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Hero Worship

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During history class, Ishida's classmates get to discover that he isn't just an ordinary cadet - thanks to Ichigo's big mouth. Part of the "Ishida in the Afterlife" semi-series.

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Hero Worship
by: eternalsailorsolarwind AKA youkai_girl

Disclaimer: Bleach and all of its characters are owned by Tite Kubo, his Japanese publishers, and Viz. I only play with them for grins and giggles.

A/N: Written (a long time ago) for the Week 15 prompt at bleach_contest on LiveJournal: Worship. Another of the “Ishida in the Afterlife” semi-series, Ishida deals with his classmates find out he was a war hero.


Most days, Ishida enjoyed his history class. It was interesting to learn how the Soul Society as he knew it began and evolved. How the Gotei 13 came to be. When Yamamoto became the Soutaichou. Why he created the Academy. And so on.

Today, however, the former Quincy had given serious thought to playing hooky. For this was the class devoted to the Ryoka Invasion of nearly seventy-five years ago, and the subsequent Winter War. Both of which he had played a role in while still alive. None of his classmates – save the already kido-muzzled Asano – knew of this. They assumed his friendship (if you could call it that) with Kurosaki was a hold-over from life. It was, of course, but they didn't know of his involvement in the very history they were studying today. And he wanted it kept that way. The instructor, who did know, had agreed to keep his name out of it; he didn't want to lose control of his class when they found out there was a “war hero” in it. He wasn't anymore a hero than anyone else who fought in the war, no matter what was said.

Relieved, he'd come to class after making sure that Asano couldn't ruin it. Only to be met with an unwelcome sight.

The teacher had lined up a special guest for the class: Kurosaki Ichigo, former ryoka, war hero, and now the celebrated captain of the Ninth Division. Probably the only one who would actually say anything regarding their shared past. The others – who had wisely declined the “honor” – would have kept silent, having already been in his position once.

Ishida sunk down in his seat as far as he could. If Kurosaki saw him....

The sensei called the class to order, finally managing to get the cadets with a serious case of hero worship to sit down – away from Kurosaki – by using threats of binding spells. Glaring at his unruly students, the old man started his lecture.

Feeling his eyes glaze over at the dry tone that turned several weeks of running, terror, and battles into bland, dusty, boring history, Ishida glanced at the scowling Kurosaki. He looked bored out of his mind. Stifling a yawn, the former Quincy made himself comfortable for the long haul. Just as his eyelids were about to close, they met a pair of familiar brown ones.

Ishida snapped awake as he saw the scowl slide into a smirk. The bored eyes took on a mischievous look, and he shook his head vigorously, trying to head off the idea he could see forming in the taichou's head.

“Oi, Ishida! Get your ass down here!” The orange-haired captain's voice boomed through the classroom, cutting off the teacher mid-sentence. “You were there too; no sense in just me answerin' questions.”

Shit, thought Ishida as all eyes turned towards him. His heart sank as he could see the reappraisals of his status happening in their minds, and even a measure of hero worship already beginning in the ones who were the worst of the war otaku in class. Groaning as he was asked to the stage by the apologetic teacher, he took a seat next to the smug Soul Reaper waiting for him.

Keeping his voice low, the one-time archer murmured to his nakama, “I will get you for this Kurosaki. Somehow, someday, you will pay for this. When you least expect it, I will make sure you suffer.”

“Bring it on, Quincy-boy. Bring it on,” replied Kurosaki with something very much like glee in his voice as questions were shouted at them from all sides. “I look forward to it.”
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