."

There were many arguments that the darker man could win over his co-worker. An OCD-induced frustration was one of the few occasions where he knew victory was not his.

Surrendering over his kit, Eric slumped down on the locker room bench beside the other man and watched him do what he had to. Ryan dove straight to the bottles of reagents first and worked his way through the kit, checking every single item thoroughly before putting them back in their rightful places.

After two long minutes that ended too soon, the kit was shut with a click. The rare moment of peace dissipated, leaving Eric with the realization that he had been sitting too close to Ryan; their sides pressed together from arm to foot and his chin hovered just above the shorter man's left shoulder.

Neither of them made a move to shift away.

"You didn't come back too soon. Just don't push us away." Ryan's steady timbre sounded louder in the quiet space they had unknowingly created, his unspoken words equally amplified.

Eric felt something clench tight within his chest while the scar at the back of his head ached in response. He let the hand on his right knee slide until it rested against the other's warm jeans-clad thigh, and finally allowed his chin to drop onto the shoulder he was breathing over.

It was difficult to not fall back into their old routine of defensiveness and superficial annoyance. It was the easiest way that had worked for them. This time, Eric did not want the "easiest way", something he knew Ryan would readily agree on, especially after being brushed off when he was only being understanding about the problems with double vision.

Sighing, Eric nodded a long-overdue reply against Ryan's neck, hoping that the silent gesture managed to say everything he could not. After all, his career was not the only thing he wanted back on track.

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