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Last Kiss

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Inspired by Pearl Jam's Last kiss. If you know that song... then better get a kleenex out :D Frerard one-shot

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Last kiss

Half a year. 6 months. 180 days. 4320 hours. 262080 minutes. 15724800 seconds.

And Gerard was still on his best behaviour. Always. Because if he wasn't, Frank would never love him again. He wasn't ever going to see him again if he was bad. He was sure of it, though everybody told him otherwise.

"You don't have to be like that!" his mother said. What now? He had good grades, did his chores, didn't smoke any more, didn't drink, didn't take drugs, smiled and was nice to everybody. What more did she want?

"Gerard, honey, I don't like you being so passive." his mother said. "I'm not passive, mom, I'm only trying to be good." he answered. "Darling, you are and you were before... it happened and you'll always be. Honey, you know it's not your fault."

Gerard's face became white, whiter than it already was. "Mom, I don't really wanna talk about it, please." he tried to stay polite, but his voice shook. "I'm only trying to get over it. Please understand that I need to cope with this in my own way." He tried, really, really tried to stray calm.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Stay. Calm. Be. Good.

His mother sighed. "Oh Gerard... But you don't have to pretend to be someone else. It's not healthy for you. And Mikey is more afraid than he wants to admit. And dad and I, too."

Gerard smiled reassuringly. "Thank you, mom, but you don't have to be. Everything's okay. I'm going to learn and then sleep. Goodnight."

So he went downstairs, shut the door and locked it. He sat on the bed, motionless, his expression neither sad nor angry. Passive. His mother didn't know a thing, He only noticed now how bad a person he had been and though he really made an effort, he still wasn't as flawless as he, as his one true love, as Frank.

It still hurt to think of his name. Gerard knew that it wasn't his fault Frank left but he nonetheless tried hard to be good. Because if not, he'd never see him again. Frank hadn't left him deliberately, that much he knew. It was all a question of time when he would see him again. And he thought that if he was good enough, he could shorten the time.

He sighed and decided to go to bed early, striping out of his clothes and changing into boxer-shorts and a T-Shirt. He laid down and settled in for another night full of nightmares.

Everything, everything had changed since Frank had left and he turned over to Frank's side of the bed, gripping the pillow there tightly. It didn't smell kike him, not anymore. In the first week after Frank left it still did, but now, after exactly half a year, it was almost filthy. Even though, Gerard couldn't let go of it. So he cried,. Cried for Frank, for himself until he finally passed away into sleep, knowing he would dream of the fateful night again.

"Hey Gee! Let's go to the diner. I want to eat something." Frank laid one arm around Gerard's waist, hugging him. "Wah-fuck, Frankie, no."

Frank pouted. "I'm hungry. I wanna go and eat something." Gerard rolled his eyes. "I could always make you something." he mumbled.

The shorter boy made a disgusted face.

Gerard glared at him. "And I don't wanna go, it's raining cats and dogs. Look!" he shoved Frank towards the window.

"We could go by car?" Frank batted his eyelashes at Gerard, who snorted and shook his head.

Frank jumped up and down in front of him, clapping his hands together. "Pretty please! You're some kind of boyfriend, letting the love of your life starve to death!" he overdramatically complained.

All he got as a response was a long kiss from Gerard, which he gladly accepted. "And I'm going to be a very, very good boy when we come home again..." Frank seductively let his hand wander down Gerard's chest. "I love you...." Gerard murmured and kissed Frank again. "I love you, too.... so much I could eat you!" the younger boy hinted.

Gerard sighed and reached out for the car keys. "But you're gonna pay." Frank nodded happily and threw his jacket over his shoulders. "You're the best."

They sat in the car and Gerard started the ignition an the engine roared to life. The diner wasn't far away, only about five minutes. "Holy fuck, I can't see a thing...." Gerard complained as the windscreen wipers went back and forth rapidly. "Don't worry. It's not that far, you know." Frank said and leaned over to kiss Gerard's cheek.

"Thank you" the older boy said and smiled, never looking away from the road. "What's that?" he asked. "What?" "Straight ahead..." It was coming nearer and nearer. "There's nothing, Gee!" Frank's eyes became slits as he tried to see better through the heavy rain. "Just drive, you worry too -Oh, fuck!!!"

