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The female captain of the Shinsengumi and her disappearance

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There is a female captain of the 14th squad she doesn't carry a sword hardly and she is a spy for the Shinsengumi as well. She is friends with Tetsunosuke Ichimura. She is in love with Susumu Yamaz...

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The female captain of the 14th squad her name is Sojia Shinsengumi and she is in love with Susumu Yamazaki. She always knew that Susumu couldn't be a normal boy like anyone his age herself is aged 17, but she is the daughter to the Shinsengumi general. She is called the Sacred Moon because she is like the Sacred Moon that hangs in the sky at nighttime. Susumu calls her the Sacred Moon because she is so gentle and kind he doesn't wants to dirty that purity. She knows that purity is everything and she went missing during on of her spying missions.

"Hey, um, Tetsunosuke are you sure you are all right?" Sojia asked. Tetsunosuke looked at Sojia. "Yeah I am sure." Tetsunosuke lied. Tetsunosuke didn't wanted to worry Sojia Shinsengumi at all but that night during her spying on the Choshi clan she went disappearing. "Soji, have you seen the General's daughter Sojia?" Toshizou asked. Souji shaken his head no. "Oh no what if she's dead she can't be dying somewhere we got to find her." Toshizou said. Every squad except for Squad 14 went to find Sojia Shinsengumi even Tetsunosuke Ichimura went to find her. Tetsunosuke found her leg fractured, broken ribs, a scratch in her beautiful pure face, throat a little slashed, arm broken, and bruises everywhere to be seen. "Sojia, I'm here." Tetsunosuke said. Tetsunosuke picked her up because she is lighter than a feather. "Tetsunosuke, please don't let anyone see me like this I hate this." Sojia said. Tetsunosuke walked to the others, and Toshizou saw her. "Oh no 14th captain are you all right?" Toshizou asked. Sojia looked at Toshizou. "I will be just give me a couple days my body can heal faster than most Shinsengumi members, remember?" Sojia asked.

Toshizou nodded and carried her to the headquarters of the Shinsengumi and Susumu saw her. "My Sacred Moon you been hurt who did this to you?" Susumu asked. Sojia saw her boyfriend. "The Choshu clan members." Sojia said. Tetsunosuke hates the Choshu even more than usual cause they hurt Sojia Shinsengumi she didn't do anything. Now she is going to hide from the rest of the world being a hikokomori and never go back outside because she now hates the outside world. Tetsunosuke thought. The next day, it was time for some practicing sparring for all captains. Sojia got better less than she originally thought. Everyone knows that Sojia got a lot better. "Where Captain Sojia?" Kondo asked. All of the captains went to Sojia's private room and saw her reading and sipping tea. "Are you going to spar with us it's only a practice spar so it would be all right." Souji said. Sojia looked towards Souji. "I don't carry a sword hardly." Sojia said. Souji saw Sojia's sword besides her. "That's your sword the Lamentation?" Souji asked. Sojia looked at her sword. "Yeah." Sojia said. Souji looked at Sojia. "Why don't you come outside with the rest of us?" Kondo asked. The outside world scares Sojia now. "No I don't want to." Sojia said. Souji saw how scared Sojia is. "She is so scared." Souji said.

Sojia hid behind Souji Okita's back. "Don't worry you still be in the safety of the Shinsengumi's headquarters, and you won't have to step out the gate for no reason if you want you still can be the captain of the 14th squad but order someone to be in co-captain of it." Souji said. Sojia nodded. Sojia stepped outside and walked around the outside but still safe cause she is inside of the gate. "Okay let's do some sparring." Sojia said. Souji is pleased by what she said. Sojia is carrying her sword on her back. "That's an unusual way to be carrying a sword." Kondo said. Sojia stepped inside the sparring room. "Who wants to spar with me first?" Sojia asked.

The other captains looked at Sojia and knows she is still scared of the outside world she is still inside the gate so she is happy. "I will." Toshizou said. Sojia smiled. "Ok let's do this." Sojia said. In one hit Sojia won the spar against Toshizou. "She is so good with Lamentation you don't even see her move." Toshizou said.

Souji looked at Sojia. "Good job Sojia you are great with the Lamentation sword." Souji said. Choshu started up a battle once again. "All captains let's go out that means you too Sojia Shinsengumi." Kondo said. Kondo pull her outside and she just screamed her heart out. "Kondo, you made her even more scared of the outside world." Souji said. Hijikata went to fetched his page. "Tetsunosuke, you take her back in, and make sure she is in bed." Hijikata said. Tetsunosuke nodded.

Tetsunosuke taken her straight to bed, but he caught a very high fever. "You are sick and you are worrying about me." Sojia said. Tetsunosuke fainted when he got to Susumu Yamazaki's room. Susumu came out and saw Tetsunosuke. "Tetsunosuke, you gotten a fever didn't you?" Susumu asked. Tetsunosuke looked at Susumu. "Go to Sojia she needs you." Tetsunosuke said. Susumu went to Sojia's room and knocked. "Sojia-sensei, may I come in?" Susumu asked. Sojia looked at the door. "Yes Susumu, you may come in." Sojia said. Susumu came in and saw Sojia as pale as ever. "You are as pale as ever, Sojia." Susumu said. Sojia looked at Susumu. "It's because of the outside world now scares me." Sojia said. Susumu understood how delicate and fragile Sojia has become.
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