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Chapter 32

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Bowling and Good News

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I woke up and looked over at the clock, 11:31, oh my gosh! I slept in like really slept in. I laughed and got up. Only Mom and Dad were up. “Where’s everyone else?” I asked. “All in bed, how late did you guys stay up?” Dad looked up at me from the newspaper. “I don’t know…really late.” I shrugged and bounded upstairs. I headed for Aubrey’s room first. I jumped on her bed, “Get up!” I said bouncing. “What is wrong with you!” she hit me with a pillow. “Oof” I flopped off the bed.
She shook her head and got up, “Joe you are so strange.” she laughed. I loved when I made her laugh. “Ya well your weird so we make the perfect couple.” I kissed her. She pulled away, “Joe not now!” she rolled her eyes. This was going to be harder than I thought to just completely not be with her until Nick and Chelcie were together!


Joe is so crazy! I really thought that I’d be the one who would end up messing the whole ‘plan’ up but I’m beginning to think that Joe will. I laughed to myself as I got ready in the bathroom since Joe was messing around in my room.
“Joe what are you doing?” I asked him as he searched my room. “Anything valuable, you know that would give me the secrets of your past.” he said mysteriously. “Your not gonna find anything. I don’t keep something that has the secrets of my past.” I laughed. Joe was such a weirdo. “Ah-Ha!” he said pulling a brush out of my nightstand. “Uh Joe it’s a brush…” I raised an eyebrow. “Shh…no its not it holds all the secrets of your past.” he said. I shook my head, “Joe I think you need medication.” He looked at me for a moment, “Ya you’re probably right.” he put the brush back.
Joe and I hung out for a while until the others got up. I hadn’t really thought about how late we had stayed out but it must’ve been super late. “So what do you guys want to do today?” Kevin asked. “I don’t know…” I responded. Somehow it always ended up with us all bored and not knowing what to do. “We should go bowling.” Brooke suggested. “Great idea.” Kevin got off the couch. “Bowling? I suck at bowling!” I complained but I don’t think my opinion mattered in this case because they all headed out to the car.
We got there and it was so weird that people in Hollywood didn’t freak out about stars…as bad. We still got slightly mobbed but it was ok. We got the ugly bowling shoes and went down to the bowling area. “I think I’m just gonna watch.” I said sitting down. “You cant watch we’re doing teams, Kevin and I, Chelcie and Nick, and you and Joe.” Brooke said pulling me back up. I hated bowling with a fury.
Chelcie and Nick went first and they both got strikes. Kevin and Brooke went next and Kevin got a strike and Brooke got a gutter ball. It was mine and Joe’s turn, Joe got a total of three pins down and I got a gutter ball. I told you I hated bowling.
We bowled seriously for a while but then it started to get goofy. “Go ball Go!” Joe shouted at the slowly moving ball. It stopped in the middle. “Joe how on earth did you manage that?” Kevin asked laughing. Joe walked down the aisle and knocked over all the pins. “Woo! A strike!” he shouted and ran back. “You cant do that!” Nick said. “Do what?” Joe asked innocently. “You walked down there and knocked all the pins over.” Kevin said. “No I didn’t…” Joe shook his head. I couldn’t stop laughing. “Joe everyone saw you!” Kevin began to laugh. “Psh! I so didn’t do that.” Joe sat back down. “Yes- oh never mind I’ll just go.” Nick said and bowled.
After a couple more times of Joe just walking down the aisle and knocking the pins down our team was disqualified. “You can’t disqualify your own family!” Joe said to Kevin. “Yes we can and how do you know your not adopted.” Kevin said back. “Joe’s not adopted, he looks just like you guys!” Chelcie said laughing. “Ok fine he’s not adopted but you’re still disqualified.” we all laughed. “Fine!” Joe said and walked to the air hockey table.
I decided to play with him. “Aubrey there’s no way you can beat the master of air-hockey.” he mocked me. “Oh ya? You just watch me!” I smiled. I might not be able to bowl but I an kick butt at air-hockey. We played for a while, Joe was pretty good. “HA! I won!” I said doing a little dance. Joe laughed, “You used your mind powers to win.” he said. “I so didn’t use my mind powers!” I said back. “Its ok Aubrey I forgive you. I understand that you just cant admit to not being able to win fairly.” he taunted. “Whatever Joe!” I rolled my eyes. “I’m just kidding.” he smiled and hugged me. I knew that Joe was kidding but the hug was still nice.


