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The Consumation

by Moonshyne

Bob and Madison consumate their relationship.

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Bob held Madison as she leaned her head on his shoulder. “Thank you Daddy I think I can finally put this behind me.”

“It’s going to be tough sweetheart with the press, and possibly a trial.”

“I think I can handle it.”

William placed his hand on his daughter’s knee, “I know you can.” He looked at the two, “So what are your plans for tonight?”

“I guess we’ll be heading back to the venue soon,” said Bob.

William raised his eyebrows at his daughter.

“I figured I’d keep Elisabeth, Natasha and Derek with me for the night and we’d head to the venue in the morning. I was going to stay at the Four Season’s but someone had already booked the Presidential Suite there.” William winked at his daughter as put her head down and blushed. “So we’re going to stay at the Boston Harbor and I’ll take the kids to Faneuil Hall Marketplace for a while and then do the whole waterfront thing before we head to the show.”

Just then Bob’s cell rang, it was Frank. “We’re heading back we’ll swing by and pick you up.”

“Okay meet us outside the Westin Hotel, it’s just me and Maddie.”

“See you in about a half hour,” said Frank.

Bob hung up, and looked at Madison who seemed a little upset.

“What’s the matter honey?” asked Bob.

“I wanted to stay in town tonight too.”

“We don’t have a change of clothes, not toiletries.”

“We’re in a mall we can get those things. Please.”

Bob couldn’t resist her pleading eyes.


He picked up his cell and called Frank and told them they too were staying in town.

“So let’s see if we can get a room at the hotel your dad is staying at,” smiled Bob.

“I really don’t like that hotel, maybe a different one.”

“Any in mind?”

“The Four Seasons.”

“Whatever you want hon,” he kisses her on the forehead.

“Daddy can you have Verne drop us off there.”

“Of course sweetheart,” said William.

Elisabeth, Natasha and Derek showed up with tons of packages.

Bob was surprised when William never asked about the cost of anything. He imagines that’s what happens when you have all that money it doesn’t matter.

“Look what Natasha and I got?” said Elisabeth.

“Show me,” said William smiling at his youngest daughter.

Elisabeth and Nathasha held out their left hands. showing off their Tiffany heart bracelets. While the girls were showing their bracelets Madison was off to the side making a phone call. She had secretly packed a bag for Bob and left it the van. She hoped that Frank would drop it off at the hotel.

“Frank,” she whispered when he answered the phone.

“Hey Maddie, what’s up?”

“Can you do me a favor?”

Frank rolled his eyes, despite everything Madison still wasn’t his favorite person in the world and the thought of doing her a favor made him cringe. “Depends.”

“I packed a bag for Bob, it’s under the last row of seats in the van, could you make sure it get’s to the Four Season’s?”

“We’ll see. Bye.”

Of course he was going to make sure it was there. It was for Bob and she made Bob happy. The happiest he’d ever seen him. But if she broke his heart he didn’t know what would happen or wanted to think about it.

While Derek and Natasha were thanking William Elisabeth pulled Madison aside, “Here’s your package. I checked it out, there’s hardly anything to it.”

“That’s the point.”

“Are you two…”

“I hope so, I’m a wreck and I think he’s afraid to touch me.”

“You’ll work it out.”

Madison gave her sister a hug, “Thanks.”

“For what?”

“Being there.”

“That’s what sister’s are for,” smiled Elisabeth.

“So is everybody ready?” asked William.

As they got to the floor level a black stretch limo was waiting for them outside. As the door opened from the lobby of Copley Place, Verne opened the trunk while everyone put their bags in. Verne was surprised because he usually ended up with all the bags to put in the trunk. He opened the door while everyone climbed in.

“We’re dropping Madison and Bob off at the Four Seasons and we’re going to the Boston Harbor.”

“Yes sir,” smiled Verne. He was happy for the family. Both the daughters were in love, Elisabeth is a complete turn around from what she was only a few short weeks ago. But mostly he was happy his boss realized he needed to spend more time with his youngest daughter. Right now Verne felt everything was right with the world.

They dropped and Madison off first, she grabbed what she needed from the back of the limo and left the rest there, knowing that she would get them tomorrow. Bob took the bags from her and they proceeded to walk to the front desk.

“Madison Trenton,” Madison said to the clerk behind the desk.

“Yes. Your bag arrived just a few minutes ago. I sent it up to your room.” The clerk waived for a bellhop who came immediately and took the bags from Bob, and escorted them to the elevator and then took them to the sixth floor. After opening the door to the Presidential Suite, he brought the bags into the living room.

“Just leave them on the couch,” said Madison to the bellhop.

She then gave him a fifty dollar tip and closed the door. Madison watched Bob as he looked around at the living area.

“This room has a fucking piano in it!!” he finally said.

“I know,” she smiled.

“Where do those doors lead to?” asked Bob.

“Private balcony.”

“You’re not getting me out there.”

“That’s not my intention.”

“What is your intention?”

She grabbed his shirt and brought his lips crashing to hers. When they finally separated, Bob smiled and said “Oh.”

“I’m going to take a shower why don’t you sit down, relax, put the tv or stereo on.”

