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Music Box

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Leon/Cloud, Cloud/Leon. A little bit of both. Cloud Cries.

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Leon rested his head against Cloud’s warm, naked chest. He listened to the blonde’s heart beating unbelievably fast. It was odd for Leon… being the one laying on the Blonde haired boy. He was so used to Cloud coming to him to be held; so many times the boy had cried on him, so many times he had laid with him in bed, the blonde haired beauty rested on him, his fine hair tickling Leon’s chin as Cloud would cuddle his head against Leon’s chest, close his bright green eyes and sleep to the rhythm of Leon’s heartbeat.

“I don’t want you to be sad anymore.” Leon whispered softly to Cloud’s chest, speaking directly to Cloud’s heart. The younger boy remained silent and still, but for his chest rising slowly up and down as he breathed into the brown hair of the boy beneath him. He wasn’t sad, no when he was with Leon at least. Leon; the only one he was EVER with. His love, Leon, was always there for him. Cloud thought back to when he was in love with Tiffa… no. Not anymore. He no longer felt any emotion towards her, only hatred. She told him she couldn’t love him; she didn’t want to love someone like Cloud. She couldn’t stand Cloud’s abnormal attraction to Leon; it made her more than uneasy. Soon enough, Cloud had fallen into deep love with Leon, and to Tiffa’s misfortune, there wasn’t anything she could say or do to stop him.

“I am not sad,” Cloud said ever so softly into the night. Quiet as he was, his force pierced the silent night air. “When I am with you.”

“I want you to always be happy.” Leon continued, nearly ignoring Cloud’s smile. “Even when you’re not with me.”

Cloud’s smile fell off his face into an instant frown. He looked very confused as Leon sat up in Cloud’s lap and rested his head in his hands, looking stressed.

“But,” Cloud said, looking at Leon still, “But we’re always going to be together, right?”
Leon clenched his eyes shut, then sighed a deep sigh, and let his hand fall in irritation at Cloud’s innocence.

“Don’t you understand,” Leon said, staring at the floor of Cloud’s bedroom. “As much as I WANT to be here for you,” He looked up at Cloud and nearly choked at the brightness of the eyes in this light. He stared into the deepness of the big, thick lashed eyes, and found himself lost. He couldn’t remember what he was saying before. All he knew was that he was here; here with his Love, Cloud. He was here to be loved.

“I love you Leon.” Cloud said softly and slowly again, only this time, he was even more soft than the night. A normal person would strain to here the blonde, but not Leon. Leon could never mistake those four words for anything. Leon stared helplessly at the spot of white sheet beneath Cloud’s body. He opened his mouth to speak back, when suddenly;

A single, large tear dripped down from Cloud’s beautiful, pale, clear skinned cheek. It splattered onto the spot of sheet Leon was watching so intently, dampening a small spot of the linen.

Leon looked up at Cloud abruptly, and saw the blonde boy, more tears dripping from those big wells of his. His mouth was open in a silent sob, and he held his arms open to his Leon.

“I love you, Leon!” Cloud said again, whispering harshly. The boy closed his eyes and sobbed, mouth open and tears dripping down, looking quite like a child who’d dropped his ice cream, arm’s still up and open to be pulled into an embrace, like the mother would do for the ice cream ridden child of hers.

“I love you!” Cloud wailed now, sobbing more. He coughed and launched himself around Leon’s waist, still crying out loud, “I love you!”.

Leon didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything. He just held his little Cloud as tight and tenderly as he could. He kissed the feathery blonde head and breathed into the clean hair; it smelled of sweet nectarines and mandarin chicken.

“W-we’re, g-going, t-to always b-b-be together, r-r-r-right, Leon?” Cloud asked again, still wrapped hard around Leon’s torso. The older boy took another sniff of the hair; breathing in and exhaling very slowly, before answering his distraught lover beneath him.

“Yes,” Leon said truthfully, “We will always, always, be together.” And he meant it.
He continued to hold Cloud tight, until the blonde’s sniffles and coughs turned into the deep, heavy breathing that meant Cloud had fallen asleep yet again in his lover’s arms.
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