"SHIT!!" Gerard hit the brakes but couldn't slow down fast enough to not crash into the brokedown car in front of them, so he swerved to the left - and then, everything went by so fast: He heard the tyres screech on the wet street, then he saw lights ahead and in the same moment, glass was shattering, the shards flying everywhere and he heard Frank scream in pain, then the world went black.

Gerard didn't know how long he had been unconscious, but as he woke up, he could see people standing in front of the car, trying to get in. Wiping the blood away from his eyes, he looked over to Frank. His heart almost stopped beating at the sight of him. Blood was oozing out from everywhere, every inch of Frank's small, fragile body seemed to be covered in cuts. He looked further down his body and his head swam with dizziness. He can't remember that one very good. Had to be better, he thought.

"Frank..." Gerard managed to croak and the shorter boy drowsily opened his eyes. "Gee..." he whispered.

"Hush..." Gerard reached over to him. "Don't speak. Somebody's gonna get you outta here, I promise."

Frank smiled weakly. "It's okay." "No, no, it's not!" Gerard hissed in pain as he frantically tried to wrestle himself out of the seat.

"Gee.... hold me, please."

"Oh god, Frankie, I'm sorry, so, so sorry! Please don't do that to me, you can't leave me like that! I love you, fuck, c'mon!"

Frank smiled when Gerard laid his arms around him. "I don't feel.. I can't feel anymore, except in my heart...." he whispered. "There's only you, Gee, you forever. I'll always wait for you."

"No, please, Frankie, love, please! I'll do anything, you're listening? Anything! I love you!" Gerard's breathing became erratic.

Frank let out a small, weak giggle. "Now... you have to be the strong one, Gerard. I'll love you forever... Kiss me...." Gerard did. It was a sweet, soft, longing kiss. A goodbye-kiss, full of love. "Don't leave me, please Frankie. Stay awake, for me!" he whispered, but it was already too late. With a sweet smile on his angelic-looking face, Frank Iero, 17 years old, love of Gerard Way's life, died that night.

With a scream, Gerard awoke. Tears were streaming down his face. "Frank, oh Frankie, where are you, my love?" he sobbed into his pillow to muffle the sound.

But he knew where he was,. Frank had to be in heaven, of that he was sure. That's why Gerard was trying so hard to be good. To be able to someday see him again. He sighed, full of sorrow and tried to sleep again, hoping for a nicer dream.

Someone must have heard his prayers, because suddenly, in his dream, there stood Frank in front of him, a large grin on his face.

"There you are, Gee! I've been waiting for forever!" Frank playfully complained.

Gerard smiled an walked up to him embracing his small body. "You're so impatient..."Gerard shook his head and kissed him. He felt whole again. "I love you" he whispered.

"I know.." Frank smiled at him. "C'mon now." he took Gerard's hand and gently squeezed. The older boy sighed happily. Finally... he thought and fell into an even deeper slumber.

3 days later

"Have you heard it?" the girl asked her friend. "about Gerard?"

"Gerard Way? Yeah, but I can't believe it!"

"What are you talking about?" a third girl piped up.

"Listen, it's really scary. You know that tragic accident half a year ago with him and the Iero-kid?" the first girl asked. The other ones nodded. "So, they say it was his boyfriend!"

"Wow" the third girl breathed. "How sad!" she looked at her friends with big eyes, tears swimming in them.

"Yeah, and yesterday, my mum told me that Gerard died, too."

The other girls sucked in their breaths. "Oh my god, really?"

"Yeah, and now the saddest thing: He went to bed early that night, him mom says, and then... he never woke up." Another sucked-in breath could be heard.

"Did he take any pills?" the second girl asked.

"No, and that's the scary bit.: He died exactly the same day, half a year later, at the same time. And they performed an autopsy, and they say they couldn't find a anything. They assume that his heart stopped beating. Just like that" And she snipped her fingers.

"Wow" the third girl breathed, now fully crying. "How sad!"

"Yeah," the second girl said. "How romantic."
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