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More Than The Ex - July 8

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Moncia's new boss helps her out. Christa tells Monica the news.

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“Thanks again for the ride, Dr. Kline.” Monica said as they pulled up in front of Monica’s place. “I really appreciate it.”
He laughed, “No problem. This is actually on my way home. And please, call me Paul. We’re not in the office.”
Monica smiled, “Okay, thank you Paul.”
“Do you have someone in mind to do the work on your car?” He asked.
“Actually, no.” She admitted. “I was just going to look in the phone book and fine a garage nearby.”
Paul shook his head, “Let me take care of it for you. My mechanic is good and trustworthy. I’ll give him a call and have him tow the car in the morning.”
Monica was surprised by the offer. “Oh, that’s not necessary. I’m sure I can find someone.”
“It’s no problem, Monica.” he shifted in his seat to face her. “I know it must be difficult for a woman on her own when things like this happen.”
Hearing him say she was on her own saddened her but he was right. She was on her own. She looked down.
“Look, I know you and your boyfriend recently broke up. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that is partly why I wanted you to have the job. I admire your determination to make it on your own.”
Monica wondered just how much he knew about her. “He was my fiancée.” She said softly.
“I know.” He answered. “My daughter is a fan. She was in the office the day you interviewed and told me who you were.”
Monica sighed, “Yeah, I’m the ex of Gerard Way.” She wondered if that was how she’d always be known to people.
Paul smiled, “For what it’s worth Gilly, that’s my daughter, thought you were super sweet.”
“I think I remember seeing her there.” Monica thought back. “She’s got long blond hair?”
“That’s her.” He said proudly. “Doesn’t look a thing like me, does she?”
Monica looked at Paul. He was a very good-looking man with coal black hair. “Well not really. She looks like your wife?”
“Exactly like my ex-wife.” He said. “I’ve been divorced from Emma for a year now. Gilly lives with her mom but helps out in the office a couple times a week.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Monica said. She could hear sadness in his voice. “But it’s nice she gets to come to the office and work.”
He agreed, “Yes, I’m very happy her mother allows it.”
Monica glanced at her watch, “Well I better get going. My daughters knew I’d be late but still.”
Paul nodded, “I’ll pick you up at 7:30.”
“Oh, you don’t need to. I was planning on taking the bus.”
He smiled, “Monica, I already told you it’s on my way.”
Monica grinned, “Okay, thanks. See you then.” She opened the car door and slid out.
She turned back and leaned down, “Yes?”
“You are more than the Ex of Gerard Way. You are a strong, beautiful woman.”
Monica was shocked by his words. It almost sounded like he was attracted to her. She stood not knowing what to say.
Paul smiled, “Sorry, I just had to say that. I’ll see you in the morning.”
Monica thanked him again and closed the door. She noticed he waited until she unlocked the door and was inside before she heard his car pull out of the lot.

When Gerard left the stage his mood hadn’t improved. He was angry that Monica seemed to be moving forward with her life. Part of him understood she was doing this because of his actions but part of him was just hurt and angry. He went directly to the waiting van. He just wanted to get to sleep so tomorrow could start. That would be one day closer to going home.
Mikey caught up to him as he entered the van. “Hey, you don’t want to stay? The promoter planned a party for us.”
“I just want to go to sleep.” He answered.
Mikey shrugged and got into the van with him.
“Why don’t you stay?” Gerard asked.
“I’m pretty tired. I just wanna call Alicia then crash.”
Gerard sat looking out the window. He didn’t feel like talking.
“Alicia called me right before we went on stage.” Mikey said softly. “She did talk to Monica.”
“She told her about Eliza?” Gerard asked turning to look at his brother.
Mikey nodded. “Yeah.”
“Well what did she say?” Gerard asked.
“She said she wasn’t surprised Eliza showed up. She figured Eliza saw her opportunity to get back together with you.”
“Fuck yeah, she did.” Gerard leaned back. “Did Alicia say if she sounded upset?”
“Shit, Gerard. You know she’d be upset.”
Gerard sighed, “Yeah. I talked to Mom earlier. Monica got a job.”
“Oh.” Mikey wasn’t sure if he should ask for details. He didn’t have to.
“She’s working in a doctors office. Guess she’s picked up the pieces of her life and is moving on.”
Mikey didn’t like Gerard’s tone. “Dude, what else would she do?”
“Wait for me to get home.” Gerard whispered.
Mikey tried to make him understand. “Gee, you hurt her. Try to look at this from her point of view. You broke up with her. She can’t just sit around and do nothing. I’m sure she’s just trying to get some kind of stability back in her life.”
“I just need to fucking talk to her.” Gerard said feeling so frustrated.
“One more concert.” Mikey reminded him. “Then we’ll be home. You’ll talk to her then.”
Gerard didn’t answer. He didn’t want to admit the longer this went on the more afraid he was about talking to her. What if she refused to listen?

“Hey Christa, what’s up?” Monica sat down at the table and smiled as Kelly placed a plate of spaghetti in front of her. She and Elle had made dinner earlier.
“I need to talk to my friend.” Christa answered.
Monica could tell by her voice something wasn’t right. “What’s wrong?”
“Can you come over? I know it’s a lot to ask but I really need to talk to you.”
“Are you okay?” Monica worried. “Is this about you?”
“Yeah. It is.”
“Well I just got home. Kelly and Elle made dinner and I just sat down to eat. I’ll be over as soon as I can, okay?”
“Thanks Monica.” Christa said. “I’ll be waiting.”

