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Chapter Two

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Baby Demyx gets a new toy!

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Kingdom Hearts
Rebirth in Raindrops

The walk home was pretty uneventful…until they passed the music store. As they passed the window display, the toddler reached back over Sora’s shoulder and cried,

“Wanna sitar! Wanna sitar!”

Sora looked back at the child, then back at the window where, indeed, there was a sitar propped up behind the glass. As he looked at it, he vaguely remembered seeing something like it somewhere before.

“Now, where have I…?”

Then, it clicked. He looked at the child in his arms and realized just who he looked like.

“Demyx! But…how did you…?”

The toddler looked up at the sound of his name, but went quickly back to reaching for the sitar on display.

“I wan it! I wan it!”

“Well, Sora? What are you going to do about it?” Riku asked.

Sora looked at the child who was still reaching for the instrument and bit his lip.

“Wanna sitar! Wan it now!”

Sora gripped his hair with his free hand and said,

“I can’t think with this kid wailing at me!”

He passed the baby off to Kairi who automatically held him at arm’s length and said,

“Oh no, I’m not taking care of it.”

The baby started wailing again which was eating at the nerves of all three teens present. The sounds were also attracting stares from the people passing them, some of them muttering about child neglect.

“Oh jeez, I’ll take him.”

Riku took the baby and it immediately calmed down, popping his thumb in his mouth in the process. Sora looked on, a little jealous and asked,
“Why wasn’t he quiet with me?”

Riku shrugged and replied,

“Maybe you’re just a bad father.”

Sora made a pout face at him and said,

“Fine then. He likes you so much, maybe you should keep him.”

“Fine, I will.” He looked at the infant and offered the baby his finger to play with. “Come on, Demyx. Papa will buy you a nice sitar.”

Sora and Kairi gaped at Riku as the older boy took the baby into the music store.

“Excuse me,” Riku asked one of the store’s employees. “Do you have plushy instruments?”

“As a matter of fact, we used to carry a whole bunch. But we only have one left.”

“It’s not a sitar, is it?”

“Yes, it is.”

Riku beamed triumphantly at his luck. “How much is it?”

“30 Munny,” the employee told him.

Riku paid the man. The man gave Riku the plushy sitar and ruffled the baby’s mullet.
“I’ll see you again when you’re a big boy,” he told the infant. “Then, you can buy a real sitar and learn to play.”

The baby clapped, happily, then hugged Riku.
“I wuv you, Papa,” he told him.

“I love you, too, Demyx,” Riku told the baby as he held him with one arm and the bag with the plushy sitar in the other.

On the way he stopped at the local baby stuff store and picked up a stroller. Placing the baby and the plushy in the stroller together, he walked home with the infant happily playing with the new toy.
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