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Every Second I'm Without You

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Nikki hates Bert McCracken. Why? Well, you'll just have to find out for yourself.

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Hey, kids! Kaylynn here. So, this is the first story I've uploaded, and I'm so freaked out about it. It's rather PG compared to the rest of the stuff here on FicWad. It makes me feel like a 5 year old. =_= Ah well. On to the story!

Take It Away...
It was just as expected. The stadium was filled, with what looked like a couple thousand people, all there for one purpose: The Used.
"Why the fuck are we here again?" A girl questioned as they walked into the building.
"We haven't seen the guys in years, Nikki. We're here to support them." Alice replied.
"I preferred when we weren't supporting them..." Nikki mumbled under her breath.
"Oh, really? We're supporting them?" Emilie said with a coy smile. "Because the last time I checked, you were in love with Quinn."
Alice blushed. "I am not."
"You're blushiiing. You want to kiiiss him. You want to fuuuck him. You want to-"
"Will you two shut up? My god, you're like a couple of fucking teenagers!" She scanned the crowd that surrounded them. "Are we the only ones old enough to drink here?"
"Alice does not drink."
"That's because Alice is a weenie."
"What did you-"
"Shhh! It's starting!"
The lights dimmed down, and the guys appeared onstage, receiving screams and cheers from the crowd.
"Wow...they've really grown up..." Alice was captivated as Quinn came onstage, guitar in hand.
"Yeah..." Emilie sighed dreamily as Jeph followed Quinn.
"Oh, Jesus Christ!" Nikki screamed.
"Their name is 'The Used' Nikki, not 'Jesus Christ.'"
"I know that! Just look at Bert!"
They watched as he skipped onstage merrily.
"What's wrong with him?"
"He's fucking skipping, Alice! Grown men don't skip."
"You can skip all you want when you're Bert McCracken."
"What's happening, motherfuckers?!" Bert screamed to the crowd.
They cheered back.
"Did he just call me a motherfucker?!"
"Nikki, calm down! It's part of the show."
"For his sake, it better be..."
I'm lying to myself
And this dagger's my excuse
I'm a pawn
I should have paid up
and I left an hour late
I was laid off

I must abuse myself
I'm against all that I've made up
Set in stone the sun will come
And I hate light
You know I hate light

The show was a couple of hours long, and consisted of music, beer being drunk, thrown, and poured on Bert.
"Can we leave now?" Nikki whined.
"Not until we say hi to the guys." Alice practically sang as they went backstage.
"Why don't you guys go say hi, and I'll wait in the car?"
"No. The guys said they wanted to see all of us. And besides, don't you want to talk to Bertie-kins?"
"I'd rather shove a knife up my nose."
"You're so mean, Nick. How do you think Bert will feel about that?"
"Jepha!" Emilie ran full-speed at him, almost knocking him down.
"Hey, Emi." He gave her a squeeze.
She giggled.
"Jepha, you look like a crack whore."
Emilie glared, but Jeph laughed. "I try my best." He grinned. "Bert is looking for you."
"What does that fucktard want?"
"He wants to see you. It's been years since we've all been together. What's your grudge with him, anyways?"
"I can't stand him! He's such a weirdo."
"Says the girl who wore a tail to school for a year."
She ignored him. "No doubt he's still the fucked up stoner he used to be."
"You have no idea..."
She didn't have to turn around to know who it was. "Hello, Robert."
"Hello, Nicole." Bert said through a grin. "It's been a while."
To me it looks so pretty burning
Burn the sun
Burn the light
Take take take take take take it away.
Take my hand
Take my life
Take take take take take take it away.
"Not long enough, if you ask me."
"Don't be like that, honey." He put an arm around her.
"Don't touch me."
He sighed. "You are such a wet blanket." He took his arm from around her and put it around Alice, who rolled her eyes.
They started walking out of the building, and met up with Quinn and Branden.
Quinn smiled shyly when he saw Alice.
She blushed.
"Get a room." Emilie grumbled.
Alice elbowed her in the side.
"Ow!" Emilie punched her shoulder.
Alice kicked her shin.
They started play fighting until Nikki separated them.
"Cut it out." She climbed into the passenger's seat.
Bert got in the driver's seat.
"Why is he driving?!" Nikki screamed as she pressed up against the door.
"Why not?" Bert protested.
"Because you're a psycho! You'll probaly drive us off a cliff!"
"That's only if we're lucky." Jeph said from the back.
Nikki glared at him.
"Just let him drive, Nikki," Emilie rolled her eyes.
"Fine." She relaxed, and Bert started the car.
Emilie giggled and squealed as Jeph tickled her. Alice and Quinn started having a conversation about turtles.
And Nikki was stuck up front with Bert.
She sighed. It was going to be a long night...
I must have caught something
In the heat of all these dances
I'm a worm with no more chances
And I've lost all doubt
In a chemical romance
I can't stop itching
At the thoughts of tarnished hope
got a funny
lonely feeling
I'm not in love
You know it's not love
Take my hand
Take my life
Take my life
Take my life!
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