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Chapter 34

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A Walk In The Park

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I began to wake up but it was more of that in-between awake and asleep. I snuggled into what I thought was a pillow. I heard a mumble and then I opened my eyes. I was NOT snuggled into a pillow I was infact snuggled into a certain Joe Jonas. “Uh Joe what are you doing in my bed?” I asked sitting up. He groaned. “Joe! Answer me!” I said louder making him wake up. “What are you doing in my bed?” he asked me. I rolled my eyes. “Joe look who’s room you’re in.” I hinted. He looked around, “Oh…oops.” he smiled. “You better get out before the others wake up.” I rushed him out of my room. He knocked. “What?” I opened the door again. “Can I have a good morning kiss?” he smiled. I kissed him quickly then shut the door.


I walked down the hall. Chelcie and Nick’s date better have went well. I smirked thinking about last night. Nick’s door was open so I peeked in. Well that definitely answers my question about Nick and Chelcie’s date. Apparently Aubrey and I were not the only who ended up snuggling overnight. It was tempting to scare them and then make fun of them about cuddling but I decided to be nice since Nick and Chelcie had done me an unspoken favor.


Joe was such a dork, but he was my dork. I took a shower and then wrapped my hair and body in towels. I looked through my closet. “Hey I got to tell you something Nick and Chelcie-” Joe paused looking at me. “Joe get out!” I said holding the towel closer. “But I have something to tell you.” he gawked at me. “Joe you can tell me later just get out!” I shoved him out. Well that was…interesting.
Joe knocked on my door while I was getting dressed. “Joe you have to wait.” I said laughing. I opened the door, “What?” I said. “Nick and Chelcie are all cuddled up together in Nick’s room and so that means that things went good and so that means that we can be together!” he grinned. I was happy, “That’s great!” I hugged Joe. We started to walk downstairs, “You should wear a towel more often.” he smirked. “Joe!” I shoved him. “What?” he just kept smirking.
I heard some laughing from the kitchen so Joe and I went in there. Brooke was fixing breakfast and Kevin was telling her some apparently funny story. “Awesome. Breakfast!” Joe sat down at the table. “Oh God Joe you scared me!” Brooke jerked. I laughed, “So do we get breakfast too or is this just for Kevin?” I asked teasing her. She gave me the death glare, “I fixed enough for everyone.” she continued to cook.
We were in the middle of breakfast when Nick and Chelcie came down. We all looked at them hoping that things went well. “What?” Nick looked at us funny. We all looked away. Don’t you think we hide things well? “Nothing” we all mumbled a little. Nick looked at us strangely but sat down and ate with us.
After breakfast Brooke and I stole Chelcie and made her tell us about the date. “Awe…” I said as she recalled the date. “I know it was so romantic!” Chelcie sighed. “So how was your and Kevin’s date?” I asked Brooke. She told us about hers and it was just as juicy. “God you guys had like the best dates of your lives.” I smiled. “So does this mean you and Nick are together?” Brooke asked. “I don’t know…he didn’t really like ask me to be his girlfriend so I don’t know.” she shrugged. Now it was only a matter of time before Nick and Chelcie were together meaning that Joe and I could be together.
We heard a knock on my door, “Are you guys having like a girl meeting or something or can we come in?” I heard Nick ask. “I guess you guys can come in.” I said sarcastically. “Shabam!” Joe said pretending to kick the door open. We all laughed. “Nice ninja moves Joe.” Kevin said. “Psh you haven’t seen nothing!” Joe said in his cocky tone. We all rolled our eyes.
“So are we just going to sit here and do nothing or what?” Joe asked flopping onto my bed. “Well what did you guys have planned?” I asked suspiciously, those boys were always up to something. “Ok we were thinking-” Joe began. “Joe was thinking.” Nick interrupted. “Ok I was thinking that we should go to the park today!” Joe finished. “The park? Ok I can deal with that.” I shrugged and everyone agreed.
We walked down to the park that I had been to only once and it was for a bad thing, hopefully this experience would be better. “Let’s swing!” Brooke pulled Kevin away. Brooke wasn’t as mature as everyone thought!
“Oh Aubrey lets go!” Joe began to pull me. “Joe!” I said while getting pulled. He climbed up on the monkey bars. “Come on!” he said sitting on top of them. “I can’t.” I looked up at him. “Why?” he asked appalled. “Because with my luck I would fall and break something.” I laughed. “No you won’t. Here I’ll help you.” he held out his hand to me. I was surprised at how easy it was…then again I wasn’t really doing much work I was more letting Joe pull me up.


