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Don't Push It

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HP/FoR crossover, Harry raised by Mikagami. Join in as we deal with a much more keyed up first book!

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Flame of the West: The Philosopher's Stone
Chapter 2: Don't Push It!
4th November 2005

"It's through the pillar, just walk through and you'll see the Hogwarts Express. I'll meet you on the other side." Harry watched Kagehoushi fade into shadows before facing the wall and walking though, throwing a casual wink onto the creature on his shoulder. It was forest green and gold, sized like a swan, with brilliant blue eyes.

Harry grinned when he met Kagehoushi on the other side, "Aurora didn't like it. She says she'll get me to Hogwarts herself next time." The ancient woman, who incidentally didn't look a day over 20, smiled at him, "If she has something to do I can get you there as well. Now get on the train and find yourself a compartment, try not to show off alright? I'll see tonight in your trunk." With that she was engulfed by shadows and removed from Harry's line of sight.

He hauled his trunk through the corridor, noticing how empty the platform and locomotive were. "Well, I guess it is kind of early, only 10am and all. Boy these people must sleep in late." He found a compartment near the back of the train, settling into a deep nap while Aurora kept watch over him. Since bonding with the phoenix, he'd seen both an increased rate of strengthening of his shields and a small but tangible increase in his power levels.


Aurora gave a soft trill that woke Harry up just as a very pretty girl with long dark hair walked by, "Hi, are those seats taken?" Harry shook his head, "No, go ahead."

Padma had a twin sister, whom Harry privately thought was only similar in the physical appearance. Pavarti was more interested in males, and went from initially engrossed in a girl magazine to flirting with older boys in the corridor. Understandably, she was quickly out of sight, and out of mind. Harry was secretly relieved the males had passed by, Pavarti had nearly uncovered his scar.

Padma was much further into information gathering. She made light conversation with Harry, and small talk ensued, but was much more interested in talking about their possible lessons. She also quickly noticed the Katana Harry carried at his side, and deduced correctly that Harry was knowledgeable about the Japanese culture. Harry cocked his head and studied her carefully, he liked the Indian girl.


A little way into the journey, the door to their compartment opened to admit the blond boy Harry remembered from Madam Malkin's. The pampered prince glared at the two, and sneered, "So, they say Harry Potter's on the train. That's you is it?" His sneer turned more pronounced, "Can't even choose your friends right, Potter? Not even a proper pureblood family, even if it's a pureblood."

"The Dark Lord made a mistake once, but he'll be back, and if you're on the wrong side, you'll be dead. I can help you there." Harry raised a mocking eyebrow and stood, eye to eye with Malfoy, grabbed his wrist, and started crushing it. He snarled at his victim's body guards, "Not very effective, are you?" Turning back to his victim, who happened to be close to screaming in pain, "Keep out of my sight. Next time, I'll break it." He let go and pushed Malfoy out the door.

He sat back down heavily and scratched his head, "I hate that sort of person." Padma gave him a curious eye, "You're Harry Potter?"


"Potter, Harry." The Great Hall filled with murmurs, people jumping onto the tables and benches to have a look, craning their heads in ways that should not have been possible. Harry sighed in irritation as the Hat dropped onto his head, obscuring his view.

"Ah, Mr. Potter. I wondered when you'd come, an interesting life you've led too. Perhaps, no that wouldn't work. I..." The Hat was cut off when Harry panicked and slammed his mental shields into place violently, breathing hard. A gentle voice made its way to his ears, "Nothing bad will happen, Mr. Potter, I merely have to look into your mind to sort you." Harry relented with a frown.

"Well now, where would you go? You certainly would do well in Slytherian, you'd be well on your way to greatness. Gryffindor would be good too, you are brave to a fault. But you have a mind for information too, would Ravenclaw be best?" Harry sighed mentally, "If it's all the same to you, Mr. Hat, perhaps somewhere more inconspicuous?" he got the mental picture of a raised eyebrow, "In that case, yes, best be RAVENCLAW!"

Harry took of the Hat and returned it to the strict teacher waiting and grinned at her, "Well, that was fun." He ignored the cheering and slid into a seat beside the girl he'd met on the train, Padma, "well, that wasn't too bad was it?" He spent the rest of the time either talking or waiting for the food to appear.


Ravenclaw tower was perhaps the most interesting living area for students in the entire castle. Where Gryffindor and Slytherian had an almost stereotypical living room style, and Hufflepuff had a warmer feel to it, Ravenclaw's "Aerie" had its own library. Harry grinned to himself and settled himself to reading while absently feeding Aurora various treats.

Blue and bronze dominated the tower, extending into even the four-poster beds and covers. Harry set up his trunk at the foot of his bed, chuckling about how others seemed to be having trunk troubles. Introductions were made and stories passed around. Anthony Goldstein, Kevin Entwhistle, Stephen Cornfoot, Michael Corner, and Terry Boot traded stories far into the night while Harry quickly bid them a good night and setup wards around his bed.

