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Keeping My Promise - JULY 3

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Kelly tries to call Gerard. Gerard realizes who to call to let Kelly know he was sorry he'd missed the call.

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With a contented smile on his face Frank gently rocked Maddy. He couldn’t ever remember being this happy. “So I called mom and told her our news.” He said softly when he realized Jamia’s eyes were open. “You have a good nap?”
Jamia smiled sleepily. “Yeah, so what did your mom say?”
Frank laughed, “She said it was about time we got married.”
One of the nurses walked in, “Time for me to take Maddy back to the nursery. The doctor will be making rounds shortly.” She took the sleeping infant from Frank. “I’ll bring both babies back soon.” She promised.
Jamia sat up with a grimace. The pain from the C-Section was still fresh. “Thanks.” She said to the nurse.
“Need anything for the pain?” The nurse asked stopping by the bed.
“Yeah.” Jamia admitted.
“Be right back.” As she left Frank stood and stretched. “Mikey called earlier. Said he can’t wait to see the babies in person. I sent him and the rest of the guys pictures on their phones.”
“You did?” Jamia said, “When?”
Frank walked over to the bed and leaned down to kiss her. “While you were sleeping.”
“I’m so glad I get to go home tomorrow. Did you remember to call Monica?”
“Yeah, but she’s not gonna be able to be there.” Jamia had wanted Monica to be at the apartment. “She’s starting a new job tomorrow.”
“A job? What job?”
“She’s going to be a receptionist in a doctors office.”
Jamia frowned, “Frank, have you tried to talk to Gee?”
“I tried to call earlier but found out from Alicia they are flying to the next gig. I’ll try to call him later.”
“I was really hoping Monica could be at the apartment when I got home with the babies. God, it seems like only yesterday she went out and bought that home pregnancy test for me. I was so scared.”
Frank understood how she was feeling, “Monica has been a good friend to us.”
“Monica is family.” Jamia corrected him, “And she always will be. I just wish Gerard would come to his senses.”
“I just wish I understood what happened. He still loves her, I just know it.”
The nurse came back in with pain medication for Jamia. After she was gone Jamia asked, “You think it has something to do with Liv?’
Frank thought a moment, “I’m sure it did.”
“Alicia told me that Gee called her. He wanted her to tell Monica that Eliza showed up to comfort him.” She rolled her eyes. “But that he sent her away.”
“Really? Shit, I didn’t know that. So he wanted Monica to know that?”
Jamia nodded, “Yeah, cause he was afraid she would see pictures of him with Eliza and think they were together.”
Frank smiled, “See, I knew he still loves Monica. If he didn’t he couldn’t care about that.”
“Yeah.” Jamia said softly, “But what if it’s too little, too late? What if Monica can’t forgive him for breaking up with her like that?”
Frank was thinking along the same lines, “I really hope that’s not the case.”

Kelly had decided to tell Donna the truth about why she had come but it didn’t matter. The Ways weren’t home when she arrived at their front door soaking wet. Fishing out the house key she told herself it was okay to go in. Donna knew she still had the key and told her she could use it anytime she wanted. She walked in and hoped they wouldn’t return until after she left. After a few minutes of searching she found it. Kelly sat down on the sofa, took a deep breath and made the call. It would have been so easy to use her new cell phone but she didn’t for two reasons. One she was afraid Gerard wouldn’t recognize the number and therefore wouldn’t answer and the second reason was she didn’t want her mom to know she was placing the call. She had already been warned about calling Gerard. Her mom had been very clear on that subject. Kelly didn’t like defying her mother but she felt so strongly about this that she made the choice to go against Monica’s wishes. The phone began to ring and she nervously tapped her fingers on the arm of the sofa.

