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not a story but this makes me mad

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this makes me mad stupid people

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(i am alil ADD so i might run of topic sorry)Okay, so I was reading sbout My Chemical Romance today, my favorite band, anyway i came acrost this article about them being apart of a emo cult witch should be a warning to parents everywhere.I was so mad i mean people are saying emo like its a disease and that it is bad. Granted it is bad but have they not noticed emo is short for emotional. Which I am emotional. i have alot wrong with me I mean I am not as bad as the next guy but we have all been though are fai share. i just cant believe that people think they are pert of an emo cult, and that their lyrics make people want to kill and hurt them selves. Gerard way is against all that along with gay fan fictions getting written about him and band members I wouldnt doubt that, but honestly My Chemical Romance saved my life because I was goin though alot and my cousin showed me this band and i felt somewhat better that someone famous kinda understood me. I seriously dont understand how some of their lyrics can be wanting people to kill themselves. like the lyrics from their is somewat depressing but i have never thought of anything bad while listening to them the pretty much make my day i just think that some reporters are somewhat messed up in the head i hope that when i become one that i understand the fans, parents of younger fans, and the musicians point of veiw.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ seriously tell me what you think of my witing i think it sux but since u read this thanks for the time and if i suck at writing i wanna no peace ali rae AKA dora
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