If he'd stayed up, he'd have heard about a group of Gryffindors called the Marauders, and how Kevin Entwhistle's father had been constantly amused by the pranks they pulled. As it was, he slipped into his trunk to find Tokiya eating a sandwich and reading a book, "So how was it? Aurora flamed just now and took my ice cubes, just so you know." Harry sighed and set to his Katas.


"Potter! What would I get it I substituted catnip for dragon scale in the healing potion Totus Puteus?" Harry raised an eyebrow, "Firstly, sir, that is 6th year material, so I shouldn't know. Secondly, to answer your question, the result would be one of the more recently discovered Exploding Potions. Perhaps you could teach us what we're supposed to know this year?"

Snape snarled, "Just like your father, attention seeking, arrogant prat." Harry's eyes narrowed, "I am not here of my choice, Snape, I have no compulsions of doing you an injury. I'd advise you to teach."


"Harry, I don't think that was the best thing to do." Padma had concern spread across her face, and Harry sighed, "Probably not, but it does place my position very clearly." He raised his voice, "Of course, that would probably not stop him from pointing his wand at my back, would it?" Everyone stared, it was well known even this early in their education that badmouthing Snape was a bad thing.

Snape hurriedly put away his wand, "twenty points from Ravenclaw, Potter. Go to the Headmaster now." Harry flicked his wand, packing his belongings quickly and swept out of the dungeons rapidly. Snape followed shortly, dismissing the class.


"Ah, Harry. What can I do for you?"
"Many things right now, Headmaster. The biggest and best of which would be to remove your dear potions professor. Laying out my position and knowledge of the curriculum seems to be as bad an action as being incompetent." Snape burst in and immediately began yelling, making little sense.

"I find it difficult to believe that Harry would lie about something." Almost everyone jumped at this, and Mikagami revealed himself, "Indeed, I find it even more difficult to understand why this thing is teaching when he is obviously unstable." Snape recovered quickly, "And exactly who are you? A muggle?"

Tokiya raised an eyebrow, "You really need to see the world, being cooped up in the dungeons has surely addled your mind. To answer your question, I am Tokiya Mikagami, guardian of Harry Potter here." Snape snarled, "We didn't call you in, you have no business being here." Tokiya laughed at that, "Indeed? Well then it's a good thing I came, isn't it? I'm sure Olympe would be happy to take Harry."

"Now, Mr. Mikagami, surely it isn't necessary? We're the best wizarding school in all the world, don't you want the best for Harry?" Tokiya sighed, "A school is but little more than its students. I warn you, teach. Anything more from any of your professors, and you'll find out exactly why I'm Master of multiple styles. Harry?"


They stopped in an empty classroom and Tokiya pulled out a package, "you'll like this I think." It was a rectangular box-like package, with a tag on it that read 'James Potter'. Harry's eyes widened and he tore the wrapping quickly, "Wow."

It was like some military dress-up thing. There was a hooded cloak, staff, and sword. The cloak itself wasn't anything special at first glance, being thick, black, with red trim. In reality, it had Basilisk hide inside, providing not only warmth, but protection as well. The staff also wasn't much to look at, quarterstaff-like with runes carved into it, but gave a warm feel in Harry's hands, like his wand, but more powerful.

The sword, however, was definitely a work of art. It was medium length unlike his long Katana, and straight. Dual edged, enchanted, forged mithril-steel composite, it glinted when Harry ghosted his hand over it. The handle too, was a gem of art, long and gemmed, with runes running along the pommel. The accompanying sheath was made of steel, with the glow of enchantments acting like a torch. Harry grinned, "And we were thinking of making another sword."

Tokiya chuckled, "I think just one sword a go, don't overdo it. I'll take the stuff back, you keep with that katana of yours. When's your next class?" Harry sighed, "five minutes. Aurora, flame me to the Transfiguration class please?"


Defense Against the Dark Arts was an abysmal joke, with Professor Quirrel stuttering and stammering his way through the session, eventually getting across the idea that he was trying to teach them the Flipendo hex. When Harry finally got it halfway through the session, he dropped his head into his hands and fell asleep blissfully.

Padma woke him up quickly with a friendly jab to the ribs. Harry jerked awake and barely stopped himself from reflexively breaking her skull against the desk behind her. He growled, "He's a bloody joke, I learnt this damned thing last week." She hissed back quickly, "Well listen anyway, you may just learn something!" He did. He learnt that Quirrel was deathly afraid of any spell remotely offensive in nature, or which produced a loud bang, which thankfully excluded sending sparks.

What he found odd was the thick smell of garlic in the room, and the oddly malicious emanations from Quirrel's turban. It gave a strong sense of magical power, something he'd expect from Dumbledore, as well as an air of calculating intelligence. Not something he wanted to play around with.


Charms, however, was easily his favorite class. Flitwick didn't bother if you made mistakes, simply pushing you to try again and again till you got it, always encouraging. Sure the charms that were taught, the levitation charm, among others, he'd learned by reading ahead, but the diminutive professor was always great fun.

He was greatly amused at his partner, the round-faced Gryffindor Neville Longbottom, who went through the spell like he was trying to remember it, and set the feather they were trying to levitate on fire. Similarly, he would later destroy the lock they were supposed to be unlocking, 'alohamora', and packed away the books Flitwick was using as a podium when learning to light a fire.