Gerard had thought he’d go back to his room and sleep but it didn’t happen. He finally gave up and got dressed. As he left his room he saw Ray step out of the elevator.
“Man, you should have stayed. There was some great food there.”
Gerard shrugged, “I was tired.”
Ray understood, “Where are you headed?”
“Don’t know. I can’t sleep.”
“Wanna talk?” Ray offered.
Gerard thought a moment, “Sure.” He followed Ray to his room and waited while he unlocked the door.
“I gotta call Christa first then we’ll talk.”
“Want me to come back?” Gerard offered thinking Ray might want to have some privacy.
“No, it’s okay. I’m just gonna check to see how she’s feeling.” He sat down and placed the call while Gerard sat in a chair by the window.
“Hey, Babe.” Ray said as soon as she connected. “What’s up?”
“Not much. Just talking to Monica.”
“Oh, she’s there?” Ray asked. He looked over and saw Gerard wasn’t paying attention. He seemed lost in thought.
“Yeah, I told her I needed to talk to her and good friend that she is she came by. Actually she just got here.”
“Well tell her I said hello.” Ray noticed that Gerard had turned from the window and was staring at him.
“Who’s there?” He asked.
“Monica.” Ray answered.
Christa was confused, “Who’s with you?”
“Gerard.” Ray answered.
“Oh.” Christa said, “Uh, tell him hello.”
Gerard stood. He wanted to ask to talk to Monica but was unsure. “Ray, have Christa ask Monica if she needs to use our car?’
Ray was confused. “What?”
“Just do it.” Gerard said. He knew Monica was having car problems and the offer seemed like a way to show his concern.
Ray repeated Gerard’s request to Christa who in turn repeated it to Monica. “She said she’s getting the car fixed in the morning so no thank you.” Christa said. She looked at Monica with a puzzled expression, “How did you get here?’
Monica laughed, “Bob, drove me over. He said he would come pick me up when I’m ready to go home.”
“Well now I feel bad about asking you to come over. Why didn’t you tell me your car was broke down?”
“Because my friend said she needed me.” Monica said with a smile. “So I came.”
Ray was listening to the conversation. He told Gerard that Monica was going to get the car fixed in the morning so she had declined his offer.
Ray spoke a few more minutes to Christa then disconnected. He turned to Gerard. “How did you know she’s having car trouble?”
“Mom, told me.” He took out his cigarettes and lit one. “Pretty lame of me wasn’t it? Thinking she needed my help.” Suddenly he wondered how Monica had gotten to Christa’s house. Ray explained that Bob had given her a ride.
“Shit, Bryar knows where she’s living.” Gerard muttered.
“Well, of course he would.” Ray said with a shrug. He hated to see his friend look so upset. “Gee, I know you just want to talk to her but really you two need to talk face to face.”
“I know.” Gerard said sitting back. “I really am worried about her though. No telling what kind of car she bought. Fuck, remember that piece of shit she was driving before? I hope she bought something better than that.”
Ray lit a cigarette of his own then said, “Okay, Way. Time for you to tell me what’s going on. Are you gonna go home and try to get her back?”

“That was nice he offered you the car.” Christa said trying to gauge Monica’s feelings about Gerard’s offer.
Monica nodded, “Yeah, it was.”
“So did you have the car towed?”
“Not yet. Paul said he’d have his mechanic take care of it in the morning.” Monica answered. “So what’s up? What did you need to talk to me about?”
Christa was still distracted by what she’d said, “Paul? Who’s Paul?”
“The doctor I’m working for.” Monica explained. “He gave me a ride home tonight.”
“Oh, what’s he like?”
Monica shrugged, “He’s nice.”
Christa waited. “And?’
“And what?”
“How old is he? What’s he look like? Is he married?”
Monica was surprised. “What’s with all the questions?”
“Just curious.” Christa said.
“Okay, he’s about my age, maybe a bit older, good-looking in a rugged way and divorced.”
Christa took in all the information. “So are you attracted to him?”
Monica laughed, “Oh, good Lord. I work for the guy. I just met him.”
“Sorry, I was just curious.”
“It’s okay. Now what did you want to talk to me about?”
Christa grinned, “I wanted to tell you I’m pregnant.”
Monica’s mouth fell open. “You are?”
“Yeah, and I’m scared. Jamia and Alicia both told me you’re the right person to talk to about this. I wanted to call you as soon as I found out but I couldn’t.” She said as a gentle reminder to Monica about trying to distance herself from them.
Monica got the meaning in her words, “Christa I’m sorry. When it first happened I was just so shocked, you know? I just felt like my world had fallen apart, all of it. I guess I just wanted to hide.”
“Well no hiding from me.” Christa said with a laugh. “You’re one of my best friends. I need you.”
Monica smiled, “You’re one of my best friends too.”

Christa called Ray back as soon as Monica left. “Did you talk to Gerard? Find out what’s going on in his head?”
Ray sighed, “I tried to but the guy is so confused. He says he still loves her but he’s not sure if she’ll ever forgive him.”
“I’m glad you all are getting back soon.” Christa said, “Monica and I talked a long time. I kinda get the feeling the doctor she’s working for likes her.”
“Yeah, at first she didn’t say much about him but after a while she told me he said she was a strong woman, beautiful woman who is more than just the ex of Gerard Way.”
“Oh fuck.” Ray muttered, “How does she feel about him?”
“She says she doesn’t feel anything towards him but I know she’s very vulnerable right now. Gerard needs to get home and try to repair their relationship.”
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