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Chapter Seven

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Xenoth is ordered with a day of rest and he doesn't wanna argue after already being impaled twice. During his day of rest, the arrival of a particular girl makes things quite interesting...

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Chapter Seven

Xenoth was brought to his room by Ruri and Tetsu. His body still sore, he winced as he pulled his shirt off and laid down on the soft mattress. "You should stay and rest for a while. You've had a long day. Been stabbed twice, kicked, beaten and a number of other things" Ruri told him in an almost motherly way. The silver-haired boy was already half asleep though, exhausted. Ruri turned to leave, leaving Tetsu behind, and closed the door on her way out. Good day of training'll be very strong some day Tetsu told him. Xenoth was too tired to truly respond though, drifting to sleep shortly. Tetsu hopped to the top bunk and curled up into a little furry ball. Being ripped from an alternate dimension, especially one so far away that you're not supposed to leave, then being turned into a rabbit with less than half your power wore you out as well. As they both slept and two sets of soft snores filled the room, the window to Xenoth's room silently opened. A figure stepped through the entrance, making not a sound. A person with a small frame, wearing tight black pants, a similarly fitting black top and a hood and mask came walked up to Xenoth's sleeping form. Most people would take one look at this person and think 'ninja'. They would be right in a sense. "Xenoth...I finally found you..." a soft voice, barely a whisper, said. The boy stirred in his sleep at the quiet sound, but ironically the bunny with the large ears hadn't noticed in the slightest. The figure leaned close to him, as though pondering something. After a long moment of silence and stillness, the figure stood once more. "See you soon" the voice stated quietly before the person climbed out the window. A number of hours later, Xenoth awoke for the first time since falling asleep. His body still hurt somewhat, but not as bad as before. Though a few of the bruises had worsened, at least in appearance. He rubbed his head, faintly recalling an odd dream of someone whispering his name. Something about finding him.

Shaking his head, he got up and rummaged through some of his stuff, finding a plain black shirt to wear. He yawned and stretched, painfully, before heading out the door. He started closing it behind him when he saw a little black furball try and dart through the opening. The door closed on Tetsu's little furry body. "Ah shit!! What the hell man?! Open the door! OPEN THE DOOR!" he started shouting. Xenoth quickly shoved the door back open, the little rabbit popping out from between the heavy wood and the doorframe. Breathing heavily, the rabbit threw a glare towards Xenoth that the boy didn't know a creature like that could give. "Why dontcha watch what the FUCK you are doing?!" the rabbit shouted. Xenoth smacked a hand over the rabbit's mouth. "Sorry, I didn't know you were coming too. But stop yelling, it's the middle of the night" Xenoth said, not sounding all that sympathetic. Tetsu pulled away from his hand. "Yeah where're we going?" he asked. 'Food. I haven't eaten anything since lunch' Xenoth thought to him, not wanting their voices to awaken the entire dormitory. Though after Tetsu's shouting that might've already happened. Food...heh, I haven't eaten anything in nearly five hundred years. The abyss kinda keeps you alive through anything, but you still feel the effects like hunger. And there's nothing to eat Tetsu responded. Xenoth looked to the rabbit, for the first time truly feeling sorry for him. 'That must've been pretty tough to deal with. Well, let's get you some food too then' he said, smiling slightly. They headed for the cafe, which always stayed open apparently for those just like Xenoth, who was a night-owl. He never could sleep at night, or sleep that often to begin with. They weaved throughout the mass of tables and chairs in the room, reaching the food lines. There were a very few other people here at this time, though what time that was Xenoth realized he didn't even know.

