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just an idea i thought of as i was walking down the road. dedicated to anyone who has ever lost someone close to them. could be any one of the guy's POVs, but i think its a ray/bob kinda thing.

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As he sits cradling his beautiful daughter in his arms, he remembers.

He remembers the day he proposed to his girlfriend, the look on her face.

He remembers the day that his fiancée told him the wonderful news that they were to be parents.

The day they went for the first pre-natal scan, seeing the funny grey blob on the ultrasound screen that would one day turn into his gorgeous Finley Emma.

He remembers Rowan squeezing his hand so tightly with joy as the scanner moved across her already slightly swollen belly. All the happiest moments of his life spent with Rowan.

But in remembering these things he also remembers the bad times. How can he not?

The second or third scan into her pregnancy, when the ultrasound technician suddenly went silent, and started focusing on one particular part of Rowan’s belly. He then went out the room and came back a few minutes later with a more senior looking man, who also moved the scanner back and forth over the same spot

‘Would someone please tell me what’s going on here?’ Rowan cried slightly hysterically.

The older man then walked over to the young woman and said, after taking a deep breath, ‘We may have found some... abnormalities in womb.’

He doesn’t remember much after that, the next few weeks were a blur to him. Rowan was subjected to so many tests and consultations that he barely saw her.

And then that day. That horrible, awful, despicable day. She didn't even cry, but he could tell that she was hurting so badly from the look on her face.

‘I...They...Oh God, they told me that I have cancer.’ When she said those words the façade of a strong, tough young women broke, and the soul of a scared young girl was exposed. Tears fell so freely down her face, and they were soon joined by his own. He held her close to him, stroking her hair, kissing the top of her head.

He doesn’t remember how long they sat there. But the day is burned so deeply on his memory; he doubts he’ll ever forget it. Every time he thinks upon it, the sight of her face on that day break his heart into more and more pieces.

That wasn’t the worst part though. The worst part was finding that the treatment for the cancer would almost definitely kill their unborn child. That tore him apart.

Rowan ultimately made the decision to not be treated, so that their baby would be born. He didn't want her to do it, but it was her body, and therefore her choice.

He had to watch his wonderful fiancée, one of his best friends slowly die to save their baby. He looked after her, held her hand during the painful times, hugged her tightly during the better times, and tried to make every day the best it could.

The decided on names depending on if it was a boy or a girl, went out, bought cute baby clothes and baby furniture. But mostly they spent time together loving one another.

As the due date drew closer and closer, her health worsened, and soon she was too weak to get around, so the doctors and nurses admitted her to the maternity ward. He hated having to watch her leave the apartment knowing that it was quite likely she wouldn’t see it again.

He stayed with her 24/7 til the big day. He was there holding her hand as she pushed and heaved. Right by her side for the entire labour, whispering wonderful words in her ear, sweeping the hair off her face.

As that very first cry pierced the tension in the room the couple turned to each other and smiled. They had done it. They were proud parents of a healthy baby girl.

But Rowan and Finley didn't have much time together. 3 weeks after her beautiful baby was brought into the world, Rowan Anjelina Wickke was taken away from it.

Another day that broke his heart.

But he has to stay strong for his daughter, their daughter, and he knows that she is looking down on them, guiding Finley, reassuring her lover.

He misses her terribly, but having Finley, seeing her mother so much in her personality, her looks, her attitude helps him get through the days of despair.

Finley may grow up without a mother in her life, but she will have an amazing father who truly loves her in every way possible.
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