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Sequel to "Hug". Nikki is going to play.....

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I own nothing. This never happened to my knowledge.

Nikki was wandering aimlessly around the studio, tryng to get inspiration for some songs. His feet took him into the kitchen, where Tommy was, once again, seated at the table.

"Don't you ever do any work?" Nikki asked, teasing.

Tommy glanced up from the papers in front of him. "Don't you?" he shot back.

Nikki smirked at him. "What's all that?" he gestured to the pile in front of the drummer.

"Shit. All of it." Tommy gave it a disgusted look and stacked all up nice and neat and shoved it away from him. He pushed his chair out from the table and slumped down in it.

"Need a hug?" Nikki asked, semi-serious.

Tommy rolled his eyes. "Why, you going to give me one?"

"Maybe. Or would you like a kiss instead?" In a flash, Nikki was leaning on the table edge, inbetween Tommy's spread legs.

Tommy snorted in amusement. "That's funny, Sixx."

Nikki narrowed his eyes. Tommy didn't believe he was serious! Time to teach the little fuck a lesson.

Tommy had let his chin fall to his chest and was studying the floor while Nikki ranted to himself.

Suddenly, Nikki grinned evilly and reached out, slipping his fingers under Tommy's chin. He lifted his head up, so he was forced to meet Nikki's eyes.

"You think that's funny? Hmmm?" Nikki asked in a dangerous voice.

Tommy didn't answer. He didn't like Nikki's tone.

"Well, let's see if you think this is funny." Nikki leaned down and pressed his lips firmly against the captive drummer's.

The hand that had been holding Tommy's chin slide up to his neck and then to his hair. Nikki tugged on it harshly, tilting Tommy's head back even farther and causing him to squeak.

Nikki took advantage and plunged his tongue into the younger man's mouth. He set about mapping out the hot, wet cavern and coaxing Tommy's tongue to play.

Tommy let out a surprised moan when Nikki started to suck on his tongue. Kissing your best guy friend was NOT supposed to feel this good!

Satisfied, Nikki broke the kiss. He smirked when he heard Tommy whimper at the loss of contact.

"So, was that funny?" he asked.

Tommy shook his head, mute.

Nikki laughed and leaned down to whisper.

"We'll play more later." With that, he walked away, leaving Tommy staring at the tabletop in shock.

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