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Love is the Red, the Rose on the Coffin Door

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The life (or after-life. However you look at it.) of a vampire is tough. Especially after loosing the love of his life.

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It was dark out. I like the dark. Only time I can walk around in the open. It's a blessing and a curse, immortality. You end up experiencing everything that goes wrong in the world. The only plus side is that I get to stay 31 forever. That, and get any girl I want. I may look 31, but in actuality I'm really 550. Truth to the phrase 'Looks can be deceiving'. I may look like a 31-year-old rockstar, but I'm really a 550-year-old blood-sucking vampire. I've never let myself get close to one of my potential victims on a personal level. That is, until I met Libby.
She was different. I still can't figure out to this day why she was different. It was like I cared if she lived or died. I didn't understand what made me feel this way. How could I care about a human? I mean, I'm a vampire of God's sake. All I should care about is sinking my teeth into my victim's neck and sucking their veins dry. But I didn't when I saw her. I felt like she was important to me and that I cared about her. But the thing is, I don't get what had made me care all of a sudden. Was it her auburn hair? Her beautiful green eyes? Her smile that could light up any room? What was it?! It still haunts me, even when she was here with me to share this curse dressed up as a blessing. All I know is that I, Matthew Walter Wachter, broke the number one rule I was taught over and over again. And I broke it bad. Real bad. Not only did I reveal myself to her, I showed her the rest of my kind.
I thought that she would run away and tell the town of the secret vampire society that exists in their town. But she didn't. She stood in amazement. Like it was proof of something she's believed in her entire life. I told her about the band I was in and the fact that they were vampires as well. Tomo was sleeping when I transformed him. The other two, Jared and Shannon Leto, were more difficult to transform. I had to have Tomo help me. And he did the job right. Now the two Leto boys were happy to be what they are. Jared more than Shannon. Don't ask why though. I've never understood those Leto boys.
I was a little nervous, however, when I decided that I was going to transform Libby. I thought about it for a while when she walked in and sat with me. We talked for a bit when she started kissing my neck, which is a really tender spot to put one's lips on. The next thing I knew we were in a passionate make-out session, with me being careful where my teeth went incase she didn't want to become what I am. But what surprised me was when she went up to my ear and whispered, "Make me what you are."
Shocked that she even mentioned what I was thinking about, I looked at her as if to ask 'Are you sure?' She smiled that beautiful smile and I nodded my head. Before I sunk my teeth into her smooth, porcelain neck, I promised her I wouldn't make it hurt too much. And with that said, I sunk my teeth into her neck ever so carefully.
After about a minute I pulled my teeth out. She looked at me for a moment when she started to get the same look that Tomo, Jared, and Shannon got after I bit into them. Within minutes, she had become by far, in my opinion, the most beautiful vampire I've ever seen. And apparently she could tell. I guess she was one of the rare few of our kind that could read people's thoughts. I could tell because she had that smile on her face that she gets when she knows something. I love it when she knows something. She then stood up, sat on my lap, wrapped her arms around neck, and kissed me with such passion I couldn't take holding it anymore. I picked her up and laid her on the bed and the next thing I remember is the two of us making love. Our bodies moving together as one. It was amazing. And having it happen with her only made it better than I could ever imagine. I thought that nothing could ruin my happiness.
Until that night. The night everything went wrong. She knew they were coming. I told her to run and hide from them so they couldn't get her. And she ran and hid the best she could. Jared, Shannon, Tomo, and I tried to ward them off so she could run. Tomo got one of them. We almost lost those confusing Leto boys. But in the end they left only to return with Libby in their clutches. They threaten to do horrible things to her. Unimaginable things. I tried to save her. I hadn't realize how much I was in love with her until they took her off and tied her to a tree out in the open where the sun was the brightest. They were going to kill her in the most unimaginable way to our kind. She screamed for one of us to help her. And we tried. We really did. But by then the sun came out and that was the last of Libby. The love of my life. My one and only.
I can still hear her scream to this day. It haunts me in my dreams. I went through a phase where I would lock myself in my room for hours on end and think of things I could have done to save her. Every now and then I think about how I could've saved her. But sometimes things happen to prevent something worse from happening. Just like Libby said that night.
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