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The World Is Ugly.

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It's a one shot. About Frank and Gerard.

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The World Is Ugly.

He stares out the cold pained window, daring to reach out with his blood stained hands towards it’s broken glass that encloses him into this darkness and fear.
Outside the rough wood barricades they can’t see him standing there.
They don’t see him standing there.
They don’t see his drifting stares… and as he try’s to understand why his blood is on his hands, he fades back into the darkness and fears, watching the blood on that long cold windows, glisten in the gloomy light, just like the tears he knows so well… he knows it’s better off the way, they’ll never know of his dismay, they’ll never know it was he that stood, the soul no one would save if they could…

I kept walking and walking until I reached the beach.
I replayed the images back in my head like a movie. It was ugly. It was hideous. It was life.
Why did I do that to him?
He was everything I could ask for and more, but I ruined it. I think.
Kind of.
I told him I wouldn’t cut myself anymore, but I did. I just couldn’t take it anymore, the guilt, the lying. I wanted to end it all but I didn’t have the guts.
It was definitely an accident. Not a drunken accident, I have full control over my actions and I don’t even know why I did it. I guess I wanted to see if he would forgive me for anything? I wasn’t thinking about how much it would hurt him.
The man that hurt him need a taste of his own medicine.
I didn’t mean it to go that far though.
He lay motionless on the cold stone floor. Blood pouring out all around.
A colour I would never be able to look at without see that scene.

The world is ugly, and only occasionally did little things come along that made the world seem that little bit less ugly and that little bit more bearable.

I thought I had found my little thing.
Gerard Way.

“Frank! Will you slow down a little?” he pleaded, chasing after me. I sat down, my head in my hands, rocking backwards and forwards. “Will you talk to me?”
“I’m ugly.”
“Fuck it Frank! The world is ugly!”
I stayed quiet.
“Listen to me…” he asked, putting his hand on my shoulder and trying to turn me round. “Frank. The world is ugly, but- you’re beautiful to me.”
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