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He's finally free!

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My first one shot so it's a bit short, Warning: Contains death

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This was the night he'd been dreading to come around for the past year. He sat silently on his doorstep taking the last few drags of his cigarette. He looked at his watch as it struck 10pm.
"10 minutes to go" He said standing up, he couldn't go back inside, he didn't want to. He felt his legs pulling him foward as if they were out of his control, he didn't know where they were taking him and he didn't care. He never cared for anything anymore the days just seemed to drift past him, all he ever cared for was gone, left in a second. He still hopes she'll come back to him one day, maybe if things were different. Maybe if he was different then she wouldn't of had to leave him alone in the world. But he knew in the back of his mind that she'd never come back.

He carried on walking until he came to the end of a street. North Drive it was called and he stood on the corner, waiting. He didn't know what for until he saw someone walking towards him in the distance. It couldn't be... could it?
And there she stood just across the road smiling at him like nothing had ever happened. It can't be her... it's impossible...
Yet there she stood as beautiful as ever as she slowly raised her hand forward for him. He stood in shock not daring to move, but he wanted to so much, he wanted to hold her again like they used to, he wanted her to take away all his pain just as she always did. Once again his legs walked forward out of his control he got to the middle of the road just as he heard a loud beeping and a car screeching to a halt, he looked around to be blinded by a cars headlights and suddenly the flashback that he hated so much came rushing back into his head.

He noticed a huge crowd gathering by the road side as he turned the corner into North Drive, he stopped the car and got out, pushing past people to get to the front of the crowd.
"KRYSTAL" He shouted as he dived forward to see his fiancee laying on the floor in front of him bleeding to death.
"I-It hurts so much" She replied with tears streaming down her face.
"Shhhhhh" He answered rooting in his pocket to find his cell phone. He felt her hand grabbing his and pulling it away.
"I love you so much" She whispered with her eyes slowly closing.
"No, Krsytal please don't leave me, please I love you, you're all I've got" He whimpered, she forced a small smile on her face as he gently kissed her on the lips.
"You'll always have me with you wherever you go, and i'll see you again one day baby" She said as he watched her one final breath disappear from her body.

It was a hit and run that had killed her and the same was going to happen to him as he watched the car quickly drive away. He turned over onto his back as he saw her walk towards him. He didn't feel any pain all he felt was the numbness take over his body, apart from in one place. For the first time in a long time. He felt his heart, he felt the warmness in his heart again as she bent over next to him, he showed her a smile that no one had seen in a long time, and now he was truly happy because he knew that in any second he would be with her again, in her arms the way it should be until the end of time. He carefully lifted his arm and looked at his watch 10:10pm. He slowly closed his eyes as the smile stayed on his face. He was finally free.

Here lies Krystal Evans
Beloved daughter, friend and fiancee
7th November 1980- 22nd April 2007
May she rest in peace

Here lies Gerard Arthur Way
Beloved Son, Brother, Friend and fiancee
9th April 1977 - 22nd April 2008
May he finally rest in peace

Can you hear me? Our you near me? Can we pretend to leave and then, we'll meet again. When both our cars collide!

So Long And Goodnight
So Long And Goodnight
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