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The beginning

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1. The beginning
Narrator’s Point of View

He stared at the old edification in front of him. The grass seemed barely ever cut and the walls were creped by the growing mow and a grayish color. The outside façade remained still as it was when he was a kid. The two tire swings tied to the big, ancient tree on the yard. He had missed this house so much. All the good memories of an unforgettable childhood remained saved inside the place. Where had he been the past five years? He had left his home, his father, his brother, his life.

With a low sigh escaped from his lips, he made his way through the stoned pavement and up to the porch steps. He immediately spotted the armchair Grandma Helena used to keep outside just to watch the sunsets. A smile curled up on his thin lips at the last thought. Oh, how much he missed that woman.

Without wasting a single second he rang the doorbell and waited for a response. His eyes darted through the whole landscape. He remembered all the times he used to play with his younger brother, Mikey. The laughs they once shared; the smiles they granted to each other in the past.

“Gerard?” his head snapped to the boy standing on the doorway. His brother. He had grown up so fast; without him. His brown hair was now dyed to black and his glasses were discarded to be replaced by the thick eyeliner rounding his eyes. “You look different.” The boy whispered once again; touching his brother’s blond hair. He had changed too, he had matured.

The boy, without any advice, threw himself onto his brother as they embraced tightly. They had missed each other. The brotherly hugs. The constant fights about the stupidest things. The sleepless nights they shared talking about the girls bombarding their teenage. He was finally back, his brother was back again. As he had promised.

“Promise me you’ll come back soon, Gee!” cried the boy on his brother’s shoulders as the other hugged him comfortably. His brother was leaving; leaving him. He wanted to find something new; he wanted to be someone else.

“I promise, Mikey.” The older replied, ruffling the boy’s brown hair. It was a promise to not be broken ever. The boy finally let go and stepped backwards as he watched his brother boarding the vehicle and driving away. He had promised to come back.

“I missed you so much, Gee.” The boy muffled on the elder’s neck. He grinned at how childish his brother sounded. They eventually pulled out of the hug and smiled at each other, before stepping into the reminded house.

Everything was kept on its exact place. The framed family pictures and some of Gerard’s drawings were tacked to the living room walls, as always. Nothing had changed. It was the same country house he left.

“Son,” he turned around.

There he stood; the middle aged man. His father. The man approached him and soon they were embracing just like he had been with his brother. When they pulled away, the man motioned both boys to enter the study hall. They knew what was coming.
The man sat himself behind the wooden, torn desk as the brothers sat side by side across from him. It was the time.

“I’m glad you’re back, Gerard.” The man spoke in a quiet voice. He knew what that meant, and he nodded. “You’re both adults. And it’s time to take your responsibility.” The boys looked at each other before nodding simultaneously. “You’re both aware of the family history, and the legacy,” pause, “It’s time for you to complete it. You have to find the third element of the trilogy.” He took out a yellowish folder from one of the drawers. “Those are the details and life history of the element. When you find it, you have to train it. And then, it’s when the fun begins.”

They knew what this meant.
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