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Chapter 37

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The Talkative Tina Show!

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“Boys!” Denise said walking into the living room. “Ya mom?” Nick looked away from the TV. “You guys have an interview! I thought you were getting ready!” she frowned. “Oh…ya…oops.” Joe winced. “Well go get ready!” she shooed them away off to their rooms. The girls and I laughed. In a few minutes the guys came downstairs and went out the door. We drove to the broadcasting building and hurried in. “Family and Friends take a seat right there.” a girl lead us to our seats. Joe winked at me making me smile before he went backstage.
We all cheered when the host walked out. “Welcome to the show everybody!” the host said. “Today we have the popular band the Jonas Brothers!” she announced and the crowd screamed wildly. The boys waved to everyone and sat down. “Hi boys and welcome to the Talkative Tina show! I’m Tina!” she shook their hands. They all said their hellos politely.
Tina babbled on and on, asking them questions and them of course making everyone laugh. “So are you guys excited about your next tour?” Tina asked. “Definitely! We are super excited!” Kevin said. “Are there going to be any new things to this tour?” Tina asked another question. “Actually yes. We are going to perform with one of our friends who just recorded her first CD.” Nick spoke. “Oh so is she an up and coming artist?” she said. “Ya she is a great singer and we are super happy that we will be performing with her.” Joe smiled at me. “She is actually in the audience right now!” Kevin pointed to me. I waved at the camera.
“Well why don’t you just come on up here.” Tina motioned me to go on stage. I sat down beside Joe. “So what is your name?” she asked me. “Aubrey.” I nodded. “Beautiful name. So how do you feel about touring with one of the hottest bands in the world?” Tina smiled. “I’m super excited and a little nervous.” I smiled back at her. “How did you get discovered?” Tina asked me another question. “Actually it was an accident. My friend, Brooke, and I were waiting for them to finish recording something and we got a little bored so I just started singing. Fortunately for me the manager walked out of the room and heard me and signed me right on the spot.” I kept smiling. “Amazing!” Tina said.
She asked the boys a couple questions and then something seemed to don on her. “Aubrey are you one of the mysterious girls that had been rumored to be dating the Jonas Brothers?” she asked. I blushed, “…yes…” I mumbled. “Goodness! Is it true?” she asked shocked. I didn’t really want to answer and end up saying something stupid. “Aubrey isn’t dating all of us, but she is dating me.” Joe spoke. “Oh…” Tina eyed me. “So what about all those other pictures? You seemed very into all the boys.” she said with a more snobby tone. “I-I did date Kevin but it wasn’t serious and I did date Nick for a while too.” I had a hard time speaking.
“So the rumors were mostly true? What about the other two girls?” Tina asked. “Brooke is my girlfriend and Chelcie is Nick’s.” Kevin said. “But isn’t it awkward with all the relationships and Aubrey having dated all of you?” Tina kept prying. “No it isn’t. We’re all really good friends and I think that that’s what matters most.” Nick said with a more stern voice. “Oh…so are these serious relationships?” Tina just couldn’t drop the subject! “Well I know that Brooke and I are very serious about each other.” Kevin said giving a small smile to Brooke.
It was strange because the rest of the interview was all about our love lives and all that crap. I had to admit it was really cool to get interviewed, even though Tina was a little annoying and kept prying into our personal lives. “Well thank-you so much for being on the show and it was so exciting to meet you Aubrey and of course you boys!” she shook our hands and the camera went off.
The Jonas Brothers signed some autographs and some fans even asked me for an autograph, which majorly shocked me. We got into the car finally. “So what did you think of your first interview?” Joe laughed at my slightly shocked face. “It was…interesting…” I said searching for the right word. Kevin laughed, “You look like you’re about to die.” he said. “I’m not gonna die! It just surprised me that Tina asked all those personal questions.” I shrugged. “Ya she was a little ridiculous putting us on the spot like that.” Joe nodded.
“It was also crazy that some people asked ME for MY autograph!” I said. “They’re probably just gonna sell it on eBay when you’re famous. They don’t really like you.” Brooke patted my back. “Thanks, thanks a lot there Brooke.” I rolled my eyes. “No prob.” she smirked.
That night everything on TV was about us girls and the Jonas Brothers. It was crazy how everyone just ate this up. We ever had nicknames! They referred to us as the Jonas Girls, which did have a ring to it but still! I knew that girls all over the world were hating Chelcie, Brooke, and I at that exact moment. “I cannot believe what an uproar this brought on.” Denise walked in the room. “I know!” Nick stared at the TV. “This is crazy! But you all know to just keep your heads up and ignore it all right?” she asked. “Ya we know.” we all said. Denise was so motherly.
After some Guitar Hero we all split up. “Today was interesting.” Joe said following me to my room. “Ya a little bit.” I nodded. “I hope you didn’t mind me kinda announcing that we’re dating.” he laid on my bed. “Surprisingly I don’t really mind…although half the girls in the world probably do.” I laughed. “Oh they’ll be fine!” Joe smiled. “Tina was a little…” I paused looking for the right word. “Annoying, nosey, snobby?” Joe offered. I laughed, “Ya exactly.” I nodded. “To tell the truth most interviewers are like that but once in a while you get a really good cool interviewer that is actually happy to meet you.” I laid down beside him as he talked.
“So are you excited about touring?” he asked me. “No I’m not excited about touring with possibly the hottest band in the world who happens to be my friends and one of them my boyfriend.” I said sarcastically. “Well fine you can just stay home then!” he tried to say it seriously but then he smiled. “Psh! You couldn’t keep me at home!” I kissed him. “Oh I could but then I wouldn’t have a beautiful girl to kiss and snuggle with everyday.” he grinned.
It was always weird when Joe called me pretty or beautiful because no guy had ever really told me that. This was the first time that guys had ever liked me more than just a friend. I was always the girl that all the guys would go to, to tell everything that they hid from all their friends but I was never more than that. I had to say it felt nice to finally be the girl that the guy loved.
Joe kissed me softly snapping me out of my thoughts. I kissed him back. I loved kissing Joe it was like all the good things in the world pushed into one thing and then given to me. “I love kissing you.” I said. Joe chuckled, “I’m glad because I love kissing you too.” he kissed me again.
“I have a surprise for you.” Joe whispered. “What?” I asked. “Well the other day we got a call from this private school.” he started. “And?” I asked. “And they asked us if we would perform at their first dance.” he smiled. “Is it like a prom or something?” I asked. “Ya basically. The school had never had a dance and finally the kids demanded it so much that they gave in and they want us to perform for them!” he just kept grinning. “Awesome!” I smiled. “So I was wondering if you would like to go to the dance with me?” he asked sweetly. “Of course!” I grinned. “But wont you be performing?” I raised my eyebrow. “Not the whole time we get a little fun too! Plus I thought you would sing too?” he said. “Great!” I kept smiling. “Ok well goodnight.” Joe kissed me and closed his eyes.
I was so happy that it was hard to sleep. I had never gone to a real dance, I mean there were some of those middle school dances where everyone is all nervous and uncomfortable, but those don’t count. I bet Nick and Kevin told Chelcie and Brooke. I also bet that Brooke and Chelcie will take me shopping tomorrow too. I wasn’t big on shopping but I did have a small obsession with shopping for fancy dresses so this should be pretty fun!
I nodded off to sleep but my mind was still on the dance and me getting to perform. I was so excited! The stage was like my place, it was where I was suppose to be and this would be my first official performance as a singer. I snuggled into Joe’s chest and he wrapped his arms around me. There wasn’t a better place I could be.
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