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Recap: I joined the Akat and Hidans giving me a tour. And Itachi is an ass crack..:P

Kisame smirked at the comment. "Aww come on Itachi, be nice."

"Anyways!" Hidan pointed at Tobi and the blonde beside him. "This is Deidara and i'm guessing you already know the pest." Then he pointed at the last two people, " and tey are Zetsu, Kakuzu."

"Hmm, she looks yummy." Said the cabbage head guy.

"We're done here, followme and i'll show you to your room." I followed Hidan out of the room and into the the creepy hallways, again.

We walked for about 30 seconds when I asked him, "Why did that Zetsu guy say 'Hmm, she looks yummy.' !?"
Hidan sighed, again. "Well lets just say...he's a canibal."
There was a long pause before I shouted, "He's a CANIBAL!?!" I still had that 'totaly shocked' look on my face when he started laughin his ass off. How is it funny!?" I some what spazzed. Hidan just ignored me and kept walking.

Five minutes later he stopped at a door and opened it. "Well, this is youre room. See ya." then he slammed the door shut. I walked over to the bed and lie down, I looked at I was super tired.

I was Sleeping quietly, totaly forgetting I was now a member of the Akatsuki when - SMASH! My door flung open.

"C'mon Sisongo chan wake up!" Tobi came running into my room.

"ACK! W-what the, how?! Where am I?!?" I guess, forgetting I was in the Akatsuki was a bad thing.

Tobi smiled, I think (He's wearing a mask). "Don't you remember Pretty girl chan? You're part of, The Akatsuki!" He said waving his arms around.

Then Deidara walked into the room. He looked kind of pissed. "Tobi stop bugging the new girl!"

I got..Slitley mad. "I have a NAME you know, and it's not 'The New Girl'," I gave Deidarda 'The Stare', "and anyways Tobi's my friend so don't yell at him!" Yes, I get very pissed when I first wake up.

Tobi waved his arm around some more. "Yay! Tobi's a good boy, Tobi's Pretty girl chans friend!!"

Deidara sighed, then looked at me. "Whatever, I have another reason for coming down here. Leader sama has a mission for you, so get your stuff and head to his office."

I sat there with a big smile on. "WOOT! My first mission, CHA!!"
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