The boy grabbed a tray and loaded it with various foods, mostly asian food. Tetsu jumped onto his shoulder and they made their way to the corner of the room. Sitting with his back against the wall, Xenoth took Tetsu from his shoulder and set him on the table. 'Looks good huh?' he asked Tetsu. Eh, I guess. Never was a fan of fried rice personally he answered. As Xenoth started eating, he saw a person approaching them in his peripherals. Glancing up, he saw it was a young girl, probably his age. She wore a black hoodie and a similarly colored pair of jeans. On her head was a black beanie-like hat with little cat ears sewn onto the top. Strands of shortish jet-black hair peeked out from under the hat. Xenoth looked to her curiously, waiting for her to say something. After an odd moment of silence, the girl smiled. "Hi there. I'm Myra" she said happily. Xenoth returned a small smile, too tired and perhaps not entirely social enough to feel as enthusiastic about talking to random people. "Hello...I'm Xenoth" he answered, but she wasn't looking at him. She stared at Tetsu, her eyes wide and a grin across her face. "Is he yours?! He is SO cute!" she announced suddenly. Tetsu glowered in his mind. I'm sick of being called cute he thought to Xenoth. 'Hey, at least all the girls love you. Perhaps you shouldn't speak though...might freak her out' the boy responded. Myra started digging in her hoodie pocket and pulled out a couple of carrot-sticks. Xenoth found himself wondering what she was doing carrying carrots in her pocket. "Here you go little guy!" she said cheerfully, holding the carrots out to Tetsu. Damnit, just because I look like a rabbit doesn't mean-- he started to say before sniffing the carrots. He took one and nibbled it. Holy hell! These are DELICIOUS he shouted in Xenoth's mind before gobbling up all the carrots she had in a matter of seconds. Myra smiled gleefully, her large violet eyes shining brightly with joy. "Aww, he loves them!" she observed excitedly. Xenoth foundhimself staring at her eyes and face for a moment.

'Why do her eyes and voice seem familiar all of a sudden? And violet eyes...that's so..interesting' he thought to himself. Hell if I know, but I want more damn carrots he responded, seeming to care very little about anything else right now. "So...uh Myra...would you like to sit down I guess?" Xenoth asked. Tetsu walked to the edge of the table and hopped off on to the floor. "Sure, I'd like to" she answered. Neither of them really paid any attention to where Tetsu went. Myra smiled across the table at Xenoth but her eyes seemed like they were searching for something, as though she were looking for some sort of answer to a question from his face. Fidgeting slightly, Xenoth returned yet another half-hearted smile. "So um..what drove you to come talk to me?" he asked. Unless something actually caught the attention of another, Xenoth never understood why people would just walk up and start talking to others they knew nothing about. So it intrigued him. "Well...I just looked like you'd be interesting to talk to. And I know nothing about you so I wanna find out" she answered, her tone giving a hint of some nervousness. Xenoth's brow furrowed a little. "You...haven't heard anything about me? That's weird...everyone else knows about yesterday and either whisper and stare..or avoid me" he responded, not so much towards her but just thinking aloud. She looked to him with a puzzled expression. "What happened?" the girl asked. Xenoth then for some reason thought of the expression 'curiosity killed the cat' and couldn't help but notice how for some reason the cat-eared hat she wore just seemed to suit her perfectly. Her eyes and face made him think of anime neko-girls. Shaking the random thoughts from his mind, he shrugged. "Well..there was just an incident when I summoned my guardian. Though I was the only one hurt so I don't get why everyone's so weirded out by it" he answered.

A soft gasp escaped her lips and her eyes ran over him quickly as though searching for proof he was hurt. "Oh! Are you ok? You're not still hurt are you?!" she started questioning, seemingly more worried than someone would normally be for a person the JUST met. Xenoth paused for a moment. 'Obviously, I'm fine' he thought to himself. " was no real big deal. Well I mean...they said I almost died, but it's all ok now" he answered cooly. At the mention of possible death, her eyes got wider. "You almost died?! How can you be so calm about that!? That would have been SO sad!" she went on. He looked at her curiously. "Do you always have this much concern for people you don't know?" he asked her, escaping the conversation of his brush with near death the day before. She suddenly blushed softly, which looked adorable to Xenoth. " not see-" she started answering before loud shouting from the direction of the kitchen interrupted. "GET THAT RODENT OUT OF HERE!!" they heard being shouted by some women. Suddenly, a small, furry, black and red creature came running full on from the doors leading to the kitchen. Tetsu's little rabbit legs pumped quickly as he ran, his front paws full of carrots he had apparently pilfered. A somewhat large women in an apron and hair-net burst out of the door right behind him, wielding a wooden spoon like a small club. She chased down the rabbit as fast as she could, but Tetsu proved to be quicker. He darted around students and chairs, hoping to slow the woman up. He succeeded before bolting out the main entrance and disappearing somewhere into the halls. "Little furry thief!!" the large woman called after him, giving up on the chase. Xenoth sighed, rolling his eyes as he let his forehead smack into his palm. Myra giggled endlessly. " was nice meeting you Myra, but I gotta go take him back to the room before he causes more trouble" Xenoth said suddenly, standing. The girl gave a sad looking expression, her eyes nearly perfecting the "sad kitty" eyes. Xenoth smiled a little more widely that time. "I'll be back in here for lunch. Maybe we'll see one another again" he told her. She brightened up considerably. "It's a date!" she agreed.

