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Ready to Fall

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A night alone with your brother is bad enough without his trying to scare you. Or is he??

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"Phil come on! I'm freezing here!" I yelled as Phil was walking slower than usual.
"I'm coming Stacy. Hold your horses," he replied as he finally caught up.
"No. I'm cold and you're purposely walking slow! Now come on! My movie comes on in five minutes and if I miss the beginning I'm kicking your ass to next year!" I complained as Phil slowly got the keys out of his pocket.
"Okay Stacy," he said unlocking the door. "Here you go."
I ran into the house and said, "Now hurry up with the drinks so we can watch the movie."
"Okay sis. Love ya," he said from the kitchen as I turned to the Pay-Per View channels and turned it to Blades of Glory.
"Love ya too."
As the movie started I noticed that Phil wasn't in here yet.
"Ugh. Probably forgot where the living room was, "I told myself when I heard commotion from the kitchen.
"Phil? Is everything okay?" I asked worried. After not getting a response for about five minutes, I decided that the movie wasn't that important and I really need to see where my big brother was.
I walked out of the living room and headed straight for the kitchen. When I walked in, Phil wasn't in there. So I decided to check the bathroom to see if he was in there.
I walked up the stairs and knocked on the bathroom door.
"Phil? You in there?" I asked worried. After I didn't get an answer, I decided to check his room.
I walked up to the door and was about to turn it when I realized that it was locked.
"Very funny Phil. Come on. You're really freaking me out here," I said giggling the doorknob. No one answered.
"Seriously Phil. Open the fucking door," I said panicking. After giggling the doorknob a bit longer I yelled, "CUT IT OUT PHIL AND OPEN THE MOTHERFUCKING DOOR!"
Freaking out even more, I ran downstairs and called the one person I could always call when I need him the most.
"Hello?" the voice of my older brother Tomo asked.
"Tomo? It's Stacy," I replied in a shaky voice.
"Hey sis, are you okay?" he asked.
"No. I can't find Phil. We were getting ready to watch Blades of Glory and he was in the kitchen. Well, the next thing I knew, I was searching the whole house for him. His bedroom door's locked and I was trying to open it without freaking out the neighbors. That's when I came and called you," I replied in a shaky voice still.
"Okay. Just relax and take deep breaths," Tomo said in a calming voice.
"How the fuck can I relax when I can't find Phil?" I asked him.
"Well, how about this? I'll be over in a bit to help you look for him, okay sis?" he asked trying to calm me down.
"Okay bubby. I'll see you when you get here," I said in a less shaky voice.
"Okay. I love you," he said smiling. How did I know? Because I fucking rock like that.
"Okay bubby. I love you too. Bye," I said.
"Bye," he said hanging up the phone. I put the phone on the receiver and went upstairs to try to open Phil's door again.
As I giggled the doorknob, I was thinking about all the things that could go wrong. That's when I started panicking more. Being a little sister totally sucks when your older brother decides to be a fucktard and scare the shit out of you.
"Okay Phil. You can cut this shit out now. Tomo's on his way here," I said even though I had a feeling that it wouldn't make a difference.
I decided to just wait downstairs for Tomo when I saw my bedroom door slightly open.
"Hmmm…don't remember it being open," I said to myself. So I walked into my room to find a note on my bed with my name on it.
I walked into my room and opened the note. As my eyes wandered the piece of paper in front of me, I was starting to freak out even more. By the time I finished reading it, I was shaking like mad and freaking out to an extreme.
After putting the note in my pocket, I ran downstairs and locked the doors and windows when someone knocked on the door.
"Who is it and what the hell do you want?" I asked as I held an umbrella at my side.
"Stacy. It's Tomo," the voice replied.
"How do I know you're not the sick fuck who left that note in my room?" I asked panicking.
"Because I just talked to you a bit ago from my house," the voice replied.
"Go away! You're not my brother. Otherwise you would know the one thing that no once else knows about me," I replied.
"What? That on your birthday I caught you and Matt making out in your room while Libby was downstairs?" the voice asked.
I stood at the door feeling like a total jackass. I unlocked the door and when I opened the door, sure enough there stood a tired Tomo. He looked at me frustrated for a second when I saw him get that look on his face when he notices that I've been upset and he wrapped his arms around me.
"What's wrong little sister?" he asked as he hugged me.
I tried to tell him what the note said, but my words got caught in my throat and I just started crying. That's when I heard Matt ask, "Stacy? Are you okay hun?"
I shook my head and tried to calm myself down. As I let them in, I closed the door and locked it.
"Why are you locking the door sis?" Tomo asked.
"I…" I tried to say. The truth was, I was freaking out really bad. The note just got to me and I started feeling like there was someone watching me.
"Listen. Just tell us what's wrong so we can help and try to find Phil. Okay?" Tomo asked as he put his arm around my shoulders.
I pulled out the note and said, "Read this. I found it in my room."
I handed the note to Tomo, and since I didn't want to be able to read it, I went and sat next to Matt.
As Tomo's eyes scanned across the note, I noticed something that I haven't seen in his eyes in the longest time: fear. When he finished reading the note, he ran upstairs as fast as he could and yelled, "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BROTHER?!"
Seeing as I haven't heard Tomo yell in forever, it was starting to make me freak out even more.
Tomo ran down the stairs and ran into the kitchen, then the dining room, then he ran to the door that lead down to the basement. Realizing that I didn't go down there, I got up and ran after Tomo, with Matt close behind.
When we reached the bottom of the stairs and found Tomo, the look on his face would've made mom cry. As I looked at what Tomo was looking at, I felt tears run down my face. Hanging from the basement ceiling, with a note attached to his shirt, was Phil.
"Holy shit," I said covering my mouth. I walked over to Tomo and wrapped my arms around him.
