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Making Him Feel Loved

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Frank equals sexiness.

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This is kind of a filler chapter, but I had to have some Frerard in here somewhere. Enjoy.

Gerard's POV

I pushed Frank up against the wall and kissed him harshly. He grabbed my neck and pulled me in, deepening the kiss. All I wanted right now was him, the feeling of his skin against mine, his hot breath mingling with my own. It was magical. Frank’s tongue snaked into my mouth and I eagerly let him in. Our tongues clashed and tangled as we fought for dominance, but I was winning. I lay him down on my bed and straddled him, never once breaking the kiss. He pulled away for air, we were both gasping by now. I leaned down and began to suck on his neck. His breathing quickened and a soft moan escaped his delicate lips. I smiled, I loved to make happy. I wanted him to know that he was loved. He pulled me back to his face and his lips crashed against mine once more. I began to tug off his shirt, in an attempt to reveal more of his beautifully tattooed skin. His relinquished his hold on my lips and I managed to slip the shirt over his head. He removed me of mine and then I lay back down on him. The feeling that I got when I touched his skin was indescribable. I began to kiss from his neck to his stomach, moving slowly.

“Gerard,” Frank whimpered. “Stop teasing me.”

“You know I can’t help it babe,” I smiled. I began to lick around his stomach, getting closer to his waistline. I took his belt and threw it aside, not caring where it landed. I slowly pushed down his tight jeans, and he was left only in his boxers.

“Please Gerard,” he begged. “I can’t wait any longer.” I inched his boxers down and teased his cock with my hands. Then I took it in my mouth and I heard Frank groan with pleasure. I pumped up and down, faster and faster. Frank grasped the top of my head and moaned in delight. The salty taste of come filled my mouth and I swallowed it without a second thought. Smiling, I came and sat on the bed with me Frankie.

“Frankie you equal sexy,” I smirked as he pulled his jeans back on.

“Gerard that was fantastic,” He gushed grabbing my arm. I winced in pain and he instantly let go.

“I’m sorry baby,” he sighed. “I forgot about…the thing.” He motioned to my arm, which still had a bandage on it.

“Don’t be,” I grinned. “It’s fine.”

Frank leaned his head against my shoulder and snuggled closer to me. I loved when he sat like this; it always felt like he was meant to be there.

“Frankie, I will always love you,” I whispered as I began to stroke his hair.

“I know Gee,” he answered. “I think that is the only reason that I am still here.”

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