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Because Uchihas believe they can control fire.

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Uchiha clan.

A group of self pitying, worthless ninjas bound by clan rules and expectations. A clan overconfident enough to presume that they can control fire, with a mere shake of a fan. An esteemed Konoha bloodline, shadowed by expectations and legends of times long gone.

It is said that their symbol signifies a fan, blowing out the fire threatening to destroy Konoha leaves. Their attempts at smothering crime succeed, and their ties with the Hokage are strong.

By their own rights, they are the most influential clan in Konoha.

Though they are not the most fortunate.

Because they are a clan unlucky enough to have spawned Uchiha Itachi.

And they could not have foreseen his corruption, and they could not realise the extent of what his hatred. But they did know when to limit, and they did know the signs of rebellion. They did the best they could.

Because Uchihas believe they can control fire.

But Uchiha Itachi doesn't believe in controlling. Restraints. Limits.

The fan doesn't limit fire; it feeds it.

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