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Did Someone Say 'Corset'?

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Sanji's back goes out during a fight.

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Written for the "OP anonymous kink meme":

Word count: ~691
Prompt: Sanji's back goes out so he has to wear a corset.
Fandom: One Piece
Characters: Sanji, Zoro (slight pairing. Oyy)


"Yahoooooooo~ We kicked their butts!" Luffy catapulted himself back onto the Sunny, Chopper clinging to his back.

"They were just small-fry," Zoro said through a sly grin, hoisting himself up the rope ladder, Nami following swiftly.
Soon enough, the crew were stood on deck, congratulating themselves on yet another victory.

"Hang on a second," Usopp pointed out. "Where's Sanji?" Stopping abruptly, they all froze. Where was the cook? Had he simply not returned from the village? Was he hiding? Had he died?

A small mumble came from over the edge of the ship. Luckily, they were staying the night, and had dropped anchor.
The mumle came again, louder and somehow angrier.

Chopper shuffled to the edge and glanced over. "It's Sanji." Moving to the edge, the rest of the Strawhats looked over the edge.

"What are you doing, Sanji?" Luffy questioned. "Get up here, I'm hungry!"

"I .. I can't." Sanji said, his neck not moving to look up at them. "I can't move." Apparently, he could, considering the fight had been two miles in land.

"Stupid cook, just get up here." Zoro was already bored, as were Nami and Robin, who had sat back down on the deck chairs.
Chopper, Luffy and Usopp, however, were concerned and jumped down onto the grass.

"What's wrong?" Usopp stalked around Sanji, searching for mystery objects that could have hindered him stationary.

"My back. Chopper, I can't move my back." Chopper's concerned face cracked into a smile before he let out a little chuckle. "IT'S NOT FUNNY." His face contorted in pain as he inhaled sharply.
"I started to climb the rope after Nami-san and Robin-chan, and it just went." Sanji looked mortified.

"Luffy, can you lift Sanji up onto the Sunny?" Chopper made sure Sanji would be as in little pain as possible as their Captain raised Sanji above their heads onto the ship.


It was now far past lunch time, and the crew were getting agitated.
"What's taking so long? I'm STARVING." Nami suggested she whipped up some snacks for a small price, when a strangled cry came from inside.

Chopper stumbled out of his doctor's "surgery", shaking with fear. Following him was Sanji, walking as if someone had stuck a pole up his backside. He approached the crew, slowly but surely, his face still contorted in pain.

"Dinner will be a little late. Anyone who complains will be kicked off the ship." He stalked back into the galley, his waist a lot more defined that usual.


Hours later, longer than anyone wanted to wait, Sanji's head protruded from the kitchen, signalling food was up.

As they sat around the table in silence, a few raised eyebrows were shared between the more observing of the crew, namely Nami, Robin and Zoro - who never failed to pick up on a moment to tease the chef.
The corners of Nami's mouth twitched as she started to speak. "Sanji-kun, what.. what have you got under your shirt?"
She tried her best to stop from smirking. Zoro, however, did not. His face had broken into a wide smile.

Sanji shot a glare at Chopper, who hid under the table, his hat and antlers still compeltely visible.

"I," Sanji averted his eyes, almost burning a hole in the table with his gaze, "I put my back out.. So.. So Chopper made me wear this support until it's fine."

Nami's grin spread. "A /corset/?" Zoro's ears pricked up. Sanji got up, slowly, and left for the kitchen.


The door of the galley creaked open. The sound of boots clunked across the floor, towards where Sanji sat.

Zoro sat next to him and he felt Sanji straighten up - if it were possible - against him. Zoro traced a finger up Sanji's spine.
"Hey, -" Sanji was cut off by the swordsman's mouth against his. Zoro's hands carefully unbuttoning Sanji's shirt. His moved his hands around the chef's waist, finding the ribbon that entwinned the corset. He curled it round his fingers, tightening the support; Sanji froze, a sound of pain cried out in his throat.

Before Zoro could make another move, the door of the galley swung open. Chopper stood in the light that fell through the open door. His eyebrows meeting and his face scrunched in anger.

"SANJI! You're not supposed to move!"
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