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Desert Wa Kimi

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Sanji hears a voice. He's probably crazy, right?

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Take my hand, honey
Welcome to my romantic dinner.
Be happy, honey

The muffled sound of someone singing could be faintly heard where Sanji was sleeping. The first few nights he had heard the voice, he ignored it. Just his imagination, he argued. Upon the fourth night of the mysterious singing, he slowly swung his legs over the side of his hammock, ensuring not to wake Luffy who was snoring beside him. Unaware of the other occupants whereabouts, he climbed the ladder in hope of finding the owner of the lulling voice.

As he hoisted himself on deck, the breeze caused the hairs on his arms to stand up. Having just been asleep, he was only clad in a pair of thin trousers however out on deck, he wished he slept in more.
THe singing had sufficed. He cursed his bad luck, and walked to the galley; the grass on the deck threading itself between his toes. Inside the galley, he found himself face-to-face with Nami and Robin.

"Oh, Nami-san, Robin-chan. What brings you here at this early hour~?" Even at this time of night, the man still knew how to swoon, Nami smiled to herself.

"A night cap before bed. Care to join us?" A flowered hand pulled out an empty chair from the table, allowing Sanji to sit down. "What woke you up, Cook-san?"

Sanji opened his mouth to explain, but closed it again with the nervous thought that he was probably just hearing things. "Luffy's snoring woke me up, just came to get some water."

"Well, if you'd both excuse me, I really have to sleep now." Nami got up and bid them both goodnight, leaving them opposite each other at the table. Having felt more comfortable with just Robin there, Sanji poured himself another glass of warm milk.

"Uh, Robin-chan? You dind't happen to hear anything tonight, did you?" Robin looked at him. Sanji sounded crazy. "Like, singing?" Sanji looked at the table, he was probably just tired. Why bring this up in front of Robin? At least she probably wouldn't laugh at him - most likely reccommend him talk to Chopper.

"No. I haven't." She said after a pause. "You might just be hearing thi-" She was interupted as Sanji stood up, his chair fell back. He now felt quite exposed and embarassed, not a feeling Sanji was acustomed to.
"Yeah, you're probably right.." He said goodnight and headed back to the bedroom. But, whilst climbing into the hatch, he stopped still.

Baby,I shall give it for your smile,
Sonarating melody, knife and fork.
Baby, let's enjoy the faith we met

There it is again
! He climbed out, the breeze carrying the voice towards him, encircling his head. He ran round the back of the cabin, hoping to find someone, at least just to confirm he wasn't crazy.

"Unn, what the fuck?" Sanji had stumbled across a "someone", but not a someone he was awake enough to face at night. "Oi, cook. What are you doing? I was sleeping there." Zoro's face stil had the tell-tale signs of someone who was half asleep.

"Uhh, sorry." Sanji said automatically, then paused. "Have you, uhh, heard anything weird?"

"No.. what kind of weird?" Zoro looked more awake now, though still angry at the chef. Sanji raised an eyebrow at him, he couldn't believe he was resorting to asking the shitty swordsman.

"Like, singing. A really nice voice singing a, uhh, song." Sanji refrained from mentioning the particular song in question; too much information wasn't necassary.
Zoro stood up and breathed in deeply. "Now you mention it, I did hear something weird. Coming from inside." Sanji looked dubious, he'd already been inside, he couldn't have missed anything. Though, as they ventured inside, Sanji was glad of the company - even though it was Zoro, it still proved he wasn't hearing voices.

They stalked along the corriders, Zoro had removed his boots as he slept, their footsteps muffled on the floorboards. The girls' bedroom was off-limits, as Nami had strictly pointed out, so they carried on past the door.

Zoro stopped just outside Chopper's office, Sanji looked at him with an eyebrow raised again. "Chopper?" He asked cynically. He rolled his eyes and knocked on the door. No answer. He tried again but the reindeer didn't waver.

"Must be asleep," Zoro pointed out as he cracked open the door an inch or two. "Oi, marimo, you can't just go in there!" Too late, Zoro had already slid in through the small crack he had created. Sanji followed suit and shut the door behind him. "What are you doing? There's no one in her-"

A tiny voice made them both freeze, and sent shivers up Sanji's spine. It was a very quiet, but very scared voice. "Chopper?" Zoro whispered, hoping for an answer this time. He stalked around the corner, to the little reindeer's bed. Sanji peered over the swordsman's shoulder and grinned.

"Bad dream." Sanji pointed out, and turned back towards the door. But Zoro wasn't following, he was now leant over the doctor and watching him closely. "Wha-" Zoro cut him off, his hand in the air.
"I'm just going to make sure he's okay."

Sanji's head was spinning as he left Chopper's room. Between the voice, the herbs and Zoro's weird behaviour, he couldn't tell what was going on.

Baby, I shall whisper like a moon,
Melting pink and green.
Baby, just like the lullaby for lost kitten

Fainter this time, but still the same voice as before. Sanji wouldn't miss it this time, he ran back out onto the deck and strained his ears. It was definately louder outside. He'd already been round the back of the cabin, and no one dared venture into Nami's mikan trees. The figure head was empty, that left only one place: the Crow's Nest.

He stood at the bottom of the ladder, looking up to see who might be up there. He couldn't remember who was on watch, as he had no idea of the time. He climbed up the ladder slowly, hoping there was actually someone up there, and climbed over the rail.

Inside the smaller room, he found a figure, curled up on the cushioned bench hugging a blanket that wasn't doing much of anything. Usopp sniffled as he readjusted himself on the bench without falling off. Sanji smiled and turned back, the comforting sight of Usopp sleeping eased his mind as he realised he was hearing voices.

Just as he was to climb back down, he heard that very same voice, clearer than before.

Take my hand, honey
Welcome to my dramatic dinner.
Be happy, honey

Sanji spun around, and saw Usopp's lips moving to the song. When he'd finished the verse, his lips curled into a smile. Sanji shook his head, and felt a blush creep across his cheeks. He moved to sit next to the sleeping marksman, and covered him up with the blanket. Taking the binoculars from his grasp, Sanji took over the job of watching. He watched the sun come up over the horizon; the sky pink with morning light.

Not much point in going back to sleep now anyway. He thought, as he rubbed his bare arms. Dawn was getting gradually colder now, as the Strawhats were approaching a winter island.
Sanji grinned as he pictured his precious Nami-san shivering; him sheltering her from the cold in his encasing hug. Soon enough, Sanji had fallen asleep; his body had slipped down the bench and was resting on Usopp's, who had manuvered himself making Sanji's body mould to his.

Take it easy, relax.
Become lighthead by the red wine
and, don't forget your dessert


"Ahem." Nami's cough was loud and rude, though amused. She smirked as she saw that Sanji and Usopp woke with a start.
"N-N-Nami!?" "Nami-san, I can explain!" Nami waved her hand as both boys shouted their reasoning at her simultaneously, signalling them to shut up. "Coffee's ready, Luffy's complaining."

"Haiii~ Nami-san!" Sanji jumped down the ladder and danced into the kitchen. Usopp sat where he was, his cheeks still pink in colour.
"Nami.. Uh, don't say anything." She smiled and handed him a flask of coffee. Just as she reached the ladder, she called back, "It'll cost you!" winking as she lowered herself.

Usopp sighed, and gulped some coffee, "HOT~~!!!"
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