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Kai and his partner were recently transferred into a different branch of their work. In a freak accident Kai ended up protecting the branch's only doctor who turned out to belong to one of the exti...

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Additional notes: yaoi, Kai's PoV, loosely based on "Kill the crows of three thousand worlds", manga-styled writing n.n;
Disclaimer: Beyblade belongs to Aoki Takao. "Kill the crows of three thousand worlds" belongs to Tsumori Tokio. The fanfiction belongs to me though.

Kai and his partner were recently transferred into a different branch of their work. In a freak accident Kai ended up protecting the branch's only doctor who turned out to belong to one of the extinct species called neko-jin. (need new summary)



The year is 13482 LYA (Light Years Ahead). Earth's technology has increased drastically the last forty LYA. Dreams of living with the stars and mating with outside species aren't just imaginations of crazy professors and demented idealists. Living within nature and among animals is out of the question. All living areas were constructed into a city where technology mostly rules. Governments had spent a lot of money on building a hundred-percent-wired city where everything would be controlled by giant computers called "Haha-c40". "Hac" for short. They believed that by modernizing the whole city and everything within, Utopia could be created. Utopia--the perfect ideal world where pain, poor and greed has no place. However--

Galactic Federation - First Shock
2023 PM - Military Time

"Lieutenant Kinomiya Takao of the seven division reports a riot orchestrated by punk kids from the First Shock, sir!" the man clad in a rigid white-navy-blue uniform stood in position, straightening his back and shoulders and salutes firmly. His golden name pin with the engraved words "Lieutenant Kinomiya T." gleams occasionally when officials' transport vehicles pass over his head, their sirens squealing for attention and caution.

In the background, the vehicles pause near the arrestees that were ordered to stand against the walls afew minutes ago. Active officers clad in white-navy-blue uniform with no remarkable golden stars pinned on their shoulders step out of the cars, grab the nearest arrestee by his or her cuffed wrists and gather them into the delinquents' bus that has just arrived.

Lieutenant Kinomiya pays no heed to the on-goings at his back. His eyes are solely trained on the higher official, the Lieutenant Colonel Jergen, standing in front of him.
If he ever as so much dares to shift his attention, he would be court-marshaled and stripped from his rank. Forever stamped as undignified and unqualified cadet for any sorts of mission.

He doesn't want to fail due to such a trivial thing! Even for the likes of a very boring higher official like Robert Jergen, King of the what-the kingdom, heir to the what-the noble family, as the Lieutenant Colonel likes to talk about.


The name "First Shock" is associated to the people who are living near "Hac" because of the fact they'll be the first to get an electric shock when Hac abruptly shuts down or is hacked into. Which was why a lot of people in First Shock had moved into the Fourth Shock for fear of their deaths and their families', when Hac decides it's best to 'sleep' for a while. Those who had decided to stay were mostly people who had no home and no safe haven in the other Shocks. The poor, in other words. Some time after the city was completely equipped with technological devises, riots started breaking out within the First Shock.

The reason?

Still undecided.

But officials speculated that perhaps having Hac as their "mother" was not really a good idea when "she" was awfully ignorant to the pleas of the First Shock. Barbarous, indeed. Anyone who had gone through many schooling would have been able to distinguish that Hac is not human and does not act on its own. Hac is just a prototype of the human intelligence where "she" serves those who command her within her system.

And yet, rebels keep moving forward. Ready to strike down Hac and those who command her. It was like every day is a war against men. The most frightening question anyone had thought about was, will our own creations take over the world and create its own by turning men to their slaves?


"What are the casualties?" Lieutenant Colonel Jergen demanded.

"Three of our own are lightly wounded, while five others need immediate treatment. Only two of the rebels are wounded, sir,"

"Investigate on this matter, Lieutenant Kinomiya,"

"Yes, sir!" He saluted and received a stiff salute in return.

- - - - -

Kinomiya threw himself into his chair and stretched out his limbs, moaning,"Finally back home!"

"Did you do much out there, idiot?" His partner remarked sarcastically as he closed the door behind him.

"I didn't ask for your opinion, smarty pants. Just admit it. You're grateful because I saved your ass from those female rebels,"

Hiwatari Kai snorted, sliding his sunglasses back on the bridge of his nose. He walked to the windows, perched himself on the sill and looked down at the scurrying vehicles that are forever bound to soar down there in, only ten feet above the ground in Third Shock. Third Shock--the area where they live.

He felt Kinomiya glare.

"'ch, see if I care when they attack again, Kai,"

He did not respond. He only watched his partner entwine his fingers behind the back of his hand, leaning back while staring above at the white ceiling in the reflection within the window glass.

"Ne, Kai. Why won't you buy contact lenses to conceal those freaky eyes of yours? They're getting on my nerves already,"

"Says the one who tries to jump me several times," He shot back.


He had already considered the lenses, before Kinomiya had spoken. Wearing black shades everywhere, anywhere, any time was just too damn tiring. Sadly, using contact lenses didn't work. It was a whole chemical process. Hiding his eyes away under different lenses actually means increasing the concentration of his pupils', say, "power" towards outsiders. In other words, the lenses worked like fire for his wood--his eyes. While the fire consumes the wood, heat is freed. And heat turns outsiders on.

"Using contact lenses is ineffective. My eyes would still enchant those who look into them,"


Kinomiya turned his head to look to his right, at the photo frame on the wall.

"--ne, Kai. Do you have a family back home?"

