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Luna kills Ron.

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything but this way of killing Ron

Luna POV

Stupid Ron. I have had it with his laughing at the truth. I mean, what's there not to believe about crumpled horn snorkaks? It's him and all those others. At least the rest keep it hidden. He openly mocks me in front of the whole school. Unfortunately for him, over the summer I became a necromancer.

This is gonna be fun.

I get on the train, and walk to his compartment. "Hey, Loony! So what crap are you spouting about frumplehorn snorks now?" Ron says. He has no idea how big a mistake that was. I use magic to lock the compartment and tie up Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

This is gonna be fun.

I raise a bone wall in front of the compartment door just in time. His brothers are trying to get in. Idiots. I summon a skeleton with two bone swords. He begins to cut out his eyes. My magic keeps him alive. After the eyes, I have it cut out his unimportant organs. Then, to finish the job, I personally skin him. I release my magic and he dies. I may go to Azkaban for this. I don't care.

The trial's gonna be fun.

As I step into the courtroom, I state who I killed and the Wizengamot decides that I deserve the dementor's kiss. Fools. As the dementor comes, I cast a wandless spell to rot the beast from the inside. As the idiots are choking, I take the time to retrieve my wand from the guards. I grab the "esteemed" Minister Fudge and give him a little parting gift. I think he'll enjoy the blight of the undead.

That was fun.

A/N: I don't know how often I will update. It all depends how violent and evil I feel each day. Today I wanted to kill Ron like this. Dunno what the next update will be.

A/N: Again, this chapter was written a few years back.
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