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Camp Rap

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The theme at the banquet at the bible camp I attended was gangta so each cabin had to write a rap. This is my cabin's. It is a little silly but it was all fun.

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I went to the lazy tree,
And what did I see?
A stump before me!
It robbed me of my glee,
But now I have to pee,
So off to the outhouse with me.
I approached and a light I did see!

Behold I stood at the door and knocked,
But somebody’s in there.
All I could do was stand and stare.
I could not take the smell of the air.
My advice to you is not to go in there.
I had to pee until I saw a bear.
It had a lot of brown hair.
It gave me quite the scare,
And now I have wet underwear.

*Note* The lazy tree was a momentous tree that curved and was easy to climb and relax in. Unfortunately it had to be cut down due to pine beetles and other infestation. The part about seeing a light in the outhouse is because recently they put lights in the outhouse so we didn’t have to worry about flashlights while going pee.
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