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" My kid.... he's going to rule the world one day ".

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My child has black hair and a even blacker smile sit back and watch him rule the world for awhile...

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Harrow here ah-hem this is a dream of a child by his nanny and the evil she prays he spreads.

He's not what someone would call ordinary he's something of the amount of extraordinary he's something that one would have to pray to get use to he's my child although he was'nt born from my body though.

His mom thought it sweet to name him Mercy i thought it excellent of her because when he kills her like he should i hope he shows no mercy upon her.

my child has black hair and beautiful blue eyes some say he's the devil incarnate oh how that makes me proud!

for his third birthday his mom insisted that we get him a red bike i told her that i would and she gave me the money and i pretended to buy him that but i did'nt i got him a gun instead.

it was so exhilirating to see him kill like he did it was this rabbit that he had his father had brought it for him on his 5th birthday but when his father and mother was gone i watched him kill it he held it out to me while he slit it's throat with a switchblade he told me blood was nice and warm and i replied that if he killed his mother and father he'd see more of that he told me that he would.

that night before they came home little mercy asked could he help me cook i told him yes and that i wanted him to wait at the door for something and he did a man came to the door and handed him a small ruby box we both opened it revealing cyanide inside and as i cooked dinner mercy stood next to me and drank some i admit i was scared this cyanide was designed to kill on the spot but not him he just smiled and looked at me i could see it in his eyes he was perfect he was the son of the devil and i was destined to be his mother!.

I could'nt help but to stare at mercy while his mother and father died across the table from us his eyes was so fixed and his little cherry colored mouth was in amusement opened when the last of their breath escaped their lips mercy smiled so did i not because they died but because he kept me alive and he loved me.

we did it to everyone and i learned of his power he could kill with his left hand and make those live with his right no one could fight us he was all powerful i was his servant but i did'nt mind i was that anyway but i started to suspect something....

Little Mercy stayed young after turning 6 while i beganned to age horribly in the back of my mind to this day i knew he was feeding off my life energy but too absorbed in his power i did'nt care but a lone raven would come to sit on my gravestone everynight and surprisingly it could talk to me.

it told me that Mercy had tooken over the world that the law of living was now his the raven told me all about the people he had killed and the ways that he did it i was proud that's my son i would think although he was no son of mine.

and then i would think back to the night we had tooken that walk while mercy's mother and father was gone and it had been a man walking pass us he told me that my son was beautiful and just too cute i agreed and the man said he looked like mercy could be a child star he asked me what did i have in mind for my little son and i said:

" it's all about him he chooses besides i don't need to direct his life he'll be doing that for the both of us. "

and the man asked " what do you mean? ".

and i said " my kid....he's going to rule the world one day ".

Harrow here this is a little short story i came up with nice huh? whatever but do me a favor review this okay and when you do head over to my sex story " Lovers succumbing to a kick in the throat " and review that too okay got it? goooooood.
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