Heading out the door and down the hall towards his room, Xenoth pondered his brief encounter with the girl. For some reason, there was something odd about her that he couldn't understand. He reached his door and pushed it open. Faintly, he could hear the crunching of carrots coming from the top bunk in the room. 'That...was quite funny...haha. But you're lucky you didn't get wacked across the skull' Xenoth thought to him. He saw little bunny ears perk up at the sound of his mind's voice. Yeah well...I dunno why but these things are so addictive right now he returned. 'Maybe it has something to do with you being a rabbit' he suggested. It has to be..I used to HATE carrots. Xenoth chuckled lightly and went back to lay on the bed. He pulled his shirt off once more, his skin catching the moonlight through the window. He ran a finger lightly across the scar on his shoulder, then the larger one on his stomach. Tetsu felt his thoughts about the wounds. Sorry about that...well not the second one, it was necessary. I wanted to see what you could do under pressure. I'll say I was quite pleased with the results. You have the blood of a warrior in your veins the rabbit said. Nodding silently, Xenoth laid back and once again drifted to sleep. Tetsu, being unable to sleep, left the room shortly after to wander the halls. Not long after he left, the visitor from earlier that night once again snuck in total silence through the window. "Xenoth" the person whispered once more, walking towards the bed. The figure sat on the edge of the bed, moonlight illuminating part of its face that wasn't hidden behind a mask. "I've missed you..." the person said, the voice not as quiet as before and apparently belonging to a female. She leaned close to the sleeping boy's face. "So long have we been apart" she said, lifting her mask and pressing her soft lips to his. She kissed him for a long while, and he began to stir at the feeling of something so close to him. His eyes opened and he suddenly flung himself away from the figure, pressing against the wall. "What the fuck?! Who the hell are you?! Where you just kissing me?!" he shouted loudly and quickly. The girl, who appeared quite endowed to Xenoth in the tight fitting clothing, merely sat up, her mask having fallen back in place. "You know me..." she said quietly. Xenoth's eyes adjusted quickly, his meeting hers. They were violet. "What the...Myra?!" he exclaimed, shocked that a girl he just met had snuck into his room to kiss him in his sleep.

He could tell she smiled even though her mask covered her lower face, her eyes revealed it. She pulled the mask down and sure enough, the face revealed belonged to the girl he had met in the cafe earlier. "Why are you in my room?" he asked, curious and confused at once. "Don't you remember me? I mean before tonight..." she asked suddenly, standing and moving to the center of the room. The moonlight surrounded her, and he couldn't help but stare for a moment at the girl's body, especially her torso. " Have we met?" he asked, truly not recalling ever knowing her before. The hurt was evident in her eyes. "You don't remember me? I didn't think you did...but I hoped meeting me would've reminded you" she told him. He still looked as puzzled as ever. "I really don't...are you sure we know one another?" he asked. She sighed sadly, nodding. "We grew up least until we were about ten years old..after that I was taken away by my parents to train" she answered. Suddenly Xenoth sighed himself. "Oh...well that explains it...I can't remember anything before three years ago...I'm sorry" he explained. Sympathy replaced sadness in her eyes. "You can't remember anything? Why?" she asked, worried now. He merely shrugged. "I don't know...roughly three years ago something happened...I woke up all alone in an abandoned building...badly injured and missing my memory of the people and places I knew. The only thing I could remember was my own name" he answered, wondering to himself why he was revealing this much so easily. He'd never told anyone about this in three years. But she said she knew him. "That's so sad...but yes...we grew up together...we were best friends." she started, pausing for a moment. It looked as though she were trying to say something difficult. "We promised that when we grew up and I could come back to find you...that we would be you know..together" she said, almost too quietly to hear. Xenoth's expression grew even more surprised. "I did?" he asked, staring at the beautiful girl in disbelief.