"Good, you're improving nicely. Get up again and go through the first Kata while I put together dinner for us." Harry sighed and hauled himself to his feet, drawing steady breaths and centering himself before beginning. It was an exhausting exercise, but gave Harry an opening to channel his frustration and anger into.


"Transfiguration is probably the most entertaining, reading about it was fun but actually doing it is another matter altogether. I wonder, the animagus transformation sounds really fun, don't you think?" Tokiya looked highly amused, "Indeed? I suppose it could be, what actually goes into it?" Harry's face fell slightly, "I don't know actually." Then his face brightened, "Malfoy was muttering about it in class actually, something about a book in the library. Beasting, the secrets of Animagi. Or something along those lines."

Tokiya cleared up their plates, "Well then, perhaps you should get the book? Or try Fen, logically speaking, animagi should come up in his centuries of knowledge." Harry returned to his kata, and after another hour returned to his dorm bed where he sat cross-legged and meditated. He entered his mind and went through his routine Occlumency shield checking. Nothing was wrong with them, so Harry decided to add another layer on the inside as a last line of defense. He grinned as he raised a wall of intense dark purple flames, exerting his will and molding it into a dome just inside the dome that was his existing Occlumency walls.

He found Rei studying the flames intently, "I wanted to speak with you." Aurora joined them through their bond and nodded her greetings. Reiketsu removed his attention from the firewall and quirked an eyebrow in Harry's direction, "What is it that you wish to know, fledgling?" Harry rolled his eyes, "Fledgling? Nevermind. I was wondering if you knew anything about the Animagus transformation. I heard and saw it in class, so I was wondering if you could show me how." Both phoenixes appeared thoughtful, but Aurora came through first, "The only one I saw involved a potion of some sort. I believe Gandalf's student, Arestis was an eagle, while Gandalf himself was unable to attain a form because the form he found was unable to contain his magical power. At then end though, I believe he found another form, a magical Pegasus that has since become extinct, which allowed him to transform."

Reiketsu seemed to ponder this, "From what I've seen, the wizard or witch has to be of a certain power level to be a singular Animagus, which you have or at least will exceed. Beyond certain levels, they gain additional forms. I know for a fact that Merlin had 7 forms, though he used them very little. He had a theory that as you progress in forms, the forms become fewer and fewer to choose from, and that after a certain level there would be no more and you reached something else. He theorized further that the traits of the form or forms would become evident in the person, allowing a phoenix animagus to fire travel in human form, for example. Consequently, the traits of the person would then color the form, meaning that certain things about the person would be evident in the form, usually physical traits. He later revised this and switched them round after observing one of his students."

Fawks appeared and gave Aurora an appreciative whistle before bowing to Harry, who looked at Rei and raised a questioning eyebrow. Rei shrugged, "You're basically a human phoenix Harry, no true phoenix can be fully denied to your mind, though all phoenixes are bound to the laws and therefore cannot do anything to your mind, though they can look around. Fawks?" the male phoenix nodded, "I caught the tail end of the conversation. Albus himself has 2 forms, he's a Pegasus and a Hawk, both with blue eyes and gray fur and feathers respectively. The advantage of being cooped up with Albus Dumbledore as opposed to being our and about is that you hear of various developments and breakthroughs. The relevant one is measuring magical energy.

"The most accurate way so far is the Tri-M system. MEL, MAL, and MRL stand for Magical Energy Level, Magical Access Level, and Magical Recovery Level respectively. Lets put it this way, everyone has a certain MEL, the average of which is around 100,000 give or take another 50,000 and any witch or wizard draws on this to cast spells. Some spells require you to channel power continuously to make them work, like the shielding spells. The MAL is how much power you can draw out in a certain period of time, usually measured in seconds. The basic shield protego utilizes roughly 100 units, with each spell taking away from the accumulated energy till it breaks, so its actually a negligible strain on your magic. The Mystic Shield, mysteria protegis, uses 300 units, on the same basis, so it in fact drains much more. Maintaining the shields, however, is the same 50 units per second.

"MRL though, is how much power you can regain over a certain period of time, usually measured in seconds. Average MRL is 40 units per second, though I know Albus's MRL is 70 units per second, which explains why he doesn't use basic shields. Measuring them though, is another matter. There are various methods, the most common of which involves charmed or enchanted parchment and a drop of blood. The other method currently in use is ordinary parchment and 3 drops of blood, and a vial of Blood Trait Revealing potion, aptly named wasn't it?" Harry nodded absently and compiled a mental list while Fawks continued, "Albus believes he has maximized the second level of animagus power levels. His MEL is 450,000 presently but was 400,000 when he discovered his second form. His MAL is 350, but that has little to do with the transformation itself. In fact, I'll get you one of the books he has on Animagi." Fawks disappeared and Harry raised his eyebrows, "If the forms are within, then I should be able to find them by looking around right?" Rei shrugged, "Wouldn't hurt to try I suppose." Aurora nodded, "I'm off for a binge, the kitchens have some wonderful fish."

Harry chuckled and looked around, "Well then, lets have a look eh?"

......... >
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