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Love Line. [Frerard]

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Frank and Gerard's own little love line ;]

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Gerard is on Bold.

“Hey babe.”
“Hey Frankie. What’s up?”
“Not much. You okay?”
“Yeah, sure. Just chilling.”
“You know, Gee…”
“What you said the other day… That you liked phone-sex… Was it for real?”
“Mm, I don’t know. I’ve never done actually. Why do you ask?”
“I’ve never done it either. I was just wondering… Since we both agree it’s a little too early to have real sex, we could maybe well… Try it?”
“Yeah. I’m home alone.”
“Well, yeah me too.”
“We can try, yeah?”
“You know how to talk dirty?”
“I read a lot of hentai. I can try.”
“So, ah… What are you wearing?”
“Just my boxers.”
“What color?”
“What about you?”
“Hm, jeans and that t-shirt you like. The one Mikey gave me."
“The black one?"
“You know I’d love to unbutton it?”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah. Like really slowly.”
“Then why don’t you go ahead and do it?”
“Gee… You are making me hard.”
“Can I touch myself?”
“Can I imagine it’s your hand?”
“Oh yes please. But moan for me.”
“Uh-huh… Mmm… Like this?”
“Am I making you hard too?”
“Yeah. I’m fucking throbbing already.”
“Then touch yourself too.”
“Oh fuck Frank… Mmm, babe, how do you do it?”
“Do what?”
“Make me crazy like this. Like the other day in the theater, that you were with that tight pants and you were practically giving your lolly-pop head… Damn.”
“Why? You’d like me to go down on you?”
“Oh hell yes.”
“You want me to suck you off?”
“You do?”
“Can I do it now?”
“Ah! Stop saying things like that… I’m gonna come in my pants.”
“Then take them off.”
“I’m only on my boxers touching my cock thinking about you, so can you please say something?”
“Oh fuck. Okay. Just lemme think… Okay. Fuck, Frank, thinking about that makes me so fucking hot…”
“How hot?”
“How hot? So hot I just wanna bend you over and fuck you good.”
“Mm, don’t stop, keep saying.”
“You don’t wanna know.”
“Oh trust me; I do.”
“I wanna get myself inside you. I want you to moan my name while I come inside you. I wanna make you come. Fuck, I think I could fuck you forever.”
“Then do it. Come over here, take my boxers off and fuck me forever.”
“I’m so fucking hard right now.”
“I am too. Are you gonna do something about it?”
“I am. Stop touching yourself.”
“Just do it.”
“O-okay… Umpfh…”
“Missing it?”
“Yeah Gee… It was so good…”
“You naughty boy… I want you to run your hands over your body where and how I tell you to, okay?”
“And I want you to do it thinking that they are my hands, okay?”
“First, run your fingers on lips, close your eyes and imagine me kissing you.”
“I love to kiss you Gee.”
“I love to kiss you too babe.”
“Can I suck my finger and pretend it’s your cock too?”
“Yeah. You can. And then put your fingers on that perfect little neck of yours and scratch it like I was biting on it.”
“Yeah. Good..”
“Now move your hand lower, to your nipples and tease them. Okay?”
“Mm, Frankie…”
“Yeah babe?”
“Unbutton your shirt like I was doing it. Please.”
“Okay. I’m doing it.”
“Want me to be one?”
“Shit, that’s it. On all fours.”
“You heard me. Turn the fuck over and get in all fours for me now.”
“Okay. Done.”
“Really? Fuck, you must be looking so fucking hmm…. So fucking hot. It makes me wanna come just thinking about it.”
“Don’t you think it’s better to come inside me?”
“I’m gonna touch you. You can imagine it, but don’t you dare touch yourself.”
“I’m gonna touch you, tease you, jerk you off… Moan for me?”
“Uh-huh… Mmm… Gee, lemme get you out of those pants, please… So we can both be naked…”
“Go ahead and do it.”
“Then take them off for real.”
“Okay, hold on a sec then.”
“You naked?”
“For me?”
“You hard?”
“For me?”
“Fuck yeah Frankie, for you…”
“Can I touch you? Can I suck you off? Can I run my tongue all over your body?”
“I wanna taste your pre-come…”
“Fucking slut…”
“I like it when you call me like that.”
“Good. Because that’s what you are.”
“More. Moan for me, slut.”
“Oh, Gee… Mmm…”
“Shit you are so sexy. I wanna fuck you.”
“I’m on all fours, what the hell are you waiting for?”
“Tell me what you want…”
“I want you to shove your cock up my tight, virgin ass right now. I want you to make me see stars. Do it. Take me.”
“That’s what I’m doing right now… Is it good?”
“Yeah… Can I touch myself now?”
“Not yet…”
“I’m fucking you hard right now… Hmm…”
“Fuck, Gee. You are making me wanna finger myself now.”
“Do it.”
“Yes. Yes, please do it.”
“Okay. Ungh.”
“What? It hurts?”
“Not really… It’s just a bit odd.”
“Fuck, Frankie, I think I’m gonna die just imaging you on all fours and fucking fingering yourself…”
“It’s weird…”
“Pretend it’s my cock… Does that help?”
“Yeah. Yeah it does.”
“Move your finger, baby…”
“I’m fucking you right now. You feeling it?”
“Yeah? Is it good?”
“Uh-huh… Oooh, Gee… Let me touch myself…”
“Okay. Okay, go on…”
“Ummm….Touch yourself too… I wanna hear you come…”
“Oh, uuh… Gee… Fuck me harder…”
“I’m gonna pound you into the fucking mattress, you whore…”
“I’m your whore.”
“Gee… I’m gonna come soon…”
“Me too babe… Just moan my name when you do it okay?”
“Uh-huh… Come inside me Gee…”
“Mm, baby… Fuck me… Uungh, Gee… GEE!”
“AH! Frankie, you are mine, mine, all fucking mine! AH!”
“That was good.”
“Hell yeah. It was.”
“Frankie… I love you baby.”
“You do?”
“Y-yeah. I do.”
“You know Gee? I love you too.”
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