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Chapter 03

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Well, if you wanted honesty 3

"Geraaaard..." it came from behind the curtains and, now full of curiosity, he couldn't stop himself and drew back the curtain silently.

Frank laid there, his eyes closed, one hand gripping his pillow, the other one clawing at the wall besides him, trying to get a grip. He thrashed his hips wildly upwards, arching his back up, moaning in ecstasy.

"Frank?" Gerard said, but got no response. The guitarist was dreaming!

Oh. My. God Gerard stood there, somehow fascinated with the scene displaying in front of him. And suddenly, he remembered. The memory was back again. He saw a naked Frank under him, doing similar thing to now, only that he was there too and buy kissing his way up Franc's chest. He forcefully drew the curtain back and stumbled backwards.

One hand over his heart, he tried to breathe, but the air rushed unsteadily in and out of his lungs, his heart beating in an irregular rhythm.

Why didn't Frank say anything? Didn't he remember either? Suddenly, the moaning stopped and it was silent again. Mechanically, Gerard stumbled to his bunk, not bothering to strip out of his clothes. He let himself fall into it, laying there on his back, breathing in and out deeply, his eyes wide open.

Frank... oh god... His mind battled whether he should ask Frank, tell him or not. The next day was going to be hard, he could tell.


He didn't know if he had fallen asleep or not, but suddenly he noticed that there was daylight drifting through the curtains of his bunk. He could hear voices mumble and the loud purr of the coffee machine. The smell of the dark liquid reached his nose and he decided to get up.

He hopped out of the bunk and yawned a "G'mornin'" to the other guys. He got back several murmured, sleepy greetings.

"Ah, the smell of coffee woke him up from the dead, though he still looks like he is..." Frank giggled and handed him a cup of steaming coffee.

Gerard took it and mumbled a "Thanks", not daring to look at only in boxer-shorts clad Frank. He carefully sipped on the coffee and sat down on the table. Somebody even had bothered to buy breakfast, probably Bob or Ray.

"French breakfast, Monsieur Way!" Ray said as he put a plate with a Croissant and jam on it in front of Gerard. "Wow" the singer looked up "Special occasion? Did I miss anything?"

"Nope" Mikey said. "Unless you don't wanna play a show in Paris..."

"Wow!" Gerard exclaimed, his mouth filled with delicious Croissant. "I've never been to France before..."

Bob laughed. "See? So it is a special occasion. "

"Yeah!" Frank danced around the small table like it was a maypole. "La ville d'amour, the city of love!"

Gerard shook his head, blushing. "You're too crazy for your own good..."

Frank smiled widely. "You know that I learned French in school?" he rhetorically asked.

"Pff..." Bob snorted. "In porn-school?"

"NO!" the shorter man protested. "I'll only talk French from now on, the whole day, you'll see!"

"Ahh" Mikey sighed. "A quite Frank, the whole day, how promising..." All the guys laughed as Frank stomped his foot. "Bon... comme vous voulez!"

Gerard groaned. "Oh, sweet. And if you don't know the right word, you're just gonna make one up, won't you?"

"Exactement, c'est vrai.... Vive la France!"

And with a babbling Frank and much laughter, they drove down the highway. A few hours later, Frank was sitting on the couch with Gerard, teaching him how to say something to the crowd in French.

“Non, Gerard!” Frank threw his arms into the air, groaning. “C’est ‘Bonjour, ça va?’…”

Gerard sighed. “Bon…jour, ça va?”

“Oui, très bon!”, Frnak praised but frowned as Gerard asked him how to say that it was very nice here and he liked the crowd a lot.

Gerard looked at him with big eyes, blinking as Frank said something very long very fast.

“You do the talking”. Gerard decided and received a playful blow on the shoulder from Frank.

“Hey guys, Brian just called. He’s in Paris with his girlfriend and he’s got two hotel rooms or us!” Mikey said, sticking his head through the door to the living room area. “You two are gonna share a room. Have fun with senseless French babbling, Gee, we don’t want that in our room.” he grinned

Gerard looked at him, shocked. This… is so cliché … he thought. Holy shit, can anything get more obvious… what did I do to deserve that??

He glanced at Frank, who was answering back at Mikey. Was that a blush on his cheeks? He’d find out tonight, he swore to himself. Without alcohol this time.
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