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chapter 4

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Translator:Hopeful colour

Pairing:Sakura,Syaoran,Tomoyo,Kurogane,Mokona,Kero and the another characters

Disclaime:All of Clamp-sensei (TRC & CCS)


Summary:you'll know if you read it.

Note 1:This fic have all Syaoran and Sakura in CCS and Tsu,so character Sakura in CCS writes Sakura and Sakura in Tsu writes Sak and Syaoran are,too.

Note 2: this fic is not mine, this fic is Shirrlly's. I'm only translated it into English

Chapter 4

Syaoran opened his eyes, his ears heard the carol of the birds outside the window. Suddenly the door was opened and the old butler entered his room.

“Syaoran-sama, it’s 8 am. You was said that you would go out with Sakura-san and Tomoyo-san.”

“OK. OK. I’ll get up immediately.”

Syaoran left his house as soon as he finished his breakfast. He had an appointment with Sakura and Tomoyo. They are going to Tomoeda Hotel to meet the new friends.

‘It’s too odd to come empty-handed. I was too rude yesterday, so I must buy propitiatory gift. But which persent I should buy?’. He embarrassedly thought. He remembered that his father always brought flowers for his mother when she was angry with him. ‘But... but Sak isn’t my girlfriend, so I can’t offer her flowers. I will do that if Sakura is angry with me’. ( Yoy! He is providenting!) “Ah, can I buy a fruit basket for them?”

Syaoran decided to drop in a fruit shop.When he was waiting for the shopkeeper returned money, he heard two people are telling:

“ Does your shop have out of apples?”

- I’m sorry. But my shop have few apples today, the last of apples had been brought for a moment. If you want to buy it, you can return in the afternoon. I will save them for you.

- Phew. I will come back. – The guy sighed, disappointed.

Syaoran saw his basket. Four apples was in this. He knew he had brought the last of apples. So he called out that guy.

- Hey, guy! I have a few apples here. If you didn’t hesitate, you would take it.

That guy turned round and Syaoran startled. He is as same as him as if he looked at himself in a mirror.
- Ah, you... you... – Syaoran stammered.

- You are... – The guys looked puzzled.

- Syaoran!!! – They Shouted in unison.

- Are you Sakura’s boy-friend?- Sya asked with a halt.

- Yes,I’m. Thus, you truthfully are person who Sakura and Tomoyo had told me. – Syaoran almost acclaimed.

- Alright. But I’m not think we are very spit of other. – Sya shouted, too.

- Excuse me! But how should we do with these apples? – The shopkeeper interrupted them.

- Ah. You are able to take these apples and buy for him. Then, can you choose for me some fruit to take place of those, please? – Syaoran smiled with the salesgirl.

- Thank you very much! – Sya saw him with grateful look.

- You’re welcome! But you were heard that matter at second hand. I’m really sorry about my gross behaviours.- Syaoran confusedly replied.

- No problem!You no need to feel uneasy about that matter. We don’t blame you.- Sya poisedly told.

- Thank you! But where are you going now? – Syaoran asked.

- Ah, I have brought something, now I’m returning hotel now. – Sya responded.

- It’s great! I am going to go that. I made an appointment with Sakura and Tomoyo.Can I go with you?

- OK!!!

After leaving the fruit shop, the two boys walked toward the hotel. Many people looked back the boys, someone commented: “The woman who have the sons like that, is really lucky”. They made two Syaoran blushed.

- Why does he come late? – Sakura impatiently saw the wrist-watch.

- Calm down, Sakura-chan! It’s ten minutes late – Tomoyo smiled.

- But he always keep appointments. What’s wrong with him? – Sakura was worried.

- There's nothing wrong with him. Don’t worry!

- Sakura-chan, Tomoyo-chan!!

- He have gone!- Tomoyo turned round and startled because of two Syaoran.

- Hoe! Had you met each other? – Sakura asked astonished.

- Yes, we had. I met him in the fruit shop. – Syaoran explained.

- Uhm. So let’s go!- Sakura joyfully talk.

They came intothe hotel

‘ She is pretty!’, Syaoran thought. Sakura wore the pink summer dress and Tomoyo wore a summer dress too but it’s blue dress.