She nodded solemnly, clearly sad that he didn't remember though not angry. "Yes...I've been looking for you for two years...I trained for three to become a ninja like my parents before me. All this time, all i've thought about was finding you. And now I have..." she started. Xenoth moved forward to sit on the edge of the bed. He sighed. "I'm sorry...I really wish i could remember" he said. She moved towards him and bent forward, meeting him eye-to-eye. "Maybe...I could help you remember" she said before once again pressing their lips together. Xenoth was somewhat reluctant at first, seeing how the feelings she had for him were forgotten to him though not purposely. After a moment though, he let himself fall prey to her advance. He parted his lips slightly and increased the pressure between them. This seemed to encourage Myra as she ran her tongue lightly across his lips. He allowed her entrance and their tongues playfully danced around one another as the kiss grew in passion. After a long while, she stopped and backed away a little, her breath slightly uneven. Xenoth too breathed somewhat heavily, his brain swimming with a sort of euphoria from the brief moment of passion. She smiled, blushing cutely. Her hands moved to the bottom of her shirt and she quickly pulled it off over her head. She still wore her cat-hat, which for some reason he loved. Xenoth simply stared, his breath stopping for a moment, as her breasts came free of the clothing. He was no expert, but he would say she was a decent C cup with cute, little pink nipples. She blushed some more, taking a single step forward. "Do what you see?" she asked shyly. Xenoth's eyes roamed her body as he nodded slowly. She was well-defined in every way, her body lean and smooth from training, but looking still so soft and inviting. "Who wouldn't?" he responded, voice barely above a whisper. She smiled and moved towards him.

Putting her hands on his shoulders, she pushed him back onto the bed as she kissed him once more. His hands wrapped loosely around her waist as he pulled her against him. He could feel her erect nipples against his bare chest. Whether they were like that from the cold air, being aroused or a mixture of both he wasn't sure. But it sparked even more of a reaction from him in other places. She kissed him deeply, tracing her fingers along the slight muscle definition of his chest. "I've waited for you for so long" she whispered quietly into his ear before kissing him just below it, moving along his jawline. She could feel his arousal against her leg and her hand slid down slowly across his stomach, stopping momentarily on the scare Tetsu had given him. Her hand reached the front of his jeans and start undoing them. He suddenly pushed her up with one arm, and caught her exploring hand with the other. Still breathing somewhat heavily, he shook his head. "I'm sorry...I can't do this...I don't...I don't even remember you. It wouldn't be right" he said apologetically. She frowned at him, her hand moving slightly against his grip to pressed against his arousal through his jeans. "He seems to think differently" she said with a smirk. Xenoth shook his head, laughing slightly. "Well it would be crazy if that were're...I couldn't help that if I tried...but really...I wouldn't feel right doing this" he responded. Just then, the door swung open. "Hey dood, are you having a wet dream or something because I'm getting ALL sorts of crazy thoughts-" Tetsu started before he froze at the doorway, dropping all the carrots in his arms. He stared at Myra's form hanging topless over Xenoth, her hand on his still swollen manliness, and his mouth dropped open. "Dood! Good job!" the rabbit shouted before turning and walking back out the door. I'll leave you two alone he thought to Xenoth. 'Don't bother, she was just leaving' he responded. Myra sighed, slight hurt in her eyes as she stood and moved away from him. "Ok...I don't want to do anything you don't only wish is for you to be happy...I'm yours whenever you like" she said quietly. Xenoth could tell she was hurt, and wanted to say something. But she quickly put her top back on and swiftly went out the window, disappearing.

To be continued...

[Well well well....A little action! Hehehe...yes...I'm sure some of you are like "Xenoth! You're an idiot!" yeah well...he's not a slut....contrary to some of my friend's beliefs. So, Xenoth apparently can't remember alot of important things. And now he has a girl who really wants him bad...but he's confused about the whole thing..I wonder what will happen next O.O--Oh and sorry if some of you expected more from the Warning...I just thought I had to put SOMETHING for this...don't worry though..juicyness will happen for those of you who're sex fiends out there]
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