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Blake and his twni brother are very different. Seth plays football, Blake plays guitar. Something new about Blake sets them apart even more

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lick the blood off of my lips, and continue walking through the dark alley. I swiftly run home. I begin to slowly open the door, but the knob is pulled out of my hand. Seth swings the door open,
\ "And where were you?"
"Shh...", I put my finger to my lips.
\He gives me a quick glare and moves so I can get in. We rush upstairs. I plop on my bed.
"Where’d you go?", Seth demands.
"I had to drink!", I hiss at him.
He blinks, "Oh...yeah."
I sigh, "Sorry that inconveniences you, but I can’t help what I am."
"Sorry’s just so..weird. You’re my twin brother, and everything is normal. Then you go missing for a week, and ya come home like this."
I nod, "Yeah? You think it was hard for you? Imagine how it was for me! Imagine how it still effects me!"
"Oh...well er we need to get to bed."I lay down and sigh.
"What Seth?"
"You don’t like...drink people you."
"It’s better for me", I admit, "But I don’t like to."
"Did you tonight?" "No..." "Then what..."
"A rabbit.", I laugh darkly, "Guess it’s bye-bye vegetarianism..."
"Not aren’t eating it...just sucking is blood..."
"Oh and that’s so much better!", I snap sarcastically.
"Chill ok? Just...get some sleep..."
\I roll over on my pillow and close my eyes.

"Boys get up!", mom shouts.
I groan and pull my covers up over my eyes, "No..."
She yanks the covers, "Now."
I sigh and sit up, rubing my eyes.
I look over at Seth's empty bed and chuckle, he's already in the shower.
I pull on my tight jeans and a Black Batman T-shirt. I brush through my black shoulder length hair. I get my mirror and put on my eyeliner. I darken it for about 5 minutes.
Seth walks in, "Hey..."
I look over at him, "Hey..."
He's wearing his navy Aeropostle T-shirt and loose jeans. His hair is short, and bleach blonde.
We don't even look identiacal anymore...
He smiles, "Guess who I'm gonna ask to homecoming..."
I roll my eyes, "Jessica?"
"What's wrong with her?"
"C'mon dude....she's a cheerleader...her head is about as empty as my stomach right now..."
"She is not she's-"
"Dude you just want the pomp-pomps she doesn't shake around...heh well actually she does that with those too-"
"Shut up!"
I laugh and grab the car keys.

"Alright class get out your text books and we will begin.", Mrs. Smithson says with a weird smile.
I sigh and get my very heavy Chemistry book.
She explains the very complicated assignment.
Seth walks over to me, "So, uh...lab partner?"
I sigh, "What, so I do the work while you flirt with Jessica? Be her lab partner!", I snap.
"Someone's jelous..."
"Jelous? Heh, no I'm just not going to do all of the work, I'm working with Helena,"
"But, dude I need this grade."
"Then pay attention to her and stop goofing!"
I walk over to Helena and smile shyly, "Still wanna be my partner?"
She smiles, "Yeah..."
I clear my throat, "So uh, shall we get started?"
She smiles, "You're such a dork..."
I give her a geeky smile.
I get the supplies.

I see Helena in the hallway.
Oh Helena I'd die if you knew how I really felt... A kiss from you would be poison.
She pushes her black bangs out of her eyes. She begins to struggle with her things.
I walk up to her, "Wnat some help."
She smiles, "Please."
I grabs her bag and books.
She opens her locker and trades books, "'re amazing."
I smile, "Thanks...I carry them to the cafeteria if you want...", I say blushing.
She nods, "Thank you..."
"No probelm at all..."
She pulls me into a hug and the scent of her blood reaches my nose. I bite my lips to avoid her soft wonderful neck.
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