‘They wear summer dress. Aha, this is summer now,’ he suddenly reminisced about summer festival in Tsukimine shrine. Sakura spent sleepless nights to sew a yakata for him. And they joined in festival together. He chuckled.

“Why was you chuckle?”, Sakura asked when they was entering elevator.

“Nothing!” Syaoran confusedly responded. He caught sight of Tomoyo’s smile. ‘Tomoyo seemed to read my thoughts, so maybe she know everything?’ he thought.

The elevator opened. Sya led them to room 707 and pressed the doorbell. The person opened the door was Sak. “ Welcome home, Sya.”

“Uh, and we have some friends.”

“Oh, welcome!”

“Ohayogozaimasu! ( good morning!),” Tomoyo smiled.

“Hello! Kurogane-san, Fye-san, they visited us.”

“Ah, hello young people!!!” Fye joyfully smiled.

“ Hello!”

“I... I...” Syaoran stammered. “ I come to say that I’m really sorry about the last day matter. This is my propitiatory gift. I hope all you receive it.”

Kurogane bursted a sound like “huh” made Sya worry. He remembered that he nearly picked a quarrel with Kurogane. This attitude did not slip out Fye’s clear distinct eyes. “Don’t worry. He is alway like that!”

“Thank you but no problem!” Syaoran said.

“Hey! Sit down, please!” Sak smiled. “ Thank you very much! You not only visit us but also bring the present.”

“Don’t mention it!” Sakura said. “Do you get the clue to the Feather?”

“We haven’t found it. Mokona haven’t reacted so we thought the Feather wasn’t near here.” Sya said with a deep voice.

“Why didn’t you found further?”, Tomoyo coyly suggested.

“We have this intention, too.” Fye told. “ But we don’t know where we should start. We can’t rummage everywhere in this city.”

“Hum, Sakura-chan, can you help them?”, Syaoran asked.

“Allright! You can use cartomancy which I was taught you,” Kero said.

“Uhm! Why can I forget it?” Sakura took out her deck of magic cards and practised cartomancy. These cards:
Windy, Earthy, Maze, Shield, Light, Dark were drawed.

“What is this mean?” Sak asked.

“This mean we must follow the wind blowing way, the mysterious is in earth’s womb, that place like a maze and in strong protection, but... – Kero anwered Sak’s question.

“ Why do you said “but”? Sya immediately.

“But I don’t understand why Light and Dark appeared. Light and Dark are high-ranking cards. If they appeared, it would be extremely unusual.”, Kero said with serious voice.

“Which way is the wind blowing?”, Sakura asked.

“West!” Tomoyo replied.

“Which place is in the west?” Fye asked.

“ It’s Karita moutain region,” Tomoyo replied too.

“Ah!” Sakura suddenly acclaimed.

“My father said that his colleagues discovered a relic in moutain region the previous days. Does it relate with this matter?”

“Perhaps.” Kero said.

“So we must go there now!” Sya became so impatient.

“No! That moutain region is so secluded. Moreover, we do not know much about it. I thinks we should wait until my father come back. We’ll have some useful information about that relic,” Sakura disagreed with him.

“I think so, too.” Kurogane approved. “Adventure is not good.”

“If you have news, you promptly notify us, please?” Sya said.

“Of course!”, Sakura replied.

“In addtion, the moon festival is held tonight. Would you like to come?” Tomoyo asked.

“Is that so? It seems so fun!”, Sak stimulated.

“Uh, this festival is very animated! All you go for fun!”, Syaoran said.

“I think we need to relax, staying at hotel for time is also tired.”, Fye agreed.

“OK! We will go!” Kurogane agreed, too.

“So we pick up all you tonight 7pm. Sak! I will bring your kimono for you!”,Tomoyo said.

“Thank you! But It will disturb you so much.” Sak anxiously told.

“Don’t worry! Sewing clothes is one of Tomoyo’s hobby.” Sakura smiled.

“ And you, Sakura, you will wear my clothes too. And I also type two you. Ah! How happy!!!”, Tomoyo cheered.

“Hoe, Tomoyo!” Two Sakura shouted in unison.

“She is the very spit of Tomoyo whom we met! Do you think so?” Fye whispered in Kurogane’s ears.

After that, Sakura, Syaoran and Tomoyo went.
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