It was a tie. Nick was really competitive and he REALLY wanted to win. He looked cute when he was all focused. It was our turn and our only chance to win. Nick went and got a gutter ball…his first time in the whole game I was surprised. It was my turn and I was a little nervous. I rolled the ball…it went and went…I GOT A STRIKE! “WOO!” I yelled happily. “We won!” Nick said and hugged me tightly as he spun me around. This had to be the best moment of my life and it wasn’t the winning either.


Apparently Nick and Chelcie won since the were spinning around. I thought Chelcie might burst by the look on her face. Joe and I walked back over there to them. “So I take it Nick and Chelcie won?” I whispered to Brooke who was laughing. “Yep.” Brooke whispered back. After we got some greasy, deep-fried food we left.
We walked through the door laughing. It was awesome that with the Jonas Brothers it was like you never stopped laughing. “You guys please be quiet your Mom is on the phone with Hollywood Records.” Paul hushed us. “Sorry.” we whispered. Denise walked in the living room, “I have some good news.” she smiled brightly. “You know all that recording you did Aubrey?” she asked me. “Ya…” I said. “Well they want you to come on tour with us on the next tour.” she kept smiling.
“Like performing?" I asked. "Ya." she smiled. "Are you serious!” I yelled happy. This was amazing. “Yes I am, the tour will be in two months.” she hugged me. I squealed as I got mobbed by hugs from Brooke and Chelcie. This is possibly the best thing EVER!
“This is going to awesome! All of us going on tour together!” Kevin said. “I know!” Brooke hugged me again. “What about me?” Chelcie said sadly. I hadn’t thought of that, Chelcie had never gotten permission. I seen a look of sadness fall on all of our faces. “Chelce you have to come with us!” I said, “We have to go over to your house and beg your mom and dad.” I hugged her. “What if they say no?” Chelce said on a negative note. “Don’t worry how could they say no to the guys’ sad faces.” I laughed as the boys did their best sad faces. “Good point!” she laughed too.
We hung out for a while until we thought it was a good time to go over to Chelcie’s house. We all walked over there. “Mom? Dad?” Chelcie asked as we walked into the door. “In the kitchen!” I heard her dad’s voice. “Hey!” she hugged them sweetly. “This is Joe, Nick, Kevin, Aubrey, and Brooke.” she said pointing to each of us. We shook their hands. “We’ve heard a lot about you guys.” her mom said.
We talked with them for awhile, us all being extra polite. We finished a conversation about the Jonas Brother’s last tour. “Talking about tours, there’s a question I need to ask you.” Chelcie said. “What is it?” her dad asked. “Well see Aubrey just got a record deal and is going on tour with the boys in a couple months and Brooke’s going along too.” Chelce said. “Oh well that’s nice.” her mom said. “I was kinda wondering if I could maybe go with them?” Chelcie asked softly. “Go with them?” her dad asked eyeing the boys. “Ya…” Chelce mumbled. “We really need Chelcie with us I mean she’s like amazing.” Nick said defensively. “I don’t know Chelcie…” her mom sighed.
We all looked at each other there was no way we were leaving without Chelcie. “Please. We just couldn’t leave without her. Chelcie means the world to us and we need her.” I said. Her mom thought for a moment then sighed, “I guess she could go with you…” she sighed again. We all smiled widely, “Thank you so much!” Joe hugged them. Chelce’s parents laughed. “Your welcome but please be careful with her.” her dad said. Touring was going to be great!
We went home extremely happy. I couldn’t wait for touring but I did still have two months. We watched TV for awhile and then ate an absolutely amazing dinner that Denise and Brooke fixed. I had to say they could’ve been like team chefs. When they cooked together it was like no one could cook better.


After dinner I decided I was going to ask Chelcie on a date. I know that it was probably way to early but I didn’t care I REALLY liked her. Everything about her was wonderful, even her clumsy moments. We were all walking away from the table and heading into the living room but I grabbed Chelcie’s hand. “Hey can I talk to you for a second?” I asked. “Sure.” she shrugged and we walked upstairs.
Once we were in my room I was going to pop the question. I almost said it but then couldn’t. “What is it?” she asked after a few moments of silence. I almost chickened out but I couldn’t not this time. “Chelciewouldyougoonadatewithme?” I asked quickly. “Say that again?” she asked with a puzzled look. “Chelcie would you like to go on a date with me?” I asked slower. I seen her face light up, “I would love too!” she hugged me. “I was waiting for you to ask me!” she smiled. “Great.” I smiled. Thank God she said yes! We walked downstairs and watched TV with the others.
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