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Nothing is Going On!!!

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Pete and Rose find themselves started to being targets of curiousity and gossip. Patrick is in this chap!

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Nothing is Going On!!!:

When there is a blossoming romance, everyone wants to know every detail about it. Such as the case with Pete and Rose. The nosy business started with Vanessa and crew at BRM. The other journalists were all waiting around for the latest in the unfolding Prose love saga. Vanessa told the crew about how she gave Pete Rose's cell phone number. The others began to speculate if he made the call or not.

"You think he called?" Noriko asked cheerfully.

"I don't know," Duncan replied.

"I hope he did!" Robyn said. Then came a loud snort behind them. The crew all looked up and saw Amanda glaring at them. Vanessa turned her attention to her.

"You want something, Mandy?" she asked. Amanda stood up straight to them.

"You are so sick!" she called to Vanessa. "Pete is with Ashlee and Rose has Tony! You're encouraging cheating!"

"Oh contraire!" Vanessa counted. "I'm encouraging them to get together!" Amanda snorted again.

"Incredible!" she called. "What makes you think it'll happen?!?" Vanessa just smiled at her. She gave her a little shrug.

"Never hurts to try," she replied.

"She's got a point," Robyn added on. Amanda sat back annoyed. "They just don't get it!" she thought. Then, the door opens wide. The journalists all looked up quickly. Rose stood in doorway staring in. her "fan club" all rushed around to get the details. Rose instantly felt uncomfortable.

"Uh..." she said after a few seconds. "Can I help you guys?" Vanessa moved in closer. Rose had to back up a little bit.

"Go on!" Vanessa encouraged. "Tell us!" Rose looked confused.

"Tell you what?" she asked.

"You have any certain phone call last night?" Vanessa asked happily. It took a few seconds for that question to sink into her. Rose tried to look innocent.

"Oh!" she called. The journalist laughed it off a little bit. The others waited in anticipation. The stat journalist pressed her lips together tightly.

"About that!" Rose said. "Vanessa sweetie! I need to have a nice talk with you!" Then she grabbed her friend by the arm and dragged her near the ladies' room. Vanessa was winking and puts a thumbs up to the others. They all watched in high excitement. Rose took Vanessa into the bathroom. Her friend looked at her smiling.

"So," she chirped. "Did he call?"

"Yes!" Rose blurted out. Vanessa became really excited.

"What did he say?" she asked. "How long did you guys talk?"

"Three hours," Rose answered casually. Her friend gave her a low whistle.

"Three hours?!?" she asked in shock.

"Yes," Rose replied. Vanessa was now beaming in complete joy.

"Well, what did you two talk about for so long?" her friend asked in growing bliss. Rose just shrugged at her.

"Just about life, dogs, music, high school, and movies," she answered like it was no big deal. Vanessa was really amazed. "My mission is working!" she thought in joy. "Now I just need to chase Tony and Ashlee out of the picture and Rosie and Panda will be lovers at last!"

"Oh and Nessie!" Rose spoke up calling her back to Earth. Vanessa looked up at her quickly.

"Hm?" she asked harmlessly. Rose smiled at her innocently.

"One more little thing," she said to her friend.

"Yes?" Vanessa asked cheerfully. Her friend grabbed her by her arm and dragged her in really close as if she just wanted only Vanessa to hear what she was going to say next.

"Don't give out my phone to complete strangers without my consent!" she hissed. "I don't care how hot they are! Don't do it again! Are we clear?"

"Yes!" Vanessa yelped aloud. Rose smiled kindly at her.

"Good!" she said. Then, Rose let go of Vanessa and walked out the bathroom. Vanessa stayed behind smiling to herself. "But it was all worth!" she thought in victory. Then she followed after her friend.

Meanwhile, Pete was starting to have people digging in to find out who Rose was. It started when Patrick Stump noticed that Pete's phone was ringing on the side table.

"Hey, Pete!" he yelled to his friend. "You're phone is ringing!" No answer.

"Pete!" Patty tried again. "You're phone is ringing!" Still no answer.

