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Kotaro meets Aterana

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Kotaro meets a girl by name of Aterana who is part of Minamoto family clan.

Category: Tactics - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2008-07-03 - Updated: 2008-07-04 - 321 words

Kotaro sacrifices himself for Haruka. "Don't die please don't die, Kotaro." Haruka said. Kotaro looked back up and saw Haruka. "I'm glad I made it in time to save you." Kotaro said. Haruka fought and lost. Haruka carried Kotaro home and put him into his bed. Kotaro is still in pain that he didn't want any visitors. Reiko came, but Yoko stopped her. "Not now Kotaro nees his rest." Aterana said. Reiko went in anyhow for the manuscript. "Get up Kotaro this isn't the time to be in bed." Reiko said.

Aterana went in after her, adn Kotaro opened his eyes, and saw only Haruka. His own mind forgot about Reiko, Suzu, and Yoko. Aterana is always in the house, but she isn't human anymore just a human who got trapped in time. This human named Aterana gave up her life when she sealed the demon-eating goblin. Haruka knows Aterana is there so does Kotaro. Then three days later, Kotaro got better and he saw Aterana Minamoto. "Aterana, come on out." Kotaro said. Aterana reappears, and looked at Kotaro. "Yes Kotaro?" Aterana asked. Kotaro can't believe Aterana is always around. "You know you could go to heaven." Kotaro said. Aterana looked at Kotaro. "I can't I have to stay." Aterana said. Kotaro's chest is in pain with Aterana just being there. The reasons are that Aterana is dead and can't go anywhere are she was murdered and her things won't let her go.

The house, which Kotaro is living in is her house when she was alive, and wants Aterana there. Kotaro becomes obsessed with this enchanting, but beautiful woman whose name is Aterana Arlene Minamoto. Haruka saw that Kotaro is more obssessed with Aterana. "Kotaro, why are you so obsessed with Aterana for she's dead." Haruka said. Kotaro didn't care, he is in love with Aterana and he wants her to be safe. Aterana has tears rolling down her face.
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