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take me back too better days

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Somethings happening, when a girl starts to stalk Ritsuka, Soubi seems to know her but refuses info, soon Ritsukas mom acts different, and all of a sudden Soubi leaves. What is this girl here for? ...

Category: Loveless - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Ritsuka - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2008-07-04 - Updated: 2008-07-05 - 352 words

Loveless fanfic

“Don’t glare at Ritsuka-kun.” “I’m not, I’m watching, waiting.” “You’re staring.” “Fine, I’ll stalk him openly.” New girl stalking Ritsuka, giant sword, Soubi seems to know her, what does she want? Definitely not a date. But right after she shows up, his mom becomes….different. What is up with this girl? And what is she here for?
Note: I own nothing no matter how much i love loveless!sob RITSUKA!!!XD
Note again: all chariots selected will show up eventually ^^

Ritsuka looked up.
A girl stood there, shoulder length pink hair. Staring at Ritsuka with big empty brown eyes, munching on the tip of a lollipop. Ritsuka glared, he tried to move around her, she fallowed.
He was upset already, Soubi hadn’t shown up. And now this freaking girl was fallowing him.
He sighed
“What do you want?” The girl tilted her head, pulled out the chocolate lollipop.
“I’m stalking you.” She said plainly. It kinda reminded Ritsuka of the tone Soubi used with other people. He sighed, irritated, “Why are you doing that?” “Can’t tell. Why wasn’t Soubi there?” Ritsuka stopped, mind spinning. Soubi….she knew about Soubi, but I've never seen this girl before. Maybe she’s a zero…oh no…’ he walked back a step, staring intently at the ground, forgetting the girl was there. Why did she ask about him? Where is Soubi in the first place! He should have been there! What if she did something to him! Ritsuka looked up suddenly, mad. “Who are you!?” But she was gone.
Ritsuka threw the phone Soubi gave him. Surprisingly angry.

Okay that was just a preview, see of anyone liked it, but I dun think anyone will, but if you do, comment. Tell me if I should continue or do something different.
I’ll give about a week, no review or anything’ that means it’s down. If I get a review I’ll update the real chap! XD claps
Reviews get Soubi plushie holding the drink ‘Soubi’. XD
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