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Chapter 1

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Warped Tour,August 2005, Randels Island NY

"We never got that far,this helps me to think all through the night bright lights that, won't kill me now, or tell me how just you and I, your starless eyes remain."
Gerard was singing the words on stage but his eyes were locked on her. He couldn't help but smile at her enjoyment dancing around singing along. Every once in awhile there would be a fan in the crowd that would simply catch his eye. The excitement from all the people, Young and old would always hit all of the guys on stage. The girl Gerard was watching looked to be in her mid 20's. There was always fans around that age in the crowd so it wasn't something new to him. There was something different about this girl though. Of course she was beautiful. energetic. But just the feeling he got as he saw her singing in sync with him and jumping with the pulse of the crowd was different than he felt seeing someone else out there. She turned to two tall men behind her and stood on her tippy toes to say something in one's ear. They both nodded at her and launched her into the air to be caught by the other loyal fans. She traveled to the front of the crowd and looked Gerard in the eye. He smiled at her then winked. She looked surprised and blushed still smiling and singing along. She was pulled over the short black barrier by the guards and hurried back into the side of the crowd where Gerard lost sight of her.

After the show Gerard talked with his band mates and they all made their way to the parking lot where their bus was parked. Gerard was laughing with his friends but he still had her on his mind. He felt up the sides of his pant legs in search of his cigarettes, he found them stored in his back pocket. He lit one and put it up to his mouth. Him and Frankie were leaning against their bus each smoking. Gerard could see all the concerts going on through the tall fence that was only a few feet away.
"Do you think any one's really back there?" A voice giggled from the other side of the fence. Gerard and Frankie both looked to see where it came from.
"Oh who knows Jamia, their probably on their bus relaxing or something. I mean come on their rock stars!" Another voice said.
Gerard spotted two girls walking the length of the fence on the side of the stages looking desperately though the crowd of parked bus's. He elbowed Frank and pointed to the girls.
"Ooo hott chicks on the move!" Frank cheered to Gerard. Frank crushed his cigarette underneath his shoe and began to walk towards the fence. Gerard laughed and followed him. What could talking to a few fans hurt anyways. As Frank and Gerard approached the fence the two girls spotted them. Gerard quickly recognized one of the girls standing behind the fence. It was same girl he had been watching during the show. He cleared his throat as he reached the fence.
"Hey there ladies." Frank said in a "sly" tone leaning real cool like against the fence.
Both girls giggled. "Hi" They said in unison.
"Hey." Gerard said to the girl he had been watching. She smiled and blushed a little bit.
"Whats your name pretty lady?" Frank addressed the short blond girl on the other side of the fence.
"Jamia." She said smiling. Frank smiled in return.
"My name's Gerard." He said to the girl beside Jamia. The same girl he hadn't taken his eyes off of.
She laughed slightly. "Yeah, um I already knew that." She pushed her long auburn hair behind her ear. "My name is Mina." She finally said.

I opened my eyes slowly smiling. For some reason every night this week I have been having the dream of the day him and I met. It was nothing story book like. But it's a memory I will always cherish. I propped my head up on my hand and faced the man I loved so much. He was snoring with his mouth hanging open with a bit a drool sliding out of the corner of his mouth. And you know what? He was never more perfect in my eyes. I giggled and slid my arm over his bare stomach and rested my head on his chest. I snuggled closer to him trying to stay under the blanket not to reveal my body. But I guess I was making more noise or movement than I had planned. Suddenly his arm formed around my back reaching almost down to my butt. I wasn't sure though if he was awake or asleep still. The next thing I felt was a tight squeeze on my butt. Oh yeah..he's awake. I jumped a little not expecting it and heard him laugh a little under his breath. I grunted and continued to mold my body to his.
"I love you Mina." He whispered.
I glanced up to his face and his eyes were still closed. "I love you too Gerard."

I was woken up by the anything but pleasant sound of a buzzing alarm clock. Gerard wasn't the slightest bit fazed by it. I rolled to the opposite side of the bed he was on and reached over the edge and grabbed his plain back T-shirt. I slipped it over my head and again rolled to his side of the bed and reached over him to shut off the alarm clock. I could just almost reach it....
"AH!" My head barley missed the night stand and my entire body came crashing to the floor. I was almost able to reach the snooze button when Gerard turned in his sleep knocking me off balance and onto the carpet flooring.
"Jesus Christ." I mumbled to myself lying on the floor. The alarm clock was still screaming. I scooted a bit away from the night stand and picked myself up to sit indian style of the floor. I rubbed my now throbbing temples at the sound of the alarm clock. I looked at Gerard lying on the bed. His arm was hanging off one side of the bed and his head was almost doing the same. I just sat there watching him. Nearly an inch away just staring at him. Inspecting his every feature. I will never understand how this man sleeps through everything. I was startled when he groaned. I leaned back out of the way just before his arm went flying hit the alarm clock. His arm fell neatly back to its position hanging off the bed and he didn't make another noise.
"You are so oblivious Gerard." I said standing up and walking into the bathroom.

