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Understanding in a crash

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When I woke up Luke was gone. I looked over at the clock and saw it was already midday. Luke was much more of a morning person than I was and so I wasnt surprised to find him gone. I rolled out of the bed and stretched, looking round the room to find it had been cleaned. It was practically gleaming. And when I walked into the bathroom I found it was the same. I pulled my dressing gown on and wandered down the stairs, everything spotless. I looked in the kitchen and the living room for Luke but could find him no where. I guessed he must have gone out shopping or something and so went back up the stairs to take a shower. I thought it was strange that he hadnt left a note but decided not to think on it. He had probably just forgotten.
I turned the shower on and waited for it to heat up, I looked in the mirror which showed my torso upwards and grimaced at the evidence of the beatings. Fresh bruises from last night in the car park. My whole body was aching from said beating and also the events that followed afterwards, I guess it isnt all too healthy to get beaten up and then have sex straight afterwards.
That'll do wonders for my back.
I giggled slightly to myself as I stepped into the shower, thinking about how much of an old man I sounded. The laughter felt strange and alien after so long of not so much of a chuckle. I sighed and knew I desperately needed for me and Luke to work out now. I didnt want to turn into a frigid old man who couldnt remember what laughter sounded like. Then I definitely would die alone.
The warm shower water cascaded over my body and soothed my tired muscles, ridding them of knots and pain, causing me to sigh with relief. I closed my eyes and looked up allowing the water to bathe my face, hugging my arms round my chest. I was so glad I hadnt been made to leave, I dont know where I would have gone. This was my home and Luke was my lover, this was where I belonged. My fingers traced up my torso, over my collarbones and to the side of my neck, I pressed my fingertips to the parts of my neck Luke had marked with his tongue, lips and teeth. I guessed there would be little splodges of red,blue and purple mingled into some impressive hickies.
Sure enough, when I stepped out of the shower some time later and wiped the steam off the mirror I saw the evidence clearly on my neck. I smiled to myself, these markings were just like having Lukes signature on my body, something to prove I was his. And when they faded he would be the only one to put them back, the idea of it gave me goosebumps and made me shiver with excitement. I was happier than I had been in a long while.
I went downstairs after getting dressed and walked into the living room, the plan had been to watch TV whilst waiting for Luke to get back from where ever he was, but the living room was so damn clean, and the sofa so damn tidy that I just didnt have the heart to mess anything, or touch anything. I stood in the middle of the living room feeling awkward, clenching and unclenching my fists wondering what I should do. I began to get paranoid that I should go and make sure the bathroom was just as clean as it had been before my shower but I knew I had already tidied it up. I didnt have a clue why Luke had cleaned the house. It seemed strange, he never usually did stuff like that.
In the end I got a book and sat down in the middle of the floor and began to read.
I must have been halfway through the book when I heard the front door being unlocked. I looked up and grabbed my bookmark, slipping it between the pages and then closing the door just as Luke called a greeting.
"Hey Al - I'm home!"
"Hi! I'm in the living room!" I called back, I heard his footsteps as he made his way to the room. He came through the door in jeans and a T shirt with some shopping bags in his hands.
"Hey handsome. What are you doing sitting on the floor?" He laughed. I shrugged and blushed a little.
"Oh erm... I just..." I directed my gaze at the sofa and Luke laughed.
"Sweetie, you can sit on there ya' know." I blushed a deeper red and he put the bags on the floor before dropping to his knees and crawling over to me, he gripped my chin with his thumb and forefinger as he gently kissed me. I closed my eyes and held my self upright using my elbows as I kissed him slowly back, his tongue snaked into my mouth and I tasted coffee. When he pulled back my eyes were shining and he had a smile on his face.
"So, how are you feeling this morning?" Concern washed over his face as he continued. "I didnt hurt you last night did I? Not in the parking lot or... afterwards?" I shook my head and smiled warmly at him.
"No. I'm fine... Why is the house so clean?" Luke smiled and helped me to my feet before walking into the kitchen as he began puttng shopping away.
"Oh, when I woke up I watched you sleeping for a bit and I decided I couldnt hurt you any more. That we needed to put the past behind us and start anew, so I guessed I should clean the house until it was completely spotless so that there will be no reminders of the past - just strong promises for the future." He turned and smiled at me, slipping his arms round my waist and kissing me on the forehead. I smiled at him and my heart fluttered. He could be such a hopeless romantic when he wanted to be. I loved it. We stood grinning at eachother like a couple who had only just got together before he suddenly gasped and spun away from me, seizing one of the bags and rooting around inside it.
