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chapter 5

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Emily isn't having a very good day, even with Michael there.

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As I walked, Michael flew overhead. He wasn't as upset as before, but I knew I had hit a nerve. As many times as I had asked, Michael would never tell me how he died. I knew it was a touchy thing, but I still wanted to know.

Once again, that feeling creeped up on me and filled my head with it's warmness. Michael made a long sweep, turning around and came to a halt right in front of me.

"Michael! Don't do that!",I exclaimed, trying to slow my heartbeat down as Michael grinned."Are you ever going to tell me how you died?"

There was a pause. Then he smirked at me."I'll tell you when your older."

I swung my bookbag at him, but he easily took to the skies. Ugh. He knew how much I hated it when adults said that. Why me? We walked the rest of the way in silence, when really there were taunts going back and forth through mind-speak.Finally, we reached the bus stop. I sat down on the bench and scanned the kids around me.

There was Preston and Justin, who were the school's biggest dealers. They'd been best buds since third grade, and now they sold drugs on and off campus. They were known as the 'rugs brothers' at high school. There was also Tamara, a local farm girl. She was wearing a red plaid shirt and pigtails. Ugh. Then coming down the sidewalk were four skateboarders: Julia, Rick, Dustin, and Gerald. They were all part of a band called Teenage Passion, which played rock and morbid songs. They were all big fans of Within Temptation and Evanescence. Gerald played the drums, Dustin was a back-up singer, Rick played his electric guitar, and Julia was the lead singer, and also played her electric guitar. Other than a brainiac named Jake, that was it. Michael was looking at Preston and Justin with interest. I could hear him debating it in his head.

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