“Where are they?” asked Bob as he looked around the room.

Madison escorted him to the study and there was a large plasma television and it seemed to be hooked up to surround sound. Bob turned it on.

“Sweet,” he said smiling.

Madison went back into the living area and got her bags and put them in the huge walk in closet and dressing room.

She undressed and jumped in the shower. It felt so good to take a real shower. The one on the bus the water pressure was never good and the water was never really hot. And if they went to a Y or something there was always the privacy issue that she felt uncomfortable with, so this felt heavenly.

When she got out of the shower she found Bob in the study fast a sleep. She smiled as she looked at him. If he only knew what he did to her. Not just physically but how with him she’s confident, like there isn’t anything she couldn’t do because he would always be there to support her. After the incident she was withdrawn and just wanted to be in her own world but Bob made her feel like wanting to live in the real world again. She loved him so much.

She sat next to him a softly moved some hair that was hanging in his eyes. She kissed his cheek tenderly and then left him to sleep.

She dried her hair and watched some tv in the bedroom then decided to look out the balcony and digest everything that happened that day. She also needed to prepare herself mentally for the days about to come.

She was looking into the peacefulness of the Public Gardens when she heard his voice.

“Hey, why didn’t you wake me?”

“You looked so peaceful, and I know you haven’t been sleeping well lately. At least now I know why.”

“I wanted to tell you earlier but your father and I thought it was best if we both told you.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you both were there.”

Bob was cautious as he walked out the balcony and enveloped his arms around her. “I’ll always be there for you.” Then he turned her around and looked into her eyes, “I promise.” As if to seal what he said he kissed her hard on the lips.

She could feel him quivering, not from the night air as it was warm, or from the kiss. “Let’s get you off of here”, she said as she walked with him back inside hand in hand.

“I’m going to take a shower, I’ll be back,” he leaned down and kissed her nose.

After he was gone for a few minutes there was a knock on the door. It was room service with a bottle of 2000 Cristol blush and some chocolate covered strawberries with whip cream. She tipped the waiter and then went to the changing area. She put on the outfit she got from Victoria’s Secret and put her robe back on. She heard the shower go off and opened the champagne and poured two glasses.

Bob walked out in the other robe that was provided by the hotel and smiled at her, “What do we have here?”

“Something special I got from room service,” she said while handing him a champagne flute.

Bob raised his glass, “To us.”

Madison smiled, “To us.”

Bob sat on the edge of a chair and put down his drink and pulled Madison by the ties of her robe. He looked into her eyes and spoke softly.

“This is really nice, getting a way for the night just the two of us. No one teasing when I do this,” he pulls her down and kisses her nose, “or this.” This time he kissed her full force on the lips before long their tongues were intertwined and dancing about then he moved his lip towards her ear. “I love you.”

“I had ulterior motives,” she smiled.

“Like what?” he asked curiously. He never expected what was to happen next,

Madison dropped her robe, she stood in front of him with a white babydoll that was open in the front. The only thing from being completely covered to exposing everything was a single ribbon. She had matching panties.

Bob swallowed hard then finally spoke tenderly, “Do have any fucking idea what you’re doing to me right now?”

“I hope turning you on.”

“Oh yeah you’re doing that.”

“Make love to me tonight?”

“Is that what you truly want?”

“More than anything.”

Bob picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and then took off his robe. She smiled it was the first time that she had seen him completely naked. She loved everything about him.

He laid down next to her and started kissing her lightly on the lips, then he nuzzled her neck as he slowly nibbled on her ear. She could feel his manhood growing as she moaned under the spell he was creating. He placed small kisses down her collar bone and when he got to the tie, he looked her and whispered “I love you”. She smiled back at him. He grabbed a tie with his teeth and pulled, her nightie now opened he moved it over with his nose and then took her right nipple in his mouth as he lavishly licked it and sucked on it, to finally little nibbles. He loved how her body reacted to everything he was doing. His hand moved down her panties he could feel she was excited and he found that little nub that he knew would have her screaming his name. It didn’t take long for that to happen.

“Please Bob I need you inside me.”

Bob took off her panties and with the tip of his cock felt how wet she was. He entered her slowly and when he was all the way in he looked at her eyes. He knew that look well but it was the first time from her and smiled. She wanted him to continue. Slowly he started a rhythm of in and out, which soon sped up and then the unexpected happened Madison joined him in the rhythm. Soon the friction of what they were doing was having the proper effect with Madison screaming his name for the second time that night. Bob made is rhythm faster until he finally spilled his seed inside of her. Both their breathing was heavy as he looked at her and smiled. “Thank you that was absolutely amazing.” He stayed on top of her and inside for as long as he could. He loved the feeling.

“Really? I was afraid with my inexperience it wouldn’t be good enough.”

“Believe me it was more than good enough.” He stared into her green eyes, “I love you so much.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“For what?”

“Making me want to live again, to find love and really understand what it means. I know that I would do anything to keep you safe and happy.”

“Me too,” smiled Bob then he climbed off her and lay next to her and wrapped her in his arms.

Madison wished she could snap this moment in time because she felt for the first time everything was right in her life.
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