He raised his eyebrows at the reflection of his partner, even though the other didn't couldn't see his expression. "No. I'm an orphan,"

"Oh--sorry for asking ya. Good night," Abruptly, Kinomiya moved to the wall, picked up the photoframe he had been staring at and placed it face-down on the night table next to his bed.

Hiwatari watched his partner's reflection taking off his uniform, leaving his white under shirt and boxers on (one might never know when duty called) before slipping into bed, hands laced upon his chest. There was no sign of uncomfort on Kinomiya's face. Ugh.

Kinomiya's loud snores filled the room in no time.

Hiwatari grimaced. He wondered how many bacteria his partner was welcoming to live on his body with his nonchalant attitude towards hygiene. Maybe it's all right to just stay away from his partner for the night.

"Idiot," He muttered. He slid off his sunglasses and looked at the digital clock on Kinomiya's night table. 1:15 AM -- July 10th, 13482 LYA.

He recalls having overheard his partner talking to other cadets during their training about a July 10th. It was Kinomiya Hitoshi's birthday, his partner's older brother. It was affirmed some time ago that Kinomiya Takao is completely and devoted to his older brother. Which is why the significance behind his partner turning the frame face down still escaped his mind.

Perhaps the older Kinomiya had passed away suddenly. Takao heard nothing of it until some time later. Takao was probably blaming himself for not knowing and for not being there at the burial...

- - - -

Kinomiya Takao--Kai knew little about his partner's background and yet he knew a lot. Years ago, when he had been paired up with Kinomiya during his first post, he had taken the liberty to find as much information he could on his new partner. It was in his nature to look beforehand instead of agreeing immediately with his arrangement. He always seems to have problems with being partnered with every single -human- on the planet. That's because all his previous partners (during the intensive years of training at the Academy) were simply weak and idiots! They pale whenever his eyes meet theirs on occasion. They squeek whenever he marched past. They screamed whenever he as so much raised his voice in command. Wusses! All the lot!

The information he had collected on Kinomiya were mostly from the Military Database. Everything mentioned there is confidential and highly-secured within a long and tiring range of password-protected identifications of higher officials. As expected from a Military base.

He had his ways of weaseling Kinomiya's hard-to-find statistics and background--with some help of a friend, a Computer Expert, of course. Hopefully he had gone through without being detected.

Kinomiya was dryly described on his page. The usual statistics regarding his full name, date of birth, eye color, hair color, blood type, his living family and or relatives, the academies he had visited to gain a higher position than Hiwatari's and so on. The analysis on his personality was rather short and too abstract, which wasn't quite a surprise since Kinomiya had yet to missions wherein he could prove his worth.

When they first met, he was greatly disappointed with the first impression he had on Kinomiya. He felt so betrayed that he was ready to pull away from the other's side and sign himself for a different post. Kinomiya was obnoxious, loud, way too cheerful and very, very "piggy" (the guy has a huge appetite). Kai disliked these types of people.

What possessed him to stay by an idiotic guy like Kinomiya was beyond him.
Maybe he pitied the man (Kinomiya looked lonely enough, even though he had "tons of friends", as he claimed, at school and outside his duty).

Maybe he felt he choosed to stay just to mock the other for his inexperiences (how on earth did Kinomiya graduate from the Military academy anyway? The guy forgot to fix his gun before he went to sleep and promptly leave it behind without noticing).

Maybe he felt both Kinomiya and him were cut from the same wood, but have different ways of showing it to the world (he could annoyingly remind him of himself whenever he picked at his irrate uniform that always stung his alabaster skin).

Or... maybe he just wanted to use him to climb up the ranks within his reach (it was easier to slime a bit on those who had a higher rank; though he was no whore so he dropped this reason immediately).

But over all, what's important he stayed.

There was no one outside as trustworthy as Kinomiya Takao. The man was just too loyal for his own good. It felt as if he had a little puppy trailing behind him, always wanting some sort of encourangement and love. Kinomiya would do anything--albeit a bit grudgingly--for him.

Though let it never be said aloud that Kinomiya had proven himself to be quite an important asset in his life in his past, his present and perhaps in his future as well.

Oh no. He's just temporarily around to help Kai rise up in ranks and--even if he didn't want to admit it--protect his partner from being molested by people, who ever dared to look into his vermouth-colored eyes.

It's not his fault they couldn't resist the chemistry of eye-contacts of someone as unique like him.

- - - - .

Someone has pressed the electronic buzzer.

He immediately goes for his weapon at his side and rushes soundlessly to the mechanic door. It's a trap? No one besides soldiers on duty are awake at this kind of time.

He stretched out his armed hand and typed a quick code to open the door...

There was no one.

He peers carefully outside his apartment and checks the halls for any suspicious character, and finally looks down. There is a letter with the Colonel's official red stamp on the floor. Curiously, he picks up the letter and stepps back into the room, before closing the door off with its password-protected lock.

The letter is addressed to both him and Kinomiya. Why the Colonel would use such a primitive and risky way of sending information news to his subordinates is still a mystery to him. He rips open the side of the envelop and slit out a formal letter.

-- to be continued --

Thought I'd tried something new and challenging... even though I haven't ended my poor "Aoi Kodoku". It looks interesting, doesn't it? I failed in trying to write a nice detective fic, so here I am, challenging myself with one of those hard-to-write genres called Science-Fiction and making my life more difficult with this new plot. n.n;;

"Catyph" is just a title I'd randomly picked up during last year festivities in December. It's the name of one of the fireworks my store had sold, so there's no real meaning behind it other than that the word has "cat" in the combination. n.n;

Thank you for taking your time reading this! Any questions? Clarification?


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