"I made a stop on the way to the jewellers near the shopping centre. And I bought you...this -" He held out a small black ring box and my heart seemed to drop into my stomach. Surely he wasnt proposing again, I mean - didnt he say we were going to spend time regaining trust? He walked up to me and saw the worry on my face, he smiled gently and kissed my cheek.
"Dont worry babe, I know I said we would take things a little slower, but this is just to prove I really do love you." He snapped open the box to reveal a pair of plain silver rings. I looked down at them with my lips slightly parted, they were beautiful and each had a little 'xox' carved into the top of them.
"They're eternity rings. They're meant to symbolise eternal love or friendship, some couples who dont want to get married use them, or friends use them. I really do want to marry you Alex, and one day I hope I will but for now - this is just so you dont forgot you mean the world to me." I passed my tongue over my lips which had become suddenly dry and a small smile crept on my lips as Luke watched me carefully.
"Of course, they both have to be used. I cant show my eternal love unless you show yours. If I give you a ring you have to give me one. And so...its your choice." His voice was quiet and he sounded strange. As if he was frightened of rejection and when I looked at him he had a pleading look in his eyes. I gave a steady breath before placing my hands over his which held the box.
"Of course I love you, yes, yes I want to give you a ring - Luke I love you." Luke gave a sigh of relief and smiled widely at me, looking me in the eyes as he took one of the rings and slipped it on my finger, I admired it for a second before taking the other ring and slipping it onto Lukes finger. Once I had he put the box down and pulled me into a tight hug, kissing the side of my face and saying he loved me. I kissed him back and told him I loved him too. And I did, and this time I truly beleived everything was going to be okay. When we finally pulled apart Luke opened another one of the bags and pulled out a tight, black button up shirt with red detailing. He held it out to me until I took it.
"Thats for you sweetie." He said as I unfolded it and held it at arms length to look at it. It was exactly my kind of style and I loved it. "I was thinking we could have a romantic meal tonight, not one at a resturaunt since something terrible seems to happen every time we go out, one here. Together, with candles and rose petals and all that romantic stuff." His eyes were shining and he seemed all excited. I smiled and slipped my arms round him, hovering my lips barely a millimetre away from his.
"Thats a great idea baby, I love all the stuff you do for me." I whispered. He smiled and I could feel his chest rising and falling quickly aghainst mine as he faltered slightly, wondering whether he should kiss me or not.
"Its nothing, I love making you happy." He whispered and then I put him out of his misery, pressing my lips to his and meeting him a passionate kiss. The new shirt fell to the floor as he pushed me forcefully up against the wall, pinning my arms above my head as he darted his tongue in my mouth, nudging a thigh between my legs. I was really getting into it when the phone rang. At first we ignored it but it wouldnt stop ringing, eventually Luke pulled away with a sigh. His cheeks were flushed as were mine and he released my arms to answer the phone. I tugged my hair back into place as I saw Luke frowning.
"Yes he's here, who is this? Who? What the hell do you want?...Well - ... I dont - ... Fine! Five minutes." Luke held the phone out to me, a frown on his face. I gave him a nervous look as I took the phone off him.
"Alex, oh god I'm so glad to hear your voice. Dude... Please can I come round, or you come here or something? I... I dont want to be alone." It was Billy, and he was sobbing. My stomach sank and my heart beat painfully fast against my ribs.
"Billy? Whats happened?" I asked.
"Its my brother - Tyler. He was in a car crash yesterday and he passed away last night." I heard a heart renching sob and I pressed the phone to my shoulder so Billy wouldnt hear me as I turned to Luke, who was watching me with an annoyed expression on his face.
"L - Luke... Can I go round to Billy's - or he come round here or something. His brother just passed away and he doesnt want to be alone.You know I wouldnt ask its just he's really upset and -" Luke cut my off with a wave of his hand, he seemed to be thinking about it.
"I dont know Al... we were just starting to pick up the peices and I dont want him coming here and ruining everything." He mumbled. I bit my lip and looked at him with pleading eyes.
"Please Luke... He wont ruin a thing, I promise... Trust me." Luke looked down at his clasped hands and saw the eternity ring. He gazed at it for a moment before sighing and nodding.
"Okay, he can come round here. But we're still having our romantic evening whether he likes it or not." I nodded in response and pressed the phone to my ear and told Billy he could come round. He said he'd be right over and then hung up. Once he had Luke pushed me back up against the wall and picked up where we'd left off.
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