"Pete!" Patrick yelled once more. There was still no answer. Finally, the phone went silent. Curious, Patty walked over to the phone, opened it up, and looked at the missed call list. The most recent one read Rose's Cell: 305-642-9788. Patrick was really confused now. "Who's Rose?" he thought. The geeky singer to a while to mentally search anyone that he and the boys had encountered named Rose. Nobody that he knew was coming up. Then, the phone started ringing again in his hand. Patrick looked around nervously. He looked at the phone quickly. Rose was calling again. Patty was tempted to open the phone and answer it to see who this Rose person was. He was about to decide when he heard footsteps. Patrick quickly put down the phone and acted like he was doing nothing at all. Pete walked into the room and looked around.

"Did you call me?" he asked his BBF. Patrick jerked up quickly.

"What?!?" he asked surprised. Pete looked at him uneasily.

"You okay?" he asked his pal. Patrick quickly snapped out of it.

"Oh, uh... yeah! Yeah!" he said quickly. "And I did call you because your phone is ringing." Pete walked over to his sidekick and picked it up. He smiled to himself in a secret way. Then he slid open his phone and walked away talking on it. Patrick was watching him the whole time. This was getting more bizarre by the minute. "Who is this Rose?" Patty thought. Then a shocking thought hit him. "Is Pete... cheating on Ashlee?!?" he wondered to himself. He tried to tell himself otherwise, but the thought was just nagging in the back of his head. There was only one way to find out. Club Little Devil's was throwing a party tonight. Patrick decided to follow him in secret to find out more about this Rose woman. He didn't have a plan of action about what to do next at the moment. The man just decided to watch and wait to confirm.

Speaking of Rose, she was getting harassed at work for more details about her and Pete. First it was Vanessa. She just had to go and tell everyone about the information that she just learned from her best friend. Gossip and chatter followed poor Rosie around for the whole day.

"You think he'll leave Ashlee for Rosie?" one of the editor asked one of the journalist.

"I hope so!" the journalist replied back. "Pete and Rose would make such a great couple!"

"What's she going to do about Tony?" a publisher asked Sakura.

"Don't know," she replied coyly.

"What's he going to do about Ashlee?" Greg asked Duncan.

"I don't know!" Duncan replied.

"I heard they had a hot night together!" one of the janitor ladies said to the intern.

"I heard he even went into the shower with her for seconds!" the intern replied. After a while, Rose just couldn't take all of the gossip anymore.

"Just stop it, all of you!" she screamed out. Everyone looked up at her in slight surprise. Rose stood before everyone in the Beach Radio Magazine staff.

"There is nothing going on between Pete and I!" she screamed out. "Nothing will happen anymore! So please, just back off of me!" There was a long heavy pause all around. Then, everyone went right back to work as if nothing had happened before Rose ranted at them all. The poor journalist just collapsed into her chair. She breathed heavily. All of the chatter was making Rose's head hurt badly. She really needed to get away from all of them. So, she quietly got up from her desk and walked into the ladies' room. Rose hid a stall and locked the door. She needed someone to talk to. So, Rose pulled out her cell phone and flipped it open. She went to her received calls list and redialed Pete's number. The journalist held the phone to her ear and waited for him to pick up.

"Hello?" Pete asked on the other line. Rose relaxed and breathed easily.

"Pete!" she exclaimed happily. "I'm so glad you picked up at last!"

"Why? What's up?" he asked her.

"About tonight," Rose began. Pete started to assume the worst.

"Don't tell me you're backing out now," he said sounding a little disappointed.

"No, no!" Rose said quickly. "I'm not backing out. In fact, what tonight should I meet you there?" Pete felt much better.

"Eight sounds good?" he asked. Rose smiled in rising happiness.

"Yes," she replied. "Eight sounds perfect."

"Okay then," he said. "I'll meet you at Club Little Devil's at eight then."

"See you then!" Rose said.

"Bye!" Pete said back to her. Then, they both hung up at once. Rose shut her eyes smiling. "There is silver lining to these dark clouds I work with after all!" she thought in bliss. Then, the journalist rose to her face, unlocked the stall, and headed back to her desk. The sun finally broke through the clouds for the romantic heroes, Pete and Rose. But sadly, there would more clouds coming back into the sky.

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