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Chapter 42

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I heard talking downstairs. I tried to get up but failed because Joe just pulled me closer to him. “Joe you have to let me get up.” I laughed. “I don’t have to do anything.” he smirked. I cocked my eyebrow. “Ok I’ll let you get up.” he let me go. “Thank you.” I laughed. “Why do you want to get up anyways. Taylor is already here and eyeing Chelcie again.” he rolled his eyes. “How do you know?” I asked. “I got up earlier but got bored so came back up here with you.” he smiled. “Well we need to go down there and loosen the mood a little. I mean with Nick being all tensed up.” I said. “Good point.” Joe nodded and we went downstairs.
“Finally you two are up!” Brooke teased us. “Oh hush it! You two go to bed early every night just to make out.” Joe teased back. Kevin shot Joe a glare but couldn’t hold in a laugh. “So I hear you guys are going on tour soon?” Taylor asked changing the subject. “Ya. Aubrey going to be performing too and of course Brooke and Chelcie are coming along.” Kevin spoke. “Cool. So you’re leaving soon Chelce?” Taylor turned to Chelcie. I’m not sure why but the way he said her name really bothered me. “Ya I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” she smiled at Nick and I could see the jealousy in Taylor’s nearly black eyes.
I watched silently, observing Taylor. He was all over Chelcie and I could tell it was majorly bothering Nick. The main thing that was bothering me was that Taylor wasn’t just looking at Chelcie’s face…


I tried to talk to Taylor, mostly just to keep his eyes off Chelcie. I gritted my teeth every time his eyes would wonder to any other part of Chelcie that wasn’t her eyes. He was bad news, I just knew it. But I kept my cool since I knew that Mom was right about Chelcie. Chelce would never hurt me like that.


“Well I think that I need to be getting home, my mom wanted me to help her out with a couple things.” Taylor said. “Ok well we’ll see you later.” Joe motioned his hand into half of a wave. “I would love to catch up with your mom, is there anything I can help with?” Chelcie asked. “There’s lots of things and I’m sure my mom would like to see you again.” Taylor smirked. “We could all help too.” Nick offered. “No I’m sure that Chelcie will be plenty of help.” Taylor assured us. “See you guys in a bit.” Chelcie kissed Nick’s cheek and walked out the door.


“Chelcie?” I heard Taylor’s mom. “Deb!” I hugged her. “It’s been forever since I seen you! How are you?” she asked smiling at me. “Really good.” I smiled back. We talked for a little while. Taylor didn’t really need my help and he did most of the work while Deb and I talked. “You want to see my room?” Taylor asked sitting down a box. “Sure.” I shrugged.
He opened the door and his room was different than the last time I had seen it. “Wow its different.” I laughed. “Ya I know.” he smiled at me. “Can I talk to you on a serious note?” he asked sitting on his bed. “Of course.” I sat down beside him.
“Chelce, I still have feelings for you. Ever since we broke up I haven’t stopped thinking about you. Why did we brake up anyway?” he looked at me with his big dark eyes. “Taylor we broke up because you couldn’t just hangout and talk to me and you always had to take things to far.” I couldn’t understand why he was acting this way. “I’ve changed Chelce. You can’t honestly think that Nick is a better boyfriend than me?” he rolled his eyes. “Taylor why are you acting this way?” I stood up. “Because you should be with me, not touring with some boy band that only nine-year olds listen too!” he stood up too. “I listen to them and they are not some boy band!” I yelled. “You know you are so sexy when you’re mad…” he tried kissing me. “Taylor we’re over and that’s that!” I slammed his door and went home.
I stopped halfway before I got back to the Jonas house. I was crying and I really didn’t want Nick or the rest of them to see me like this. For a moment I just sat down on the sidewalk and cried. How could Taylor have done this to me? I thought that we had agreed to be just friends. I felt so bad now. I’m sure Nick was mad that Taylor had been hanging out with us. Was I the only one that didn’t see this coming?


Everyone left me alone since they could tell I was upset. Honestly, how could I not be? I seen Chelcie walk in the door. “How’d it go?” I asked. “Horrible…” she sighed and sat next to me. “What happened?” I noticed that her eyes were red. “Taylor told me that he wanted to go back out with me and basically caused this emotional uproar.” she held onto my hand. “What did you say?” I asked holding my head down. “I said no. Why would I have said anything else?” she asked me. “I wasn’t sure since you seemed really happy about Taylor being here.” I sighed. “Nick, there is no one that could make me not love you like I do now. I broke up with Taylor for a reason and I would never go back out with him, especially since I now have a wonderful guy like you.” she smiled at me. “Thanks.” I smiled back. She kissed me softly.
“Awe…” I heard all of them say at the same time. “So are you guys all happy again?” Aubrey laughed. “Yes. Taylor is out of the picture now.” Chelcie gave my hand a squeeze. “Ya we heard.” Joe said. “You guys all listened to that?” I asked in shock. “Cha! We didn’t want to miss out on the drama!” Brooke laughed.


We sat and laughed for a while. All happy that Taylor was out of the picture and we could all just hang out comfortably. “Ok we’re going to bed.” Kevin said getting off the couch. “Uh-huh sure. You guys go to ‘bed’” Joe laughed. “Joe shut up! It’s not like you and Aubrey-” Kevin started. “Kevin just drop it!” Brooke laughed and then pulled him upstairs.
Nick, Chelcie, Joe, and I watched half a movie together. Chelcie got tired and so Nick and her went to bed. “I bet that they make out before they go to sleep.” Joe chuckled. “Joe!” I shook my head. “I’m just kidding.” he kissed me. To be completely honest, I don’t remember the rest of the movie. I was a little to busy kissing Joe. What can I say Joe was a good kisser.
We heard a loud cough. “Shouldn’t you guys be in bed?” Paul spoke. Joe and I pulled apart quickly. “Uh…ya…sorry Dad.” Joe mumbled and got off the couch. “Ya sorry Paul…” I blushed madly. “Next time make sure the TV is turned down so it doesn’t wake me up.” he shook his head and went back to his bed.
Joe started laughing once we got to my room. “That wasn’t funny!” I frowned. “It was a little funny.” he wrapped his arms around me. “It was majorly embarrassing.” I was still blushing. “You look so cute when you blush.” Joe smirked at me. “I do not!” I turned my face since I was blushing even more. He put his finger under my chin and pulled my lips to his. “Yes you do.” he whispered and then kissed me.
We went to sleep. Another day gone and another day closer to touring. It was going to suck having to either sleep in separate bunks or squeezing tightly into the same bunk to sleep.
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