We were staying in the Hilton Hotel in Chicago Illinois. This was the bands 5th show on the Black Parade Tour. Gerard and I have been together since the October after we met. We started out talking on the phone since he was on tour and all, then when he went back to stay in New Jersey about a month after we met we started hanging out. At the time I was living in Connecticut in an apartment with Jamia. I met Jamia in high school. We didn't become actually friends until we ended up going to the same art school though. Even when I first met him he didn't seem like some big rock star. Well he did...but I wasn't intimidated or in aw in his presence like you would expect to be standing in front of a rock star. You know what I mean. It wasn't long before I got feelings for Gerard. We became friends so fast that Jamia would joke and say it was destined we would end up together. But I would do the same thing and make comments about her and Frank. Just like Gerard and I their relationship was inanimate.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and changed into my clothes for the day. I'll give you one guess what Gerard was doing.
I was sitting on the couch reading a magazine I picked up from the lobby when there was a knock on the door. I put down the magazine and glanced behind me at Gerard lying on the bed. He rubbed his face with his hand and flipped over to lie on his stomach. I made my way to the door and opened it, leaving the chain still hooked. I peered through the small opening.
"Morning." It was Ray. Always being the first person ever up he was usually the one to make rounds and make sure everyone was awake and ready in time to do whatever it was planned for the day.
"Good Morning." I greeted. I held my index finger up signing 'One minute' and closed the door to unhook the chain. When I opened the door fulling I was able to see him still in his night clothes.
"Nice outfit." I joked leaning against the door with my eye brows raised.
"Oh shut up its been a long morning I haven't had time to shower, change or anything!"He pleaded.
"Whatever. So what is it I can do for you?" I asked folding my arms trying to get comfortable against the edge of the door.
"I need you to make sure Gee is up and ready in 10 minutes."
"10 minutes!" I shot up straight in the door way. " It will take me that long to get the fatty out of bed!"
Ray laughed. "Yeah I know how he is." He gave me a sympathetic look. "But we need to be out of here as soon as possible there's a lot of things we gotta do today." He explained .
I sighed and took hold of the door. "Alright alright we'll meet you down stairs." I saw Ray nod before closing the door.
I walked over to the bed and starred down at Gerard. I need to come up with something to get him awake fast. The first thought that went through my head was something seductive, but that would only keep him in bed.

I grinned with an idea and jumped on top of him while he laid on his back. Sure enough he woke up in record time.
"Holy shit! What the fuck are you doing!?" He yelled with his eyes wide open.
"You need to get ready to go. We're out of here in 10 minutes." I told him getting off his back and lying down next to him.
He groaned and slammed his face into his pillow. He said something but his voice was muffled by the pillow.
"What?" I asked standing off the bed. Hop fully he'd follow and get up.
He took his face out of the pillow and propped it up on his hand to look at me. "I said I didn't get any sleep last night. Someone was keeping me up all night." A suggestive grin grew across his face as he looked up and down my body. I was wearing a short strapless light blue dress with a flower pattern. My hair was now very long and curly. It was pushed back slightly with a thick black headband.
"Oh come on Gerard you took just as much part in that as I did." I laughed walking away. Inventively giving him a nice view of my ass.
"The shit you do to me Mina!" He said laughing, laying on his back with his elbows behind his head. I took my seat back on the couch and picked up my magazine. "Let's go Gerard, seriously we have to leave soon."
"Yeah I know baby don't worry." He kissed me on the cheek from behind the couch and I heard him shut the bathroom door.

Several minutes later the elevator door opened leading us into the large lobby where everyone was already waiting ready to go. A bell hop in a green and gold suit offered to take Gerard and I's bags. I smiled and thanked him. Gerard put on his dark sunglasses and took my hand as we walked over to our friends and his band mates.
"Morning night walker." Bob said sipping his coffee out of a styrofoam cup.
"Where did you get that?!" Gerard asked referring to the coffee and ignoring Bob's comment.
Before he could answer Alicia Mikey's fiance appeared with a cup of coffee. She held it out to Gerard smiling. "I made a coffee run a few minutes ago. Here you go." Gerard took the coffee and thanked her.
She smiled at me and said good morning. I did the same and greeted the rest of the group.
"Okay guys."Their tour manager walked over addressing the guys where we sat in the small sitting area of the lobby."We have an interview, a signing at a local mall, and then sound check before the show. So let's get going!" He said a little to cheery for so early. I looked at my watch and remembered it actually wasn't that early. it was 10am but by the looks of no one got much sleep. I know for a fact especially Gerard and I. I giggled to myself as I was thinking.
"Com on Babe." Gerard said tugging on my arm a little. Everyone was already walking outside towards the van and I was still sitting down.
I smiled apologetically and stood up and hurried outside clinging to Gerards arm.
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