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Without You

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Epilogue: Without You

By: Brynn Parker


Winry squeezed her eyes shut as the phone rang, thinking of the last time she'd talked to Ed. It had been weeks ago, and she hadn't heard from him since.

"We're headed to Ishbal...I'll get in touch with you as soon as we get to somewhere I can find a phone..."

"Just be careful, OK?"

"I love you Winry."

"I love you too."

"This is Central Headquarters, who would you like to speak to?"

"Uh...Edward Elric?"

"He's in the East at the moment, miss, would you like for me to patch you through to there?"

"Yes please."

He put his arm around her waist as the walked out of the hotel, gently pressing his fingers into her side. "You know I'm yours forever now, you don't have to be all possessive anymore." Winry laughed.

"I just makes me feel good to touch you in any way," he replied, kissing her cheek.


"'s Winry Rockbell, may I speak to..."

"Winry?" a woman's voice said, "It's Hawkeye."

"Oh...why are you answering the phone? Wouldn't that be a secretary's job...?"

"Just don't ask," Hawkeye replied, "Winry...are you alright?"

"I really need to talk to Ed, it's really important."

"He's not here right now, can I pass a message on to him?"

Winry bit her lip, wondering if she should tell, and Pinako's squeezed her shoulder comfortingly, "It's kinda private..."

Hawkeye sounded almost motherly, which was bizarre for the tough sharpshooter, "I know, if that's what you're worried about."

Winry took a deep breath and then hissed it out, "Uh..." she looked around the room and looked back at Pinako for comfort. The old lady nodded, "Tell him...can you..."

"Winry, tell me, it's alright," Hawkeye said quietly.

"Can you tell him I'm pregnant?"


Hawkeye put down the phone and looked up at Mustang, and then to Havoc and Fury. "Will you two please leave the room for a moment?"

Havoc raised his eyebrows but Hawkeye silenced him with a glare, "That phone call was very important and is only for the ears of the colonel."

Fury immediately rose and walked out of the room and Havoc soon followed, grinning back at Mustang and giving him a thumbs up. Mustang didn't return the smile, but waited until the men were out of the room, then turned towards Hawkeye, "What is it Riza?"

"It's Hawkeye at work, Colonel," she said.

"Is it about Full Metal?"

"Yes," she mulled over what she should say, "Sort of."

"Well, what is it?"

"Full Metal's too reckless to have commitment he's got on the way."

Roy put his head in his hands and groaned, "The girl...I knew she would be trouble."

"So you thought that Winry would be pregnant?"

"After him going back and seeing her all the time, and them being so young and reckless...I was stupid to leave him alone. He wouldn't be in Lior right now if I'd have been more responsible and kept an eye on him."

"There was nothing you could do about this, sir," Riza said quietly, "Let's just hope he comes back from this unscathed."

"Let's hope..."


Winry smiled weakly at Pinako. "You know granny," she sighed, "I had thought about this happening, but I had always imagined I'd call and talk to him and he'd tell me he was coming back to see me and that everything was going to be OK."

"Everything will be OK Winry," Pinako said, "I'll be here to take care of you, and I'm sure he'll be back soon."

"I just have a really bad feeling about this," Winry said, "Like maybe he's not coming back."

"You're only saying that because you're thinking too much of what would happen if he didn't come back," Pinako scolded, "Don't think of that. Think of when he does get the news. He'll be happy, you know it."

Winry stared at her for a minute and then tears started to trickle down her cheeks and she threw herself into Pinako's arms.

"Shhh...shhh..." Pinako cooed, rubbing the girl's back, "Shhh..."

"I just want him to come back..." Winry sobbed uncontrollably, "He needs to come home to me..."

"He will, he will..."

"I'll wait for you..." she kissed his forehead, "...always..."


Author's Note: Sorry guys, but that's the end...I know it's sad, I know...but I need to finish watching the show and then I'll write a sequel and try to make a real ending, OK? Good then...and I'll write another page to thank all my reviewers after this chapter, alright?

Some of you reviewers were talking about lemons...I only rated this M for the one lemon in the first chapter. Because I suck at writing lemons. I mean, they're fine when I'm the reader, but not when I'm the writer, so maybe more if I...hehe...get more ideas. I'm not very imaginative in that sense, and I don't want any suggestions, because that would give me the creeps, so I just wanted to address that as well.

Nobody tell me what happens at the end of the series to get me to write a sequel either, because I want to enjoy the series while I can, OK? Please don't take that away from me, because then I'll just be angry.
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