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Takao is visiting Max and realizes he truly dislike sugar couples

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Takao is visiting Max and realizes he truly dislike sugar couples
"Doesn't it sicken you to see them like this, Max?" He looks pointedly at the two people lying on top of the roof of Max's house. They were holding -what seems like- an open-air picnic, complete with white-red checkered picnic blanket and braided picnic basket filled with lots of fruits (like grapes, strawberries and apples).

Max grins, shaking his head, "Not at all! I'm so glad they are together,"

Takao rolls his eyes. "Figures. They're still your parents. Of course, you would take their side!"

"Yup! And they're the best!" His friend chirps, continuing his task of pulling the weeds out of his mother's treasured cattleya garden and not minding that he's completely under the dirt. Some way or another Takao was roped into helping Max out in the garden; pulling weeds and watering the flowers. He grimaces when a mud ball flew his way and dirtied his jacket.

As if on cue, Max's father starts serenading an off-key song to his wife, about her beautiful blue moon eyes, her lustful petal lips and /blahblahblah/. He gags.

To his horror, Max joins the serenading with his own excited humming.

He couldn't believe he had ditched Rei and Kai in the hopes of escaping the awkward tension that always seems to follow them like a shadow. At least, those two are actually "angsting" over each other whether they should be affectionate to each other in public or not. And not doing/... shudder.../ sweet-sweet stuff.

Ugh. His teeth will probably get cavities by the end of the week.

-- OWARI ka?--END?--

A small piece that took up my whole notebook page. :hangs head: /"Blue Solitude" is going really /-really- slow. I can't seem to pick up the ends where I'd left off... T.T I'll try to post as many one-shots and stuff to make up for my absence... next year.

Thank you for taking your time reading this!


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