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Im bored and i dont like paris hilton, good combination?

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Looking through her closet, Paris sighed, "Im so perfect, all these clothes would look great on me, like ohmygosh I should wear them all together" she smiled to herself, thinking (yes theres a first time for everything) of what to put on first. After much struggle trying to fit her 10th belt around her waist she gave up. She wandered over to the mirror, "Like wow, i look so hot" she posed in the full length mirror. "Aw man, its getting too hot on these clothes, why didnt i think of that earlier?" she cackled. So after finally choosing an outfit she went over to her dresser drawer where she kept her precious lipgloss, she suddenly screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHH, like noway! ive run out of Super-Duper-perky-strawberry-lip-plumping-gloss!"
And with that Paris set off downstairs to go buy some more
Unfortunatley, only having barely a brain cell which was focused on her lipgloss, she forgot to look when crossing the road, and got smushed by a big lorry, ironicly delivering some of her lipgloss to a supermarket
They peeled her off the road eventually
hope you enjoyed :D
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