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Ch. 1: Am I the Only One?

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The Black Parade is dying due to a mysterious Black Plague. Only 5 members are left. Can they defeat the Plague and bring back the Black Parade?

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I walked along calling out names of faces I hoped to see again.
“Gerard!... Mikey!... Frank!....Ray! Bob!” I was getting desperate, “Mother War!... The Patient?... Gerard?... Mikey?!... Frank?!...Ray?!... Bob?!... Gee… Gerard.” I was whispering now.
I fell onto the dusty parched ground. I wanted to cry. Where were they? Had they been taken by the…the…plague? Now I was definitely crying. Tears streamed down my face. The Black Parade was dead.
“No way.” I said brushing away my tears that were still falling, “The Black Parade can NOT be dead. No way in hell.”
So then, what had happened? What had happened to the group that I had dedicatedly belonged to since I had died? I was determined to find out. Was anyone still left? Was I the only one? Again, no way in hell.
“Gee still has to be alive. Maybe Frank, Mikey, Ray, and Bob too. Yeah… they have to be alive somewhere. They just have to!” And with that I got off my butt and walked along.
So where are they? If they are still alive, I mean. Another thought came to my mind: What about Mother War and The Patient? Were they alive? It seemed impossible that they would be taken by the Plague.
“They were just so strong.” I whispered, “Or at least in my mind.”
The cold wind lifted up the long end of my jacket. I shivered. My arms hugged my stomach as my fingerless gloved hands gripped my sides tightly. I stopped walking. Where the hell was I going?
“Somewhere. Anywhere. I don’t know.” I whispered answering my own question.
Suddenly I heard almost a rumbling behind me. My eyes widened.
“Dammit!... The Plague!” I yelled running away.
I looked behind me and sure enough there it was. A black cloud of death approaching me. And in the front was a white menacing skull leading the cloud.
I ran fast. It’s funny how fast you can run when you’re dead. I might have been able to outrun the Plague. I was running when I saw a figure waving their arms.
“Hey!” The person yelled, “Get your ass over here!”
I ran towards the person when I got within 5 feet they started running too.
“Follow me!” They yelled. I nodded and followed. They led me to an old building and through a passage to a medium sized room where 3 other people were.
“Thanks Frank.” I said gratefully. If I was still alive I would’ve been gasping for breath.
I took a glance around the room.
“Holy Crap!!” I cried, “I thought you guys were dead!”
Gerard nodded, “We got out just in time.”
“We didn’t think anyone else had made it.” Ray said in reference to me.
Something seemed wrong. Then I saw that there were only 4 people besides me.
“Where’s Bob?” I asked thinking I knew the answer.
“He was like one of the first to die from the plague.” Frank said in a tone that questioned my sanity.
“Oh. Yeah… I remember that now…” I said. And it truly was coming back to me. Bob being laid with the others who were the first to die… the tears… the fear…
“So how did you make it?” Gerard asked curiously.
“Not a clue. I just remember leaving because everyone was either dead or gone.” I replied.
“But did the Plague ever come for you?” Mikey asked speaking up for the first time.
“It just did. Or at least it was coming in my direction. Frank got me out of running forever.”
“But why would it avoid you and kill everyone else?” Ray asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe it needed to build strength by killing everyone else?”
“But why would it need strength to kill you?” Frank asked incredulously.
“Ok I’m going to pretend that wasn’t an insult. Again, no clue.”
“I mean you’re the youngest kid in the Black Parade. You should be the easiest to kill.”
“Again: I’m going to pretend that wasn’t an insult.”
“Well wait,” Gerard spoke up, “Maybe that’s it.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Frank said.
“Maybe the reason it hasn’t killed her yet is because she’s so young.” Gerard said.
“That’s ridiculous.”
“Maybe not.” Mikey said, “What if… since she’s so young… she has like powers.”
Ray laughed, “Too many comic books Mikey.”
“Gerard’s the major comic person.” Mikey countered.
“Yeah and I was thinking the same thing as you, Mikey.” Gerard said.
“Okay so wait,” I said, “I have powers? Do you know how dumb that sounds?”
“It may sound dumb but its probably true.” Gerard said.
“So what kind of powers?”
“As though I know. I’m making this up as I go along.” Gerard admitted. “But they may help get rid of the Plague. And if we’re lucky, bring Back the Black Parade."
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