Bob looked over at Kara and smiled, “It was nice of Mrs. Lancaster to pack us snacks for the trip home.”
Kara giggled, “It was sweet of her but I almost totally lost it when she started talking about hearing me scream last night. You turned bright red.”
“Fuck, yeah I did.”
“Well at least she thought I was having a nightmare.” Kara snuggled up to him as the remaining passengers boarded the plane. “I wish our trip hadn’t flown by so quickly.”
“I thought you wanted to get home?”
“I do want to go home to Chicago.” She admitted. “I just hope Mom’s okay. I know I should have called her but I was afraid to. I’m not a very good daughter.”
Bob took her hand and held it tightly. “You are an excellent daughter. Monica told me before we left that I was not to let you call home. She wanted us to have this trip free from worry.”
“And now we are returning to the drama.” Kara leaned her had back and closed her eyes.
Bob tried to cheer her. “Hey, just think tomorrow we can go and visit the new Ieros.”
“True.” Kara said without opening her eyes. “I really do love babies, you know.”
Bob looked startled. “Gravity check” he said letting his cell phone drop to his lap. Yep, still working he thought. Then looking at Kara he became concerned by the troubled look on her face. “ Why wouldn’t I think you love babies?”
“I didn’t mean it to sound like that.” Kara said softly. “I guess sometimes I just think I don’t really seem like I’ll be a good mother.”
Bob squeezed her hand, “Hey, what is going on? What are you thinking?’
“That I’m a selfish brat.” Kara opened her eyes and looked over at him. “That I don’t deserve the happiness I have.”
“Stop.” Bob said softly, “Never say that again. You are my wife and one day you’ll be the mother of my children. You are a strong woman, Kara. You’ve been through a lot of shit in your life just like your mom. Stop trying to compare yourself to her.”
Kara thought a moment, “Is that what I’m doing?”
“Yeah, it is.”
“Bob.” Kara has so many things she wanted to say but now wasn’t the time.
“I just want to go to our home and start our life together. Is that wrong?”
He shook his head, “Not wrong at all. It’s what I want too.”

Gerard got settled in his hotel room then took a quick shower. His body was starting to ache. The end of the tour was almost here and the closer it got the more the stress started taking its toll. Over and over in his mind he tried to formulate a plan to get his life back. He’d needed to find a way to make Monica understand how lost he was without her. He needed to find the words to make her understand how much he loved her.
Crawling into bed he remembered he hadn’t turned on his cell phone after the flight. He’d gotten out of the habit of turning it on immediately because truthfully there was no one he wanted to talk to. Monica wouldn’t be calling him. He was surprised to see he had voice mail.
He was shocked to see it was from Kelly’s old number. She had her phone back? Did this mean Monica also had hers? He tried not to let his hopes rise too much as he listened to the message. He was immediately struck by the fact her voice sounded so sad.
“Gerard. I shouldn’t be calling you. I’m at your moms using this phone and Mom doesn’t know. I really wanted to talk to you. Elle gave me your message…” There was a long pause. “I don’t know what to think, I don’t know what to say. I just…” Her voice broke. “I just really wanted to talk to you… Maybe when you get back…” Gerard thought the message was over until he heard her whisper, “I miss you too.”
He tossed his phone down then lay back on the bed. He wished with all his heart he had been able to take her call. She was hurting and he was to blame. How could he not have even thought about how his actions would affect her? He closed his eyes wishing that sleep would overtake him. His mind as well as his body was exhausted. Only two more concerts then he would head home. He would find a way to talk to Kell. He would find a way to let her know how sorry he was for what he’d done.

Kelly made it home before her mom and Elle returned from the movies. She changed out of her wet clothes then crawled into bed. Silent tears streamed down her face. She had wanted to talk to Gerard so badly. Everything was spiraling out of control and she just wanted it to stop. Beside her on the nightstand her phone rang. She picked it up and saw that the call was from Luke. She held the phone until it stopped ringing than sat it back down. She couldn’t talk to him right now. She couldn’t talk to anyone.

Luke hung up the phone wondering why Sunshine wasn’t answering. He was worried about her. Earlier when they’d talked she had sounded so depressed. He quickly grabbed his hoodie and headed for the door. Something told him that she needed him. He was almost out the front door when the phone rang. He slammed the door shut and quickly crossed the room. “Hello?” He answered.
“Yeah?” Luke thought he knew who was on the line.
“It’s Gerard.”
Luke had been right. “Yeah?”
Gerard heard the anger in the young boy’s voice. “I’m calling about Kell.
“What about her?” Luke couldn’t help but blame Gerard for the way Sunshine was feeling.
Gerard wasn’t truly sure why he had called Luke. He knew he needed to talk to Kelly himself but because of the hurt he’d heard in her voice he wanted her to understand why he hadn’t answered the phone. “I…”
Luke broke in, “I’m keeping my promise. I’m taking care of her.”
“She tried to call me earlier but my phone was turned off.” Gerard explained. “She sounded really upset.”
“She is upset.” Luke’s voice had a sharp edge. “Everything she believed in has been taken away. She trusted you man.”
Gerard nodded in agreement. “Yeah, and I fucked it all up. I want to see her when I get back. I’ll need your help.”
Luke thought a moment. He sighed, “I don’t want Sunshine hurt anymore.”
“I know.” Gerard said understanding Luke’s reluctance to help him. “I promise you I’ll do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.”
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