“Walk with me?” Nick asked. “Sure.” I agreed. The whole time today I had been thinking about mine and Nick’s date, I just couldn’t believe how perfect it had been. “So did you have a good time last night?” he asked shyly. “Ya it was wonderful.” I said. I saw him smile, “Good I’m glad that you liked it.” Nick was so sweet. “So I was wondering if maybe you’d like to bemygirlfriend?” he said the last part to quickly for me to quite understand. “What was that last part?” I asked. “I was wondering if maybe you’d like to be my girlfriend?” he asked a little slower. I didn’t know what to say I was so happy that I felt like the wind had just been knocked out of me. “N-Nick I w-would love to be your g-girlfriend.” I stumbled over words I was so happy. He smiled, “Great.” he said. He kissed me softly and perfectly.


Brooke drug me over to the swings. “Push me!” she said hopping onto one of the swings. I smiled and started pushing her. “You know I was thinking…” I said. “Uh-huh” she replied. “That in two years you would be eighteen and I was just wondering if you were maybe planning on like you know getting like married?” I said throwing in a few misplaced words. “Well ya I plan on getting married, most people plan on it.” she laughed. “Well I know that but I was kinda maybe talking about you know to…me.” I said slightly nervous. She paused for a moment, “Are you asking me to marry you in the future?” she asked making the swing stop. “Kinda, maybe…” I was so nervous I mean I didn’t want to get married right now but I just really badly wanted to know if she was serious about me because I was so serious about her.
“Kevin I would love to get married to you in the future!” she hugged me. “Wow that sounded funny.” she laughed. “Ya it did but I don’t care!” she jumped into my arms and kissed me. I knew from the moment I started liking Brooke that her and only her could be the one for me.


“I wonder where Nick and Chelcie got off to.” I said sitting beside Joe on the monkey bars. “I don’t know but Nick did say something about asking her out.” he shrugged. “I hope he does. I really don’t think that I can not be with you to much longer.” I laughed. “Ya well its understandable I mean I’m pretty much irresistible.” he grinned. “Joe you are so full of yourself!” I laughed again.
We seen Chelcie and Nick walk out of the trees holding hands. “I think he asked her.” I said. “Awesome.” Joe jumped down. “Uh Joe a little help here?” I said not wanting to jump down. I know it sounds like I’m being prissy but I fall and get hurt way to easily. Joe helped me down.
I mouthed ‘How’d it go’ to Chelcie when Nick had looked away. She gave me a thumbs up. YES! “They’re dating.” I said to Joe. “YES!” he smiled. “So does this mean I can kiss you whenever I want now?” he asked eagerly. I started to laugh, “Well you cant just go around kissing me 24/7 but you can start kissing me more.” I spoke. “Ok if you insist I wont kiss you all the time, but this means you cant be tempting me.” he warned. “How do I tempt YOU?” I asked. “See right now you’re tempting me.” he said as if it was obvious. “How?” I asked again. “By standing there and looking like your beautiful self.” he wrapped his hands around my waist. I rolled my eyes, “Whatever Joe and you cant kiss me now there’s little kids around.” I whispered. “Eh they might learn something.” he shrugged and leaned into me. “Joe!” I lightly pushed him away. “Ok, ok I wont.” he grinned again. Joe was so silly!
“We’re leaving!” I heard Brooke shout. Joe and I ran after them to catch up. Nick and Chelcie were still holding hands. Joe smiled at me and grabbed my hand. It was crazy that Joe barely had to do anything and it made my heart race.
The rest of the day was fairly boring. The only bonus was Joe kept cuddling with me so that was nice. I was super happy that now I wasn’t so worried about hurting Nick’s feelings. I did love Nick just not in the way I thought I did.
Soon we were all tired so we went off to bed. “I want to sleep in your room again.” Joe whispered from outside my door. “Joe you have your own room.” I laughed. “Ya but my room doesn’t have you in it.” he was so weird. “Fine Joe.” I opened my door and he jumped onto my bed. I crawled in beside him and went to sleep.
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