"Who does this type of thing?" Tomo asked as I felt him wrap his arms around me.
"I…don't…know bubby," I replied as I felt Matt wrap his arms around us.
"I just…I don't…why Phil?" Tomo asked. I looked up to see tears running down his face. I reached up and wiped them away. That's when I noticed that the note on Phil's shirt had Tomo's name and my name on it.
"Tomo…bubby look at Phil's shirt," I said pointing at the note.
He looked at Phil's shirt and said, "Stay here Stacy."
"Okay," I said letting go of him. I wrapped my arms around Matt as Tomo walked up to the corpse that was my brother and took the note from his shirt.
Tomo started opening the note when Matt asked, "Can we read that upstairs?"
Tomo looked at me and replied, "Yeah. Let's go."
So the three of us walked up the stairs, Tomo in front and Matt and I close behind him.
When we reached the living room, the three of us sat down as Tomo opened the note and began to read it. As his eyes moved across the piece of paper, he kept looking from the note to me and back to the note. When he finished the note, he looked at me and said, "You might wanna read this."
"Okay," I said as he passed me the note. As I opened it I began to read it.
"Stacy? What does it say?" Matt asked as he looked at the note. I was about to ask his what he meant when I remembered that he can't read Croatian. So I began to read it aloud.
"Tomo and Stacy, if you are reading this now, it means that I'm no longer apart of this world. I know you're probably upset. And I know that Stacy's pissed off that I didn't watch her movie with her. It's just…there were things from the past that I couldn't take anymore. I know you guys think that I would be able to talk to you about it. But the truth is…I couldn't. I was gonna die anyway, so why not just speed it up? You guys see, five years ago…I contracted something that was ultimately gonna take my life. You guys are smart enough to know what it is that I'm talking about. Well, it got worse. So I decided that tonight was the night. I'm so sorry you guys had to see me like that. And Stacy, I'm sorry if I scared the shit out of you. You know I love you guys. See you on the other side, Phil"
As I read the note over in my head, tears started running down my face and felt arms wrap around me. And more than one pair too. I looked to find both Tomo and Matt with their arms around me. I wrapped an arm around both of them and asked, "What do you guys suppose we do now?"
"Well, first we should call the police and tell them. Next, you, young lady, are moving in with me and we are going to try our damnedest to sell this house," he replied.
"You want me to move in with you?" I asked in utter shock.
"Yeah," he replied smiling a little smile.
"Well, it's better than being here," Matt added.
"Okay," I said as Tomo picked up the phone a called the police. After talking to them for a couple minutes, he hung up and said, "They'll be here in a few minutes and that we're supposed to stay down here."
"Okay," Matt and I said at the same time. I looked at the time and asked, "Do you guys think it's too late to get something to eat?"
"Well, we can always just pop some popcorn for the three of us," Tomo said.
"Yeah. I like that idea. I'll go pop some," I said getting up.
"I'll go with you," Matt said getting up as well.
"Okay," I said as the two of us walked into the kitchen. As we walked in, I pulled out a couple bags of popcorn and put one bag in the microwave. As I was waiting for the popcorn to be down, Matt asked, "So, how's life?"
"Fine," I replied. "Sucking right now, but other than that, pretty spiffy. You?"
"Okay I guess. Libby and I got a divorce," he replied.
"Oh Matt. I'm sorry," I said hugging him.
"It's okay. She was cheating on me, so I told her I wanted a divorce," he said hugging me back.
"I'm so sorry she did that to you," I said.
"Well, at least now I can ask out this girl I've liked for a while," he said smiling as the first bag got done.
"Oh really? Who is she?" I asked as I got out the first bag and put the second bag in.
"Well, she's one of my friend's siblings," he replied sitting at the table.
"Well, I hope she says yes. She'd be a lucky girl to have you," I said before thinking.
"Really?" he asked.
"Yeah," I replied.
"Well, so you think I should ask her right now?" he asked.
"Yeah! Call her and ask her out!" I replied smiling about the fact that Matt found someone else but trying not to reveal that I liked him.
"Okay. I will. Thanks Stacy," he said getting up and hugging me.
"You're welcome," I replied before he left the room.
When he left the room I sat down at the kitchen table as the other bag popped.
"Get a hold of yourself. He's found someone else. You should be happy for him. Not sad because you can't have him," I told myself as the bag finished popping. As I got up my phone rang.
I pulled out my phone, opened it up, and asked, "Hello?"
"Yeah. I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies Friday night," a male voice asked.
"Who is this?" I asked as I opened the microwave door.
"Look in the living room," the voice replied. I looked in the living room to find a smiling Matt on the couch on his phone.
"Matt?" I asked into the phone.
"Yeah. So will you?" Matt asked.
"So the girl you were telling me about was me?" I asked confused and shocked at the same time.
"Yeah. So will you go out with me?" Matt asked again.
"Yeah. I'd love too," I replied. That's when I heard a dial tone and closed my phone. I was about to sit down when I felt a pair of warm arms wrap around me. I turned around to find the arms belonged to Matt.
"And what do you want?" I asked.
"This," he replied. Then he kissed me with passion I have never experienced in my life. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. We stood there kissing for about five minutes when I heard Tomo ask, "Wow. So that's the girl that Matt told me about."
I broke the kiss and asked, "Do you always have to interrupt our kissing?"
"Yep," he replied nodding his head.
"Well, stop," I replied before I kissed Matt and he kissed back. It was perfect. The night might have sucked. But this moment was just amazing.
"And just to let you guys know, you definitely have my blessing," Tomo added before he left the room.
I broke the kiss and said, "Good."
Then Matt and I went back to our kissing when I heard Tomo add, "It would be nice if you guys breathed."
We just ignored him as I soaked in this moment with the one guy I thought I could never have.
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