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Kain-- everything changes.

Category: Final Fantasy 4 - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Cecil, Kain - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-02-23 - Updated: 2006-02-23 - 372 words


It seems odd now, but they used to call you my shadow...
You were always by my side, but it was clear
I was the leader, wasn't I?
Always the first to speak, to strike,
But you were always there.
Without you I'd never have been so bold.

And one day, it all changed....

The King's request paled when weighed against
The legacy of my blood, and so I said "No."
It was the right thing, wasn't it?
You said "Yes," of course you would;
You've always been the obedient one.
And that was when we began to break....

And one day, it all changed....

The story is as old as time:
There was a girl, and we both fell
How could we help ourselves?
But I let you fall, and caught myself,
Or so I thought.
My world's center shifted that day.

And one day, it all changed....

The way we were seen was changing, too--
Suddenly you were the one called upon
Was it because you were unique?
All the while I stayed back and blended in
And let you have
All the glory that I wished for.

And one day, it all changed....

It was to be a simple quest:
Fetch a fancy bauble and bring it back
But you couldn't fight your soul, could you?
You spoke up, and I followed you.
We were exiled for our thoughts,
And that was when we realized the truth.

And one day, it all changed....

It was a mistaken misunderstanding--
A battle and a delivery
How were we to know the consequences?
The sky fell on us, and I was alone.
But not for long...
Not for long....

And that day, it all changed.

I awoke one day and you had become
What you always were inside:
The legendary knight of light.
And I couldn't help but to hate myself
I was nothing compared you
Just a useless traitor.

And one day, we all changed....

You are my shadow no more
For I am your shadow now.
Is that the price paid for my sins?
Though lost in my darkness,
I maintained the balance,
How could I help but to break in the end?

We can never stop the change.

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