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" I Promise that i won't take you down this time no not me simply not I. "

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3 boy's of Rue,Roswell, and child Early a poetic tale of death and misery.

Category: Poetry - Rating: R - Genres: Fantasy - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2008-07-01 - Updated: 2008-07-02 - 588 words

Hello everyone just wanted to try my hand at some deathly fantasy scoop up a spoon cause here it is.

" I promise " he told me " i promise that i won't take you down this time no not me simply not i. "
" I promise that i won't kill like he would or i won't gut you like we should. "
" And i promise when it is that i rule this world you'll be the first to die my pretty little girl. "
" Don't make that pretty face to me promises are made to be broken you see. "
But Rue a kid of only 8 who ruled my world of death and rage.
And i his servant in a pretty priest gown will be the first to fall when they take him down.
I used to be the one who plotted his death i was stronger more feared than everyone else but they strapped me to a chair and took my will and now i am nothing but his city sitting atop his hill.
I have no emotions of my own his brothers rule me with cast, iron, and stone.
Oh pretty little Roswell oh Early sir promised to bury me in well groomed dirt.
But Early told me " my child thus you see we rule this world in thus you live and breathe
we decide when it is that you close your eyes we direct the ways inwhich you die no mercy is spared for the sufferers soul we rule the ways Oh life we hold. "
But his brother lovely Roswell is the one who was kind i did'nt have to stay he killed me in time i did'nt have to watch them rule the world as i layed in my casket not breathing anymore and sweet darling Roswell he buried me right with a ligature binding my feet and a blindfold over my eyes.
And a single double switchblade that stuck through my chest and a bullet in my forehead and a noose around my neck.
And i was'nt cold because all of my blood boiled so many tempatures when he cut out my lungs and the world that they thus ruled in a city over a hill was garnished in my name

Oh mighty Roswell.
Oh saviour Rue
Oh Early my love my heart you have broken in two.

But i stand tall with my hands held high
remembering their words:
" I promise that i won't take you down this time no not me simply not I. "

Hello Harrow here this is my first poem i was thinking on closing this that this simply would be a oneshot but i need your reviews first if you think that i should close this allowing it to be a oneshot then tell me i your review yes or no. But basically this story line behind this poem is of a girl who was kidnapped by 3 brothers bent on ruling the world in each of her conversations with them she asks them to kill her she does'nt want to be apart of their reign but they tell her no wishing to only slowly torture her but Roswell the one she loves the most does'nt want to see her suffer so out of kindness and love he kills her and names the city inwhich they are bent on ruling after her name making her become forever loyal to him even in death. So yes review my darlings because when it is that i rule the world the ones who did'nt i'll kill you first.....
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