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Chapter One

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He has a box. A box full of memories. This is just a fic about a boy, a girl, and their friendship.

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A Box Full Of Memories (Hers)

Chapter One.

He slowly knelt down next to the cardboard box that had his name written on the lid. It wasn’t a small cardboard box, but it wasn’t massively big either. It was in the middle, somewhere between small and massively big.

He carefully peeled the sellotape off the envelope that had his name on it. The envelope attached to the side of the box. It was a cerise envelope. The kind of pink that hurts the eyes. The kind of pink that only a mad person would choose to use as a colour for an envelope.

He hesitantly opened it to find a piece of paper inside, as one might expect inside an envelope. Not only was it a piece of white paper, it was a piece of paper covered in spiky blue writing. And not only was it a piece of paper covered in blue spiky writing, that writing made up a letter. A letter to him.

‘Hey you’ it read. ‘If you’re reading this then I’ve finally done something before you. Died. Maybe not the best thing to have done before you, but I’ve still done it. So, maybe I’ll see you sometime yeah? Maybe. Yeah, this box is for you. That’s why your name’s on it. Just some stuff of the past. So enjoy some of it, don’t enjoy other parts, but most of all remember.

His eyelashes were spiky with tears, and his hazel eyes were red from where he’d roughly brushed them away. He leaned back on his heels, the letter floating to the floor, as he struggled to control his emotions.
Gently he lifted up the lid that had his name scrawled across it. The lid